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PostSubject: Underground.   Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:30 am

Most people never go into a cave in their entire life. They live in the safe, light filled world above the ground. Can you blame them? It is only safe as long as you can understand the world around you, the sun lights the path and even in the dark, it is not truly dark unless you get to the most remote parts of the world. Light exists everywhere, as it should exist everywhere, keeping us, you and everybody else safe.

Just under our feet is a completely alien world of the dark, a world of caves, tunnels, wondrous crystals and even stranger creatures most people never imagine, or think about. In this world the darkness rules over everything, absolutely. Or does it. I used to think that too until my one encounter with the one thing even the dark seemed to be scared of. Sounds strange. If you want to go back to your own little world of safety now, go stop reading this and forget all about it.

Still here? Alright then. Let us continue.

t It was a day like any other day, bright and shiny, perfect. The day was not the interesting part, it never is the interesting part of any story, all the good stuff happens at night. The group I was in decided we would be exploring some new hole in the ground. It was in the mountains, I will not tell you where it was. Anyway we went there prepared for a full day of exploring some odd cave that was supposed to be new. New is an objective word to be sure. Under the sun, nothing is really new, under the earth things remain, undiscovered and forgotten, but not new.

So there were just three of us not much of a group by any means, in fact I don't even think we can call our selves a group, if we could not do it then I can't bring my self to do it now.

Call it a hole in the side of a rock, it was supposed to be simple. The three of us decided that this would be our big chance at fame, to name a big hole in the ground after us, immortality obtained at long last dreams would come true, but first thing is first we had to go in. The cave was large enough and did not seem to have any kind of a slope at all, it was as if we were being invited into the ground. We left the light behind and our own lights would oddly seem to be needed much faster than normal, we must have turned or something because soon all the daylight was gone.

The cave did not seem to have any of the normal features caves did, it was odd to say the least. The journey was, uneventful and boring. It was the perfect cave to become a tourist trap, but it needed an attraction, something that made it special, all we found so far was the dark and nobody would have come to a place called The Dark Cave. That would not work at all so we were determined to find something of interest.

We made a couple of turns and soon enough we had no sense of direction left, none of us did actually the place seemed to be moving on its own accord sometimes, the walls just outside of the light seemed to be moving, it was a little odd but shadows in the dark often played tricks on the eyes, and we thought nothing of it at the time. The place smelled old, older than a cave there was something else just beyond the normal musty smell of a cave. The farther we went into it the more we seemed to sense we were getting closer to something, we could not wait and our pace quickened. Ours was the only sound made as well. Our own foot steps were beginning to echo and it sounded like something was following us as we walked.

The first clue we should have had was the cave itself, what kind of cave can you just walk into with no real troubles at all, one that seemed like it was made by something a little stranger than mother nature. It was too perfect in its structure and design. This is the boring part and we walked for what seemed like forever, but our time keeper only ever said that it was only a few minutes. Everything seems to take longer in the dark it seems, especially walking.

We found something that we could not describe in, what seemed to be the end of the cave. It was a wall, a wall with the oddest symbols on it. Anybody who has ever seen a movie with a mummy in it, knows that things written on a wall is never good, and usually a warning of some kind. Also anybody who has ever seen this type of movie knows exactly what happens next, the warning understood or sensed, is ignored wholeheartedly.

Yeah, it seems that when ever you watch a movie and this type of situation happens, you always know better and tell the cast members to leave it alone. When it happens to you, its different. Curses do not exist, monsters are not real and evil is only a thing invented by people, right?

Well we took what tools we had and smashed through the wall, but we did it gently and tried to perserve the wall so we could come back for it later, the second we touched it the entire thing just crumbled into dust on contact. We watched it turn to dust before our eyes and we ventured forward just alittle way farther until we saw it.

It was a chamber, and inside of this chamber there was a black sphere sitting on a short column that was man made, it had to be man made, but it seemed more perfect than anything man could make, for some reason my partners decided to go check it out, something inside me was resistant to the call of this thing, what ever it was to turn out to be. As they walked forward, towards it, it was far too late to do anything about it.

The black thing lifted into the air slowly and seemed to put them in some kind of trance or something like that I am not sure what it was doing then, but what it did after their can be no mistake. It exploded and twisted and turned into some kind of gel like material all at the same time, with a sound that still to this day makes me want to vomit, It has no words to give it real meaning, but if I had to, it was something like ten thousand screaming infants, only a twisted version of it, I don't know how else to put it. It had mouths and teeth, so many teeth and no eyes. The thing completely destroyed the being of my partners with in seconds right before my eyes. They were torn into pieces. The thing replays itself in my mind over and over again every time I close my eyes.

Then it came for me, it did not take it long but it did come for me. And I could not remember the way out, the trail we had left behind seemed to be gone, but I ran anyways, I ran for my life as any person would have tried to do.

The noise of the thing entered my mind and it filled the cave, all corners of the cave would not be untouched by this horrible sound and I could not escape it, even If I could out run the monstrous blind thing, it was that terrible noise that seemed. I always knew when it was near, the very darkness itself would seem to flee from this thing, what ever it was. I had to run like never before.

I don't know how long I ran for, it seemed like hours and even days to me, running around endlessly in the dark, running from what could have been death itself or some form of it that I unleashed upon the world, or helped to.

I made it into the daylight finally and collapsed. I woke up in this place, all tied up to my bed. They told me I had been here for three days and was the victim of a cave in of some kind. But they could not explain the screaming in my sleep, or the rambling about the faceless horror I had witnessed. They say I am legally insane, I see the monster every time the lights go out, I see it every time I see a dark space, I see it when I look into the dark spot of your eyes.

I suppose nobody believes me, I guess this is how the hidden, stays hidden.

(Jesse Wilson, 2007)
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