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 Overview of the Town of Ashwind.

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PostSubject: Overview of the Town of Ashwind.   Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:49 am

Welcome to the loneliest corner of nowhere you could find yourself in.

Ashwind is a place made worse by online websites and terrible legends of the place. But the truth is that most of the stories and legends are versions of the truth that are acceptable to people, to be believable to the people that know them. Like a good urban legend, every story has more then one version, and every version is just as horrible as the last one.

Ashwind is a very real place though, most people don't know exactly where it is and they often find it on complete accident and usually in the middle of the night.

This place is actually a small town, it has a couple of different churches. One is outside of town, the other one is near the center. The one on the outside of town is abandoned and no longer used. The stories of this one circulate the most.

The town itself is located pretty far off the beaten track, you won't find it on the interstate, and you might not even find it on a modern day map. The town itself seems to almost not want to be found, it is difficult to find at best and impossible to find when you actively seek it out. The town seems to find you, and nobody who comes here ever actually leaves the same way they came in.

Despite claims, Ashwind is very much occupied. People do live here, lots of people live here actually. But none of them will tell you that anything is wrong, everything is fine in this small town, maybe it is a bit slow over all, but it is a good place to live. Although one might not notice it, but Ashwind is home to no children, but it does have a school on the eastern side of town.

This place is more like its own nation then part of any country, the entire place feels as if it was locked into an older time, the styles here are obsolete and something you were likely to see in some old movie rather then walking down the streets. The cars here are all old, most of them seem as if they haven't moved in years, but once and awhile one will be seen driving down the road, however it may or may not have an actual driver.

The police here in Ashwind do not treat strangers kindly. Anybody who finds this place looking for all it's legends and stories, and are caught doing it are arrested immediately. Stories of abusive police officers of Ashwind are legends in themselves, but the problem is they are usually true. They do not garner attention by the national media because nobody believe that police in this country are capable of doing such a thing to anybody. That, and the town itself isn't really a registered town in any county in the state. Local authorities do know the truth of this place, and to drag it into the national scene would create endless amounts of trouble for everybody involved.

The library of Ashwind is supposed to hold, in its basement, an entire section dedicated to the dark arts. Ashwind has several stories of dark magic and evil warlocks in it's past, and when the town still had some life in it to fight back they fought back against this insanity. But, according to legend they did not destroy all the terrible books of magic and power, but locked them away in their library. They have done this for several decades, if not the better part of two centuries. Because of the natural power the town seems to have built upon, it was and is a magnet to those seeking arcane powers. The library's basement is home to nefarious tomes of all kinds, locked away in secret.

The Church in the center of town is basically unused and supposedly of the Christian religion, but the cross on the steeple is broken, and the grass is unkempt. The place is always locked up, but it is said that it is only used at night. Some people say its used to worship some horrible unearthly Gods, others say it holds the world's only true vampire imprisoned inside of a church. Still others will tell you its nothing more then an illusion and the building is meaningless. The truth is that the Church is in the dead center of town because it was built over to cover a horrible tragedy of the town, inside the church is a detailed memorial to all those who died, but it is locked away from view. The police watch this structure closely. Anyone found trying to get in will be punished in ways they'd rather not know about.

The other church on the outside of town is completely abandoned, however this place is the focus of much attention. It is the silent guardian of a massive cemetery. The odd thing about this graveyard is that every single tombstone bears the same date of death on it. There is at least six hundred graves and all of them died on the same day. The church was abandoned due to some unknown disaster, and has been left to rot. People who have been there will tell you though that the whole place is something of a terrifying ordeal. The religion there is not an earthly one, strange symbols are where the crosses should be, and signs of violence are easily seen everywhere. Despite the age of the building, the place seems resistant to be changed. It does have a basement, but the door at the bottom of the stairs is locked and to date, nobody has been able to open it, what lies beyond is a mystery.

Ashwind has many dead streets in it. During the day these streets are barren at their best, but at night it is said that these streets are filled with spirits of long dead people, reliving a happier time in the town endlessly at night. However, the streets are also filled with hate and blood of violence long since past, but the memory still remains and it hungers for the souls of the living endlessly. The streets are not safe at night in this town, but by the time somebody realizes it, its too late.

The movie theater is called the Star. It only has one screen and, it is good shape, but it it is no longer in use and nobody can remember why it closed down for sure. But it is said that it showed a film that was banned, if not outright forbidden by the country for "unknown" reasons. But it is said that the film is still there, and somebody shows it every night to anybody who dares come to see it. Also this person is a collector of secret and terrible movies few can stand to watch and keep their sanity intact. All showings are free of cost, but the price

The Infamous Bloody Blade Estate does not reside in the town at all, in fact it lies on the outside of the town, beyond the abandoned church. This is a massive mansion that is "The scariest place on earth" to those who know of it. It escapes the top ten lists of the internet and main stream media. But to the underground supernatural crowd, this place is a terrible one indeed. Nobody is willing to go there at night and to enter the place alone is reportedly the same as suicide, as it is said that nobody gets out.

The Town of Ashwind is a cold place. Despite any amount of summer heat, it never gets above sixty five degrees, in the winter time it is an even more terrible place to be as the wind and the snow are relentless and the temperature rarely gets above freezing all winter long.

Overall, Ashwind is a place few ever find themselves, and even fewer belong. If you find yourself here one day and you feel something watching you, chances are something really is.
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Overview of the Town of Ashwind.
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