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 Into the Darkness.

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PostSubject: Into the Darkness.   Mon Aug 10, 2009 5:13 am

Welcome to the lost.

There are places unseen, roads you pass by everyday but have never been down. No trespassing signs hanging on broken and rusty fences. What lies down these roads, what do these places contain and what to those signs protect?

The lost are forgotten, but never gone. The abandoned house that lies on the edge of town that's been there as long as you can remember. These are the places that this topic will involve.

The Forbidden, secret and terrible places that just feel bad to go to. Ancient mysteries, cemeteries in the woods, fenced off. That locked room in the basement of the abandoned house.

If you have stories that fit this description...tell us here. Post a new topic and tell us your story.

The place may not have a name. Give it one.

It may not have a location. Depending on what you found, give it. Or keep it concealed for our safety.

It may have a serious danger, and interesting things to see. Name them, show them.

Break nothing but silence, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but footprints.---Code of the explorer.
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Into the Darkness.
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