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 The Ruined Holiday.

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The Ruined Holiday. Empty
PostSubject: The Ruined Holiday.   The Ruined Holiday. I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2009 1:02 pm

December 24.

Welcome to Christmas Eve. The time of infinite...terror? Most people don't know this but the spirits hate this day, but at the same time. They enjoy it. The grief and the despair people feel tear through the walls of the worlds between what we can know, and the things we can't see. There are monsters that walk among us that wait for this very day to happen. They wait for this madness to come upon the whole world. A time that begs for peace, but only gets chaos. These monsters are everywhere.

They are called the the Grimtooth. Well, for those who know of them they are called this, but in reality they are called Kosmokrates. They are demons from the foulest recesses of the underworld. Demons who were exiled from hell itself, due to their terrible interests and disruption tactics to their own kind. They are many, they are to be feared for what they do. Throughout the year they cause havoc all over the world, waiting for when their power is the strongest. Waiting for Christmas.

The Grimtooth are responsible for this story, and now I hope you read this story and believe it.

And the way shall be clear, the pain shall fade and all shall be one with the perfect light. These were the words I heard that came from the TV on one cold Christmas Eve. I was never a fan of the holiday personally it was always too cheerful, and there was just something about that Frosty the Snowman song that just gave me the chills, although I couldn't tell you why but a snowman coming to life just sounds wrong to me.

It started with the weather. It was predicted that it would a cold, but calm week for the holiday season, but something went terribly wrong. The wind screamed and the frostbite had teeth this whole week. It was miserable, but what are you gonna do about it, right. The weather is out of our control something to be endured, not wondered about. But it was violent, there was a malevolence to the air, a negative feeling that just seemed to drain the life from people in my town.

The season was more then enough to drive anybody insane. Stress was at an all time high, but for me, it was just about normal. But I was seeing things. That king in red, they call Santa Claus had eyes that glowed a bit too much. I was feeling like I was being watched by them just like it says in the song. You know I couldn't explain it then but I just knew I was being watched. I could see the shadows moving ever so slightly in the dark alleyways. The first two days of of the Christmas week it was just the weather and the weird shadows, freaky but I could handle it.

The third day of the season it started to get so much worse.

The first kid to disappear was a little girl, she was only eight years old. She was last seen in a Toy aisle. Her mother turned around for a second and when she turned back. The kid was gone. I can't use names because it would give away my Identity, my location. But needless to say it was supposed to be the tragedy of the year. It would have flooded the news media and the local gossip, But the same day, within three or four hours. Six more children vanished without a trace. They were all in the Toy aisie, near one of those cryptic santa claus display figures. You know the ones that move and sing seemingly on their own accord.

The Grimtooth struck a terrible blow against the city, but one this size, these stories are often replaced by simpler, or more tragic ones indeed. The vanishings of the children were just the beginning of the nightmare, as terrible as that might seem to you now, it only gets worse. The more depression spread from the misfortune the more powerful these demons became and the worse things they would do, and they would.

The end of the third day would see seven little innocent children vanish without a trace within hours of eachother. The police said they had no motive, not even a clue. The people began to talk instantly of a cult, or killers. Some even had the idea of it being somekind of a monster, of course all of those people were disregarded, after all. Monsters don't exist, right? This nightmare was intending to start far before anybody went to sleep, or before night even fell.

But the sun did set and the steely gray skies turned black and the snow came out of the sky as if it were some ash from some distant volcano, it did not seem very white to me. I knew that if I said what I thought I saw, I'd just be ignored. I had no obligation to go looking into the dark places of the city, but I knew nobody else would do it. That night would be cold, restless and a test of my endurance. But when my courage did not fail me as I gazed into the dark places of my city, my luck did fail me. I found nothing and ended up going home.

The fourth day, The day before christmas eve, the snow continued. It was the last shopping day of the season and the weather was just horrible. More then enough misery to go around for sure. And the shadows were restless, hidden behind the snowfall they were, but not from me. I don't know why I could see the swirling madness beyond what others did. The kids were still missing, and the grief was just getting worse. In the mall, an employee went raving mad, he was reportedly screaming about how the voices were after him. He could see monsters in people, people were not who they said they were. I understood what he was saying, but of course the media instantly sited that he had a history mental illness. He killed six people in the mall with a shotgun, not random people. People he said, and claimed they were not really people at all. More pain to go around. More funerals to plan.

