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 Para-Elemental Plane of Ice

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PostSubject: Para-Elemental Plane of Ice   Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:48 am

Para elemental plane of Ice.

This nasty place of the multiverse was created when the realms of Air and Water combined. This place is a wasteland that never ends. As far as the ice can see is white snow covered ice, and in the distance mountains of
ice. The wind bites through flesh easily, freezes anything exposed in mere minutes. The sky is cloudless and dimly lit with a sun that never rises higher then the crest of the horizon. The ice plane is very unfriendly and unforgiving to all visit. Sometimes when the wind blows right frozen corpses can be found before being covered up once again. However, there are some people that live here despite its harsh nature.

Ice Castle: A fortress of impressive design from a distance, or up close. The place is pure ice and nobody knows who created it. It is the most populated structure in the realm and the people that live here are never born here, they are always seemingly running from something else and find the freezing climate comforting some how. The place, like every other place in the ice world suffers from food shortages, nothing lives out side of the walls except for Elementals and madmen, and the occasional cryomancer.

The law of the castle is basically if you don't mess with people, nobody will mess with you. It is as harsh as the world it exists in. Staying alive is harder to contend with then the mean guy down the path. Other then personal respect of space there is no real law here. The cold has often been able to keep even the most hot tempered individual cooled off.
The castle is not the city itself, infact the city was built around the castle. The fortress itself has remained closed off, no living person today has been inside the castle, although some people have claimed everything to seeing firelights burning in the upper regions, to claim it is the very heart of the Ice realm. What is inside remains a mystery to all.

The Shard Field: Not all the ice is smooth here. There is a vast and expansive place that is known as the Shard Field. Or Iceblade forest to some. It is a jagged place of an infinite number of razor sharp ice crystals that go in every direction. The place is naturally very dangerous, but the thin ice is hidden everywhere and people can fall into the blades easily that lie beneath. Ice Elementals call this place home as well and protect its natural beauty very fiercely. In fact these elementals are the sculptors of this place, they call it home.

Also, they say in the very heart of the Field lies the mysterious Red Ice. This ice of red color is said to be unable to be melted and is very coveted by ice weapon smiths to use to create weapons from. However the ice is usually not worth the lives it takes to gather so such weapons and items are extremely rare.

The Icicle Towers: Here is where the greatest Cryomancers are made. In every other world the magic is quite rare, here is it common and well known, but only here. There are four great towers that reach into the sky, it is said the four greatest mancers occupy one of the each towers at time. This is unconfirmed as it seems there is no way inside of these places at all.

Stories are told of legendary ice dragons coming here to challenge the four of them at times to decide who is the best, the winner is then taken to places unknown and a new trainee is accepted and the cycle starts all over again.
This place is defended by vast legions of spirits and ice golems that remain hidden in the landscape surrounding the towers until they are attacked. An attack can consist of simply touching the tower and being uninvited so people are generally advised to not go there at all.

The Freezing Vapors: The Ice plane has "Borders" Beyond these lie unknown realms that could go anywhere, if you travel long enough you will find this wall of freezing fog. If you try to pass through them you may get lost and join the other people who have never returned from this place . This place is so cold that it will not only freeze your body, but also your thoughts as well. There is nothing here of value. It is often seen as a last ditch effort to escape the deathly cold that has driven them mad and made them desperate to escape their fate.

Cryon: This is a small town that lies on the shore of the Great Ice Sea. This place is a town of mostly weaponsmiths and other providers of various things. The merchants here have routes with the Ice Castle and since they are the only source of food for the city, they can charge anything they want. There is no law here at all and the only thing that talks is money, all forms of currency are accepted here as the people here know how to use the natural portals to other realms, that the Ice castle strangely doesn't have.

What you see is what you get with basic and dirty ice buildings that look like they could collapse at any moment with a strong wind. Snow covered roads and the occasional Snow Elf.

The Great Ice Sea: Where the water and Ice planes meet creates the only known liquid surface on the realm, although its liquid state is often debatable. On great icebergs in the sea live the secretive Snow Elves. They are dangerous and powerful, but often nice enough to save somebody in trouble on the open sea if they are found close enough. The elves, like their counterparts else where see the balance of the realm could be destroyed if it over used, they protect it and are often seen as pirates as they attack merchant ships to control the populations on the main ice.

There are things in the Ice sea that are whispered about, but never spoken about out right. Great beasts live here in their frozen hell that sometimes come up and destroy Elf and mortal alike, they are considered myths and legends, but nobody challenges the myth.

The Black Ice: There is a place where the Ice lives. The ice there is solid black and it surrounds a shrine in the middle, like a shining jewel, or temple it is unreachable. The ice is littered with various weapons on the surface as people had foolishly stepped onto the surface and were devoured by the thing. It can not seem to eat things that are inorganic, this is why the weapons surface.

At times though some people are allowed to go out and gather the weapons when they reach too high of a level, the Black ice seems to be intelligent to a degree to understand that not everybody must be eaten, but it will destroy anybody that ventures too close to the shrine that it protects. The black ice is thirty five miles across and it is in a perfect circle around its hoard. Venturing on to the ice is a harrowing experience for even the most experience gatherer.

The Mountains of Peril: In the distance there are great and vast mountains of ice. They always seem to be in the distance, but in fact are just that massive to appear that way. These monoliths are haunted with various evils living and dead. The Ice Dragons live here, as well as the wraiths of the snow. They kill with out mercy. The ice here is prone to slide off in an avalanche at the slightest noise. The paths are littered with frozen corpses who were in search of the legendary crystal mines. They are said not to exist, but all the same people go looking and risking their life for something they only believe in.

It is said that madmen live here in the mountains and they steal people away as their food source, it is the discovery of one of these lairs that had brought about the idea of the soul flames. It gives off heat with out the flame, although the creator was never found the process was easily duplicated with simple magics that would have other wise never have been combined.
There is no save haven in the mountains of peril, but there are abandoned temples there that may hold special items, or death, if you can find them to begin with.

Plane Traits:

Time is slowed down here, Three days on the ice plane could be sixty seconds on the material plane.

It is aligned to Neutral Evil

Fire is forbidden here, magical or otherwise. All other magic works.

The Gravity is the same as the Material plane, however the very nature of the realm makes every movement difficult due to the cold.

This plane is the combination of the Air and Water realms. It is the opposite of the Magma plane. It is not infinite in size but its nature makes it very difficult to explore by any means. The constant howling of the wind is enough to drive people insane alone. The average temperature is fifty below zero on a good day, it can get much worse, but never any better.

This is a brief detail of the para elemental realm of Ice, there is much more to be found here if you dare to go.

This ends the brief account of the Para-elemental Plane of Ice.
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Para-Elemental Plane of Ice
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