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 Meintel, The Horror of the Skies

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PostSubject: Meintel, The Horror of the Skies   Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:28 am

Welcome to Monster Island's very first Entry.

Meintel, the horror of the skies was not always this way. The mighty blue dragon was generally a peaceful creature on a distant world. However, peace never lasts for long and soon war broke out on his world. A terrible and vicious war that unleashed terrible energies upon the planet. Nothing went unchanged in the course of these events, least of all the unfortunate dragon.

Infused with powerful energies against his will, the monster was created in less then ten miserable years of transformation. Well, as you might expect the monster was less then pleased with this turn of events. If he was going to have all this new power he would use it for the only purpose there was. Revenge. But since Meintel didn't really know who was responsible for this condition he declared war against the entire planet.

For thirty seven years straight the monster ravaged the planet, every city and major stronghold of civilization was targeted and destroyed on sight. This made the war come to an end and the forces of the world were convinced that the only way to live through this was to work together. This was not an easy task to accomplish. Meintel was viciously attacking every thing the thought might have been important to the people constantly.

In the thirty seventh year of the attacks the world on the surface was in ruins, but the people had lived undeground for a time now, and had finally discovered a way to dispose of the horror.

They found a way to tear a hole into the nexus itself. So they came to the surface and began to pretend to start rebuilding. Meintel sensed this and instantly came to the offensive. When the monster came, the trap was sprung. The nexus was torn open violently and instantly the monster was pulled into it, vanishing forever from that world. However the tear in the nexus was never able to be closed. One horror was banished from the world, only to allow other nameless terrors on to their world.

Their world's lifecycle ended not soon after that event.

Meintel was dumped onto a new world called Rhydin and on a place only known as Monster Island to the locals. He remains here, trapped by the forces of powerful magic.

Here are Meintel's stats

Height: 60 Meters
Wingspan: 100 Meters
Weight: 15,000 Tons

Strength: 3
Speed: 4
Intelligence: 3
Energy Attack: 4
Horror Factor: 2
Defense: 2
Offense: 3
Durablity: 3
Healing Factor:1
Flying Ability:5
Accuracy: 3
Stealth: 4
Psychic Ablilty:0
Perception: 2

Powers: Meintel is capable of Teleporting, Controlling the element of lightning. Flight speeds up to seventeen times faster the sound travels, Understanding most languages and changing his color to match the current color of the sky, and is completely silent most of the time. High resistance to most kinds of magic. Can fly up to a week before needing to rest.

Weaknesses: Revenge, Meintel is a very vengeful being who will not let any attack go unpunished and he can easily be lead into a trap in this manner. Being underwater, he can't swim and electrical powers work against him when he is completely underwater or even in a hard rain.

Location: The peaks of Monster Island, Watching you.

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Meintel, The Horror of the Skies
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