The people were real people, not demons or monsters. Not as far as I could tell. But who knows, right? Seven kids and six adults, all of them possibly dead by now. If I only knew then what I know now, none of this would have ever happened. I don't know why I was compelled to do these things. None of the people were connected to me in anyway shape or form before, but now I felt weird about it. Because I could see it in the beginning maybe, or maybe I was just a pawn in the elaborate game of the cosmic powers I had no hope of understanding. I really don't know.

December 24

Christmas Eve was the eve of the strange, if you'd want to call it that. Death and madness ruled the streets just after midnight a terrible blizzard broke out from nowhere. The city died. The eve of joy was turned into silence and everybody was in for the night, and most likely the next day too. Me, however. I was looking out my window towards the darkness and I heard things, terrible things in the night. They were screaming with the wind, some of the alien screams seemed to be enjoying something.

The other screams, on the other hand were that of children, screaming in pain, agony and terror. The wind tried to cover up their screams, but instead it just carried it right to, and through my windows. I couldn't drown it out. It would not stop. It was driving me insane. I didn't really want to follow them into the storm. I heard of stories of things that lured people out into the dark with the screams like that, only never to be heard from again. Going out alone never solved anything.

I wish I would have now, God I wish I would have gone out into the night.

December 25.

The Story of the Grimtooth monsters is a long and terrible one. Through the world every Christmas they terrorize everything they can find, and they do it in gruesome ways that they enjoy.

Not this time though.

The internet is a wonderful thing. I had done research on the things I heard, the signs I'd heard about and lo an behold I came up with the Grimtooth monsters of Christmas. Mythical creatures that feed on the despair of the living during the holiday season and they liked to go to churches to hide. Apparently it was the last place anybody would expect to look for monsters. Guess what. I decided that I had lost my mind. The screaming, the madness and the tragedies were far too much for one season. Season of Joy, yeah right. I never liked Christmas, but now I was going to save it.

I went out into the raging winter storm alone. I knew where to go. I followed the screams from last night. Directly to a small church, closed for the night. Not enough people for a midnight mass that religious people were so fond of. Odd to think their religious day they loved so much was celebrated in the dead of the night, I really didn't care though. I got to the doors of the church and pressed on them, they opened slowly.

Before me was a sight, unholy and prepared for the masses to shock the entire city into a state of despair. The children were tied to the wall the cross was on, infront of it, together like sick versions of paper dolls. They were bleeding from the bottoms of their feet, set to bleed to death by morning so all the people could see their precious little kids dead, on display.The stories and legends were true. This sight would have been enough to make the whole town not only dive into some kind of nightmare not only for today..but for months to come.

Well, this couldn't be allowed to happen. So I decided to do the sane and right thing. Get those kids down. It didnt seem like the monsters were here at the time. They seemed to trust everything would go according to plan. Well, not today. This was going to be a happy holiday for somebody. I got a ladder and moved it over to the first kid on the left side. Then I had a problem. If I let one go, they'd all fall and most likely end up dying. Issues.

Saving the children was easy enough. Some chairs and some fancy hand and foot team work and I had accomplished what seemed to be impossible. Yeah, it was a good time. Stopped the bleeding took some more effort. But it's simple enough. Whipped out the phone and called 911. Didn't leave my name. Just told them where to go. The trip home wouldn't be so easy and uneventful. Apparently they knew what I had done, and they had come for me. My torment would be their revenge.

It's been three weeks since that night now. You see. I can't leave my apartment. Everytime I see somebody else, I see their faces, twisting, inhuman. I hear the monsters in my walls, they won't leave me, ever. No good deed goes unpunished. I am writing this to warn you, warn everyone that when the holidays come, and you see the darkness moving in the shadows, don't investigate too closely, you won't like what you find, and it might be the last thing you ever do. I hope you read this.

Oh. And may you have a better holiday season then I got.
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The Ruined Holiday.
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