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 On the Wings of the Silver Angel

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PostSubject: On the Wings of the Silver Angel   Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:23 am

I remember when it began. I was playing catch with my son, he was ten years old and the world was perfect, It seems so long ago now. My memories are fading of those days when the sunlight actually brought a physical warmth to the earth. Now those same rays just expose our sight to the twisted horrors that have infested our planet. The only thing the light brings, is chilling terror crawling down the lengths of our spines. The days of peace are dead, humanity has lost the battles, and not to mention the majority of the war against, what ever it is. We do not know what it is, some say it is divine justice from God, others say that God has nothing to do with it at all and it is the fault of the people. It no longer matters anymore, nothing matters anymore save for one thing, the final mission. As my crew and I approach the destination, my mind wanders back to those first days of the end, I have nothing better to think about.

It was October, the year is the same as it is now. The day is unimportant now if we live it will be immortalized, if not, it won't matter anymore. Astronomers were going crazy on the news, something about the stars in the sky that have not been in such an alignment since, well, I guess ever in recorded history. As astronomy goes it is boring as watching paint dry to me. Now I wish I would have paid more attention to the events that were going on. The fall air was crisp and the leaves were falling and brightly colored orange and browns. It covered the land like a river of color and when the wind blew, the river moved with the invisible winds. It was perfection, and it would not be wasted. Children grow up far to fast to waste any amount of time and I turned off the television for this.

People need a reason to party, not always. But when they are given a small reason to celebrate, they will celebrate. So called alignment parties were being held in honor of the distant stars. Objects that would never know, or care about the honor they were given for simply moving into that simple, yet dreaded pattern. Doomsayers came from the woodwork of the world and claimed that the end was near, cult activity has been reported on a dramatic spike since this was announced, terrible and almost cannibalistic people found in remote corners of the United States shocked people enough to make news ratings rise. The world seemed chaotic and messed up. So I did what I always did. I ignored it completely, and played catch with my ten year old son.

It was a nice game of catch, but as the dark approached the earth where we lived, the spirit of chaos began to seem to grow out of control, as if the whole of humanity around me seemed to be losing its mind. If I would have watched the news. I would have seen what I now know to be true. The people were not in celebration, but slowly losing their minds. Simple parties turned into mini-riots as their minds began to slip into the void of madness. Oddly, not everyone was hit with this odd affliction. People like me and my son were not subject to the occurrences, but the people were another story.

The black of the night hid the forms of the people marching through the streets, with in three hours of the darkness people began to randomly scream and shout out odd words I could not understand. The fear began to set in now. I can only count my blessings I was not in a large city. The news would have shown me mass riots and horrible things being committed by the darkest parts of the human psyche. People who did not belong or act the way the masses did, were murdered to some kind of terrible darkness that had yet to reveal itself.

I snap back to the present time. One of the Instruments begins to beep out of control. It is one of those terrible things that soar through the air, we called them the sky hunters. Beasts black as the night and just about as relentless. It is not the biggest one we have seen, they are all threats. Our minds go on automatic and we work together with out sound, or hesitation. The thing shrieks it battle cry and comes at us. We wait for it. Mistakes are not an option at this point and everything must go perfect. Fear is purged from our minds, or perhaps it is all we know to act as we do now. The hunter is upon us, ready for the kill and hungry for our flesh and perhaps even our souls. It goes hungry today as the only weapon is deployed that has been known to hurt these things. Pure liquid nitrogen strikes the creature and it freezes instantly, falling to the earth below and vanishing from our sight. The machines go quiet once more. There is no sigh of relief from anyone, the danger is, and never will be gone if we do not make it.

Lulled back into the terrible memories, my mind wanders again back to that dreadful hour. It will forever be known to the remainder of the world as Alignment hour, or 11:24 P.M. It was an odd time to happen. I remember that and what happened next. The sky twisted for a moment as those distant and cold stars seemed to move into their predestined alignment. The earth died for a minute, the entire world went silent, and dark. After that minute though every television came on at exactly the same time, or at least mine did. I assumed everybody Else's did too. All that was there was the the news, showing New York City streets. Something was coming up from the under places of the city, something black, liquid death perhaps. This liquid seemed harmless enough, until its true sinister purpose became revealed to the entire planet, at once.

