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 Poisonous Priest's Powers/ Toxic Domain

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Poisonous Priest's Powers/ Toxic Domain Empty
PostSubject: Poisonous Priest's Powers/ Toxic Domain   Poisonous Priest's Powers/ Toxic Domain I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 11:57 am

Hedorah's domain is poison incarnate. A hellish world of slime and acid and misery. Not much is known about this terrible place, those who even manage to open a portal to this realm are assaulted with fumes that burn the eyes and skin. A simple chemical resistance spell can prevent this, but there is nothing to see here and if the God sees you here you will wish you never came. Death here is slow, all the slow toxins are near the surface, the place where you'll be, of course.

Hedorah's priests are vile beings, but they are completely immune to poisonus materials not only that, the vile sludge actually regenerates their bodies.

The following powers are granted to these people.

1. Dead air: These priests can fill a room, or a fifty foot radius area with toxic fumes that makes breathing next to impossible for up to three hours.

2. Acid Rain: This spell creates a storm for a duration of a half hour, the rain is highly damaging to anything caught in it and living flesh

3. Crimson Eyes: This spell mimic's Hedorah's eye beams. They are deadly accurate and destructive, but they can only be used twice a day

4. Poisonous Eruption: This spell makes the very ground into a poisonous swamp of death for a year. Used only once a year.

Ultimate Spell- Corruption: This spell is simple, yet terrifying. It corrupts the very soul, it makes the mind slowly polluted with toxic thoughts and ideas. It is a curse with no cure and no defense. It can spread like a virus by touch alone and is capable of turning small villages into madness and destruction.

Hedorah's spells are few, but powerful. It is unfortunate that these spells are easy to replicate, and the God actually meant to make them that way to spread the toxin further, priests actually show people how to accomplish these spells to near perfection all but the Ultimate spell.

Because of this reason Priests of Hedorah are usually killed on sight or treated like a diseased individual and isolated to extremes, never trusted.

Toxins remain toxic until they are cleaned up, until then they remain dangerous and can come in any form, gases can travel on the wind and become a cloud of death. This is actually a favored tactic to the order of Hedorah to call dead air and let it travel on the wind towards a town without warning, sometimes for fun.
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Poisonous Priest's Powers/ Toxic Domain
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