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 Radiation Domain

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PostSubject: Radiation Domain   Radiation Domain I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 26, 2009 10:45 am

Godzilla's Domain is that of Radiation, this power is his to control.

Radiation is as terrible as it sounds. It's invisible flame does not attack the body of a living being, but it burns and ravages the very structure of a living being. It's destructive power is not blocked by the wind or even the water and it is relentless.

The Priests of Godzilla's following are granted immunity to this ravaging energy, not only do they become immune to it, it actually heals them and sustains their lives as long as they are exposed to it.

The following powers are granted to these people.

Level 1

1. Breathless- The Priest can cast a power that allows them, or up to three others to live without air for up to an hour.

2. Detect Radiation- The Priest can discern the location, direction and strength of the nearest radiation.

3. Weak Radiation Beam- A blue beam of weak, but damaging radiation as a ray from the hand.

4.Weak Regeneration- The Priest can cast this spell over herself, or another to heal them of light wounds and minor sickness

5. Scale Armor- This spell gives the target resistance against bullets and blades at human strength.

Level 2

1. Pressure Resistance- This allows up to three people to go with out air, and resist the greatest of the ocean depths with ease for three hours.

2. Summon Radiation- This target summons Radiation directly from Godzilla's realm for a 30ft radius for a half hour to heal the priest completely, or act as a defense against any living creature.

3. Pure Radiation Beam- This is a powerful blue blast of radiation that is nearly equal to their God's main attack.

4.Instant Regeneration- This Heals all major wounds and plagues, but it destroys the body's natural healing process forever.

5. Atomic Armor- This is an updated version of the Scale Armor, Completely bulletproof and blade proof. It gives off radiation and increases strength, This spell is permanent.

Level 3

1. Pressure Wave-This allows the caster to create a destructive shockwave of pressure to blast all enemies away, like the footfall of their God does.

2. Radiation Death Field- This summons a field of deadly radiation around the caster, only the caster is immune to it's deadly effects. 300 ft radius.

3. Red Spiral- This is radiation magic at it's worst. It destroys nearly everything it its path.

4. Hyper Regeneration- For twelve hours any wound inflicted, no matter how bad is healed instantly, death is impossible unless target is completely vaporized in an attack. This spell can only be used once per person, anymore then once and it kills the target.

5. Godzilla's skin- This gives the target Godzilla's skin and turns the target to a state of near invincibility, and gains access to most of his atomic mystical powers for one full day. In return for this power, the target is sent to Godzilla's realm at the end of the day to serve in the army.

Ultimate Spell-

Meltdown-This spell is a closely guarded secret, and it is only to be used once a year at the most. In return for the caster's life a one mile radius of complete destruction is given, The lasting radiation is dangerously effective for a good ten years after the casting. This spell is the most powerful of the radiation domain spells Godzilla allows out to his followers and only the most advanced of the priests.

It has never been duplicated by any wizard, and any who attempt to try are usually found dead with terrible radiation burns.

The undead and constructed are immune to the effects of ambient radiation as it stands, and take only half damage from this magic.
All living creatures take full damage from Radiation Magic, for every five minutes of exposure the burns and the damage continue to build up!

Radiation in nature has a 25% chance of mutating its surroundings into monsters, insane and savage beasts. They also gain immunity to radiation.

Radiation can be found anywhere, with out a detect radiation spell or suit. It is near impossible to tell where radiation is or not unless it is where Godzilla has recently been. Radiation can be seen with an Aura spell, its glow is as bright and piercing green.
Radiation decays naturally, and can be dispelled mystically at once. It can be blocked with armor and magically protected suits for a length of time determined by the strength of the radiation.

Radiation, like it's master destroys everything with out mercy, but it can also create forms of new life, however terrible it might be. The Gods themselves are mostly immune to this energy as it exists on the material world, however, In Godzilla's realm all the Gods are subject to it's wrath on some level or another.
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Radiation Domain
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