This ichor fused flesh together people were running from it, screaming and as it consumed them, on could easily see victims fusing together. The sounds were sickening and at first the bones seemed to crunch together until they too melted. You could see the faces of people half consumed by the mass of human flesh horrified as they found their own bodies betrayed them and lead them deeper into into the quivering shape that was slowly turning into something else altogether. Soon enough the cameraman was consumed and the last thing I remember seeing was his body melting and becoming one with this horrible thing. The TV went dead and it took me a few seconds to realize that that horrible screaming, was still going on, but it was going on outside and in my very streets. People were running from this mass of black liquid, as if they had always been doomed to become one with this thing, slowly they did, each of them screaming something, some kind of deep understanding. One word that I still do not understand. It began with a C...or perhaps a K. I do not know anymore.

I do know this. I was distracted from the location of my kid and the very last time I saw him he was being consumed by this monster, this thing. I wanted to die then and there. I have no words to describe how I felt, and still don't. Something inside me told me to run some kind of instinct took over. And I ran, as fast as I could and as long as I could. I guess it was pure chance that I got away when so many others did not. I had to wonder if I was blessed, or cursed, or maybe there was nothing like that anymore. Perhaps everything we believed in, Good and evil had no meaning at all. We do not blame the scorpion for stinging, because this is just what they do by nature. Perhaps what ever this thing was...was just doing the same thing. Trying to survive in our world. My thoughts of the nature of the creature were interrupted by headlights. The rescue services were out in full force due to the riots and panic earlier in the night, now they were the only salvation of the human survivors scattered in the wild searching for a safe harbor, there were few of them and becoming less it would seem.

Memories are hazy now. I remember being loaded up into a car or something, then waking up in a hospital, filled with screaming people of all kinds. It was more like a tent than a hospital and it looked very mobile. Things could be packed up and moved in minutes if needed. I heard radios with voices of people who were reporting the total destruction of every major city of the world in different languages, I did not need to understand the words to understand the tone of horror.

The world governments had all but collapsed and it was every nation for themselves and they were not winning any ground against the creeping terrors that seemed to come from nowhere at all. The nightmare was winning and there seemed to be no way to stop it, save for one. The unaffected parts of the world seemed to be the extreme cold areas. It had chosen human flesh as its catalyst to exist. It could not be destroyed, but it could be stopped, a plan was developed.

The crew was all volunteers with crash course training in flight lessons, some of the crew were experienced fliers, people like me were just damn good at it. We knew how to fly an airplane. I was a captain of an airplane, a 747 to be exact and I was taking a day off for....his birthday, it is always the important things we forget in bad situations. The crash course was for a prototype airplane invented for war against wild fires. It was called the Silver Angel, and the hopes of the human race would be lifted upon its wings.

That was three days ago. Our sources tell us the center of the thing is located deep in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. It would have been beautiful had there not been massive black slicks of oil, or what looked like oil skimming the surface of this was actually the thing we had intended to fight, things that had wiped out the airforces of the world with in hours seemed to ignore us, it was due to our cargo rendering us invisible somehow to their wicked sight, although on occasion one would find us, and defense was no longer a choice, but a need .

It was not long until we saw this massive...thing standing there in the ocean. My eyes could only glance at it and my mind refused to accept it. There was only one option to me suddenly. And I think we all understood it. There was no possible way to live through this. One deep breath was taken we all glanced at each other, each of us had our reasons for being here and doing this. The weapon was armed and the beeping of the Indicator's red light told us it was true. I gently guided the plane into a course of death for all involved, if we were lucky. It did not take long before the majestic machine slammed into the thing. I had let the weapon go earlier. We would be the distraction so the Nitrogen bomb would be able to do its damage. I had pressed the button.

The last words I remember hearing from the amazingly still working radio were..."It is working....." Then everything went to black. My life flashed before my eyes the good, and the bad. Then, I died. We joined the icy fate of the beast we were sent to kill.
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On the Wings of the Silver Angel
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