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 Rhydin Disclaimer.

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PostSubject: Rhydin Disclaimer.   Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:29 am


This is a Disclaimer.

Rhydin was not my invention. It was based on an old AOL text based game I used to play ten years ago or more. This is my attempt at a reinvention. They have said that Rhydin died with the introduction of Dragonball Z, I don't quite agree with that but the majority did and as a result, it has mostly died. What me, and others here write is a re-imagining of the place we grew up with and spent countless hours in another world where the only limits were those of your imagination.

It is quite impossible these days to come up with a wholly original idea. You will see places you might remember. For example. The Red Dragon Inn is one of the most popular names in Role playing history, do a search on it and you'll see I am right. Rhydin's main stay was, of course the RDI. I did not invent this place and everybody has their own views of what it should, and should not be. I intend to remake it into my own image, so while the name might be familiar, the place itself will hopefully be different enough to be new again.

Artwork- I can't draw. You see all these awesome pictures on my posts and I'll be the first to tell you I got most of them from concept art websites and Deviant art. However I did find a "Create your own hero" website, its limited but you'll be able to tell what characters I made and the ones that came from the incredible talent of these artists, not me.

Copyright- Anything written here will be original enough to be called our own. Fantasy stories are hard to write with out thinking of Lord of the Rings and stories like that, but inspiration is not the same copying. If you copy somebody else's writing, just say who wrote it in a little credit line at the end of the story. If you don't know, then just call it like it is and say you don't know. It it's painfully obvious who wrote it and you call it your own, I guess I'll have to deal with it. Believe me though. I know how much surprise deletions hurt so that's something I'd never do. I'd always contact you first.

Imagination- Truthfully, I never intended this to be a Pg-13 site. Imagination was never meant to be limited, and sometimes it gets a bit darker for some people, lighter for others. Don't be shy in writing anything you want.

Location-I know it says "Realm of Rhydin" but you can post Rhydin based stories in Monster Island and Weapons of the Multiverse as well because they are connected. Want to write a book about Rhydin? As you'll see in the Epic Journey's post I have made "Bob's tome of forbidden magic" It is directly connected to Rhydin, if nothing more then flavor text like on a Magic the Gathering card would have on it. Plus it's fun in my experience to do more then just pure story lines.

Characters- Basically anything Goes I guess. But, try to avoid being Gandalf, Goku, or Gaara. You know...but some thought into it. Or, at the very least if you can't do that, be like a second cousin to these characters. Playing established characters is difficult because you have to be limited that characters personality and skill set, and not to mention weaknesses. Mystery is always a plus.

Spellcrafting- No. Not the magic kind. I mean literally. The internet has falling into a realm of typing decay and I know punctuation gets a bit dicey sometimes, but it just takes some practice. But spell all your words out, please. Or I'll unleash the Hounds of Tindalos upon you!....Kidding...or am I? :-)

Stereotypes- Rhydin was filled with the same character archetype back in the day. Everyone had a super tragic past, killed their own parents and lost every friend they ever had and are constantly chased by mysterious ninja serial killer mafia hit men, and all the women, a good share of them would wander into the inn, beaten and bloody from some unseen attacker. If you've found this place I already know you are better than this.

Eliteism- RP worlds that last long enough usually develop into elite groups and people are considered better then others. When this begins to happen, it is the first sign of the end of a great thing. I've seen it before, lets keep an open mind and never underestimate anyone. Skill levels are different but I have always believed those who were better should help out the rookie, then everyone can get to know each other better, and develop their characters even more.

And so my little disclaimer thingy comes to an end, Yeah, the place isn't much to look at now, but I am working more and more on it everyday. You are more then welcome to help out.

The player of the one known as Bob.
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Rhydin Disclaimer.
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