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 Pantheons of the Gods.

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PostSubject: Pantheons of the Gods.   Pantheons of the Gods. I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 2:23 am

The Technocracy-

Kiryu is the most powerful mechanical god in this structure. This is the God of Supreme Law, Order and Protection.

Mechagodzilla is a machine created not on earth, but in the deep recesses of some unknown world. This machine is too, powerful. But unlike its partner, it is a God of War.

Jet Jaguar is an oddity of the machine empire. It is a minor god of the empire, it is also a God of protection, especially of humans.

Moguera is a God of extreme power, but instead of claiming a domain This god is a defender of the Technocracy as a whole, and the people who worship and follow it as well.

Mechanikong-This is a weaker god who takes little part in the actual dealings of the machine empire, instead this machine is a protector of nature, its an oddity.

As a whole. These five Gods represent the main Pantheon of the Technocracy and are accepted for better or worse. However two Gods were long since expelled from this, former protectors have transformed into the worst the machine world has to offer.

Super Mechagodzilla- This is a jaded God, who is the closest a machine can come to being evil, using it's extreme powers it once tried to destroy Kiryu, it failed after a massive battle and has been trying to get revenge ever since.

Mecha King Ghidorah- This monster was created out of desperation by people from the future. It was completely destroyed by Godzilla, thought destroyed forever. But the strange magics unleashed brought the monster back to life, along with several others. Since it is not all machine, Kiryu would not allow it into the empire, but it was considered an abomination everywhere else in the world. It is a Tragic god who's only friend seems to be Super MechaGodzilla.

When the great disaster came, most of the world was wrecked beyond repair. But this is not the case in all the places that exist. The cities that remained had been the secret places of the great machine weapons that had become obsolete with the advent of magic. When the machine gods came to life, they protected their respective cities from the destruction, and became new gods. They ushered in a new era of science and technology at the cost of being nearly completely isolated. They are usually more logical and more emotionless then other people, because of their isolation and inexperience with the world.

The rest of the world actually is afraid of technology. The horror stories of the past of war and misused magic mixed with science scares them that the event could happen again, usually all the cults and followers of these metal gods will be shunned and even attacked, but at the same time their armors and weapons are highly sought after. For the smiths that follow the metal gods are usually much better then those who do not.

The other gods usually have issues with their mechanical counter parts. Despite their small number, they make up for it in sheer power, and all the Metallic Gods will fight together if the threat is big enough, and as one fighting force they can usually win any battle they enter. Since they do not feel pain, fear or other emotions, they have a great advantage as being warriors. Even the most vile of gods will be hard pressed to lay their plans against them, but it is not unknown for that to happen. Godzilla and the machine gods come into conflict often because their natures are just so different. Likewise for Rodan and Titanosaurus

Sea Triad-

Dagahra- The Ancient Madness. This is the God of the Sea who is, and for as long as anybody knows, has always been completely insane and violent. He is the a venomous god of corruption

Ebirah- The Devourer. Ebriah was a nothing in the grand scheme of things before, once thrashed by Godzilla and sent running. As a God, the monster has developed a terrible hunger for living flesh, especially humans.

Manda- The Deathcoil. Manda is Violent and dangerous. This God will attack any target it thinks it can destroy by coiling around it, hence the name deathcoil. It is a God of primitive terror of the sea.

When the great disaster came, these three monsters were deep under the sea in a place of secrecy, their terror hidden from the world and largely forgotten. Great magical powers would wreak havoc on these three and they would emerge stronger then ever before. The three had little in common save one thing, they all despised humanity with a passion that had no real basis.

The three of them usually work alone, with no real pattern. They are minor gods of the sea, but when working together for a singular purpose they can be very effective, but usually they end up on disagreeing on a course of action to such an extent they end up abandoning the plan or fighting each other.

The Sea Triad is so rarely known about that only sailors and people living on remote islands actually know or believe in them. Worshipers of these terrible gods are few and far between. The cults that do exist are savage and wild and always located closest to the ocean. These gods are mostly considered to be a myth, something that was made up by drunken sailors, or pirates in an excuse to cover up wrecked ships.

They are considered a menace by all of the Gods of Light and even Neutrality. The Gods of Darkness see them as useful allies, key word, useful. Otherwise they stand alone. Their main enemies would be Titanosaurus, and Gamera. Both of these Gods have strong connections to the ocean and see them as a scourge to be destroyed.

An honorary member of the Triad is Zigra. An alien shark monster stranded upon the earth and left seriously damaged in a fight with Gamera. Zigra, in contrast to the others is highly intelligent and extremely powerful. However, this God wants nothing to do with the Triad, as he sees them as brutal, and too chaotic to be of any use. Zigra stands alone, but is considered by most to be the most dangerous God of Darkness the ocean has to offer. The Triad doesn't seem to get the hint, however.

If anything good can be said about these monsters, its very little. Nothing more then scary stories of the ocean, as if the ocean is not scary enough on it's own.

Lords of Madness

Gabara- God of Nightmares and Insanity. Gabara is a monster who was trapped in the realm of dreams. In his realm, his power is absolute, this isn't the case in the waking world though.

Baragon- God of Cannibalism and Depravity. Baragon is a God of wicked desires. It eats the weak, it encourages wanton destruction and twisted behavior. Years in the dark underground areas of the earth have driven it quite insane.

Gaira- God of Betrayal and Murder. A monster who was evil enough to attempt to kill his own brother after he helped to heal him has become the God of betrayal, and Murder. Living in the darkest depths of Lakes he waits for the night.

Dogora- God of Illusion and Greed. An alien beast transformed into a God who drives people insane with visions of things they will never have, and horrid methods to attempt to get it what is unobtainable and not even real.

This group here is loosely connected not by themselves, but people who have put them together in the group. While they seem to have the same interests in mind, the general destruction of everything that is, they have different ways of getting there. To date, these four have never worked together as one force, but on occasion two of them will team up for a chance to make things infinitely worse for everybody.

They have no real pattern in their madness and destruction rampages. They are completely unpredictable in when they will show up, or what they will do. None of the other gods trust them for anything. It is the one thing all three of the major sections have in common. Despite their chaotic nature, they do have lairs where they feel most at home, or strongest, usually their victims are people who stumbled on to their secret lairs on accident.

Gabara is trapped in the realm of dreams, and he can come out to the waking world but he is extremely weak when he does compared to other Gods. He rarely comes to the material world so he is usually considered not a threat, at least until you go to sleep.

As unlikely as it seems, these monsters do have followings. These people are usually the rejected, the desperate and the criminally insane. These followers are denied access to most of civilization as a whole as when they come to town, nothing good can come of it. It is one of the rare times when you might see A Destroyer and a Biollante follower work together, as both Gods despise these, although usually if they come to town, its never in a quiet fashion. They are little more then vicious raiders most of the time.

These Gods have many enemies but none worse then the Machine empire. As their very existence is an abomination to their ways of order and logic. Most of the others prefer to simply avoid them all together if they can help it. The Technocracy and their followers are officially at war with the madness, but to their dismay, some how it seems to be spreading faster then they can fight it. Logic tells them that eventually other Gods will have to respond, and when they do, an ally will be made.

The Lords of Madness have no natural allies but the ones they are grouped with, but then again they don't really need them, or want them and if they had them, they are long dead by now.

Nothing good can come of these Gods, and if something seems to be turning out good, they are only doing so to further their own plans. They are not to be trusted in any capacity. Or even dealt with at all. They are insane, but they are also very intelligent and well aware of what it takes to convince a person to do their bidding, and they have the power to provide.

Devils of the Sea

Zigra, Is the giant alien shark like beast that is considered the main God of darkness of the ocean. He has the power to suspend all cellular activity, control human minds and control vast amounts of alien technology.

Viras is Another Alien beast that haunts the darkest depths of the sea, an octopus like creature that has the power self divide itself. It has learned how to control the magics of the sea to its own dark ends, it is said to gaze upon this monster for too long is to invite insanity.

Gezora Is a squid like alien that dwells deep in the ocean as well, its touch is death, it controls the mastery of the icy waters of the far frozen north and its only desire is to make the world as cold and filled with ice. Just the way he likes it.

These Dark watery gods are powers unto themselves, but they are grouped together because they all have a couple of things in common. One, they are not born of the earth. They are all alien creatures trapped here ages ago after failed plans of conquest, and two, they all are associated with the ocean.

These are each powers not to be underestimated, they are highly intelligent and very dangerous. They would rule the oceans if they could work together, but their objectives are too different for this to happen, that and they have some of the worst enemies one could truly have. Gamera pursues these Gods every chance he can or when ever they show themselves, Titanosaurus also hates these devils and wishes them to be destroyed as well, but worst of all, Godzilla himself calls the ocean his primary earthly home and is often prone to wander into their areas of operations, much to the dismay of the devils of the sea.

Few people ever worship the Devils of the Sea in the open, but despite this one strong cult of followers has created a temple to honor all of them in one spot, of course few actually believe this to be true, but it is true, and surprisingly, this temple is completely underwater how it was made is unknown, few actually ever go there, or are able to go there. The sea devils seem to not care either way.

These are considered a part of the Gods of the Dark, they are all filled with malign intentions for all living beings, including other gods, what they lack in power they make up for in intelligence and often when any of the other Dark Gods decide to wage war, they often consult the Sea Devils for advice in how to proceed in the best way, or ask them to be a strategist in battle. They often work behind the scenes. Betrayal isn't unknown however. These devils can be tempted with the right price and cause much chaos.

The Sea Devils are feared by all seafaring peoples around the world, but beyond the islands and the coastlines knowledge of them decreases drastically.

Gods of Darkness

King Ghidorah is the King of Terror. A three headed monster with golden scales. If the Master of the Evil Gods can be named, this is it. Few have the power to challenge him directly and actually win.

SpaceGodzilla is the God of Cosmic Destruction, A twisted and alien version of Godzilla himself and nearly as powerful. His place in the Gods of Darkness line is secure.

Destroyer is the God of Hate and Rage. A massive and blood red monster that wishes for nothing other then the destruction of everything that is, or ever will be.

Legion is the Goddess of Slavery. This alien beast only wishes to control and enslave everything to her whims, for her own secret and dominating plans.

Megaguirus is the Goddess of Thievery. This God is easily the fastest among the dark ones, but oddly enough isn't truly evil in a malign sense, she just likes a good challenge but stealing is generally evil.

Iris is the Goddess of Assassination. Her motives are as mysterious and usually confusing as she is. Murder for a price, but never with out a reason.

Gigan is the God of Blades, this one is violent, brutal and long as his side is the winning one.

Hedorah is the God of Corrosion. This horrid thing wishes to turn the planet into a slime filled and corroded wasteland where only it can live.

These are the Main Gods of Darkness. Their horrible influence on the world is not unknown and they have many followers through out the world. After the great disaster the world was caught in a never ending cycle of hate and destruction. The Gods of darkness offered protection from this, if they would kill in their names. It was a simple plan but it seemed to work.

The Gods of Darkness do not get along, their plans often work against one another naturally, and therefore their followers do not get along as well. Their leader is supposedly King Ghidorah to the public, but in reality they have no true leader its just that Ghidorah is the strongest one of them all so far.

They have several temples, and cities even dedicated to a particular Dark one. These places are corrupted usually, their versions of the law changes to benefit the leader of the group. Despite this, these places are thriving, because people can find work and relative safety from the wilderness here, the worse things you are willing to do, the better off you'll be in the long run.

The Gods of Light despise these ones, naturally. But the balance is equalized, neither side is willing to risk all out war because nobody knows on what side their allies will end up. So for now the balance is equal, but clashes between them are not uncommon.

The Dark ones usually don't involve themselves with the affairs of people unless it can make their following stronger or work for their cause in some way. Their followers worship the Gods with an unsettling enthusiasm that makes any follower of the other gods, or just passers by somewhat nervous. Evil is demanding, but so far all those demands have been met.

They are evil, dark and horrible, but offer a freedom every person craves too much, until they actually get it of course. It is easy to get involved with them, it is difficult to escape their stranglehold.

The Gods of Light.

Mothra- She is the Goddess, is Godzilla is the King, she is their Queen.

Biollante- Goddess of Nature. She is arguably the most powerful God of light there is

Gamera is the God of the sea and the protector of the Light Gods and, oddly enough children.

Battra- Goddess of Righteous Anger, she is the protector of the earth from any threat that may exist or come, but she is a warrior.

King Caesar is the God of Loyalty and Honor. He is the promise keeper.

Mothra Leo is the God of Justice. He is Mothra's son, very powerful but inexperienced and young.

Anguirus is the God of Defense, out of all the Gods of light, he is Godzilla's strongest ally.

The Gods of light are peaceful, usually. They do have their bouts of rage like any other god does but the difference is that usually they feel remorse and it quickly burns out. But above all they are very secretive. Little is actually really know about these Gods and why they are protectors of life instead of dominating destroyers.

The story between the Gods of the Light and the Dark has many different beginnings and versions. Nobody knows what to believe and this is the way they like it. What is known is that they lead by example.

The followers of the Light are often healers and helpers, even of their rivals. They take responsibility for the actions of themselves and others sometimes as well. Theirs are the greatest temples in the world, but they all have uses and very little is just for show. Most of the temples are churches and hospitals, and safe havens for travelers.

Don't make the mistake they can not defend themselves. They have very good training and they know how to kill when they are needed to, but they won't until there is no other choice in the matter. They always try to disable or dissuade their opponents before they use other more lethal methods...all of them except the followers of Battra, their faith teaches them to hit first, ask questions later.

These Gods are revered worldwide, just like their counterparts are. The lifestyle is not easy. Its filled with self sacrifice and hard choices to be made and the constant threat of the growing evil forces all around them.

They will step up to fight any forces of darkness with out question, and when two opposing followings appear in the same area, violence usually erupts, or at least extreme tension will be felt by all.

The Gods of Light are secretive, but they are not invisible or complacent. They are very organized and it is this fact alone that gives them their advantage over their leaderless counterparts. When in battle, they never fight alone they always have friends on their side they can trust to be there in a moments notice.

Gods of Neutrality

Godzilla is the King of the Gods. He is the most powerful one there is, but he fights for no side and can destroy good and evil with the same amount of rage.

Rodan is the God of Chaos. Rodan is a free spirit, never staying in place for too long or still for that matter. He holds no alliance to anyone but is friends with Godzilla.

Titanosaurus is the God of Strength. He favors the strong and cares not for good and evil. He defends what he considers his home and his people. May the best fighter win.

Megalon is the God of Hidden Places. This former God of Darkness is reformed after a dispute with Gigan and Hedorah, he has gone from being evil, to just not caring anymore.

Kumonga is the God of Spiders. Despite being a giant spider and absolutely terrifying to most mortals who see him, this one cares nothing for the politics of good and evil. He lives on an island and is happy there.

The Gods of Neutrality are powerful, and unpredictable. They do have followings and support their own people, but do not encourage to be good or evil, but just to protect what is theirs and defend their lives. Revenge and Ambition are not qualities in these followings, but being content with your station in life is. Even their priests see themselves no better then anybody else.

These Gods are not weak by any means. They will usually not take sides in any battle, unless they are attacked or threatened in some way. They are usually friendly to one another but not always. Temper flares in them too like the other Gods, it just takes longer.

Godzilla is placed here with them because while he generally dislikes the Gods of Darkness, he can and will rage against the light as well at a moments notice, he is a destroyer it is in his nature to do this, and few can convince him otherwise to stop his actions.

These Gods have few temples but a growing number of people willing to get out of the conflict between good and evil. But eventually, they can feel it coming that they will have to choose a side when the time comes. Only time will tell when, and why.

Other Gods

Varan is a little known god of the lakes, he is considered to be a God of Darkness, but he is not powerful enough to be accepted.

Death Ghidorah is the God of the Undead. He is evil, but seems to not be interested in the affairs of the other Gods of Darkness. He is extremely powerful, but very mysterious. He is considered to be an abomination of nature.

Orga is the Maimed God, Nothing is known about it save it used to be beautiful, but something happened to it to deform it horribly. It remains hidden, filled with revenge. But against what is not known.

Sanda- God of the Mountains and Gaira's Brother. Nothing is known beyond this.

Gorosaurus- God of Rebellion. This god is determined to upset the natural order of the Gods, but it is a cause and belief only he supports.

Gyaos is the God of the Night. This beast is a menace to every other god good and evil alike. It only wishes to eat everything that is, it is the God of the night because the light burns it.
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Pantheons of the Gods.
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