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 Alone Time Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Alone Time Sacrifice   Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:47 am

The soul is only captured as long as it believes it is free and safe.

In a world of an overprotective authority and a need to be safe there is nothing worse than the feeling you are alone, except maybe learning that you are truly not alone in the dark places we like to call home. You know the feeling well. Home alone and you hear something upstairs, something that could not possibly be natural sounds of a house that is just old. Your imagination runs away from you and you imagine something is upstairs, something horribly and unavoidably bad. Your mind races when you think of every scary movie you have ever seen. It always starts this way you think to your self, the unexplained noise coming from somewhere else, begging you to go check it out only to throw your world into complete chaos. But you are safe, safe from the evils of the world and the news, right?

But there it is again, that solitary, dark noise calls to you again. It sounds like something is being scraped across the floor, even worse the noise is coming from your upstairs bedroom, the sanctuary you could always depend on has now turned into the source of your growing terror. Does evil belong in a place like this? Why would it have to happen when you are alone. You did want this time, you fought for it. A hectic life and nothing but meaningless noises for weeks, and finally it is your turn to relax, then this happens, why?

The black halls of your house seem, alien and odd to you tonight, you walked down these halls a thousand times before, but why now do they seem so foreboding? You creep up the stairs, hoping not to alert what ever may be up there waiting for you, despite the attempt you forget that one of the stairs squeaks, and of course you hit it dead on, and it does what it has always done. Being over prepared for anything you jump at the noise and you feel like what ever it was out there had just tapped you on the shoulder from beyond the solid barrier of the wall. Catching your breathe for a minute in silence and the dark you decide it is time to keep going up the stairs. And it is a very hard journey, it seems to take forever to get there, but eventually you do.

Making your way up from the safety of the basement you decide that it can not be anything to be scared of, this kind of thing happens to other people, not to you. You have lived a good life, no major accidents, nothing to make your life seem cursed, not like them of course. The other people have it bad, you think to yourself, but then again you wish you were anybody else right now doing something else. So you manage to gather enough courage to make it up to the hallway, the one leading to your room, you can see your door knob glinting slightly in the moonlight, your door is closed and all of the sudden you cannot remember if you left the door open, or closed. Damn it why cant you remember. It is driving you insane as you stand there.

Your mind now races on about the door, and its status from before hand. People never usually think about if they left a door open or not after they stop looking at it. I mean it is just a door right? This is one answer you just cant seem to figure out. Regardless of the situation at hand it is time to do something, and you do. You walk down that hallway in silence. It is what you call silence anyway, the harder you try to do something, the more likely it is you are going to mess it up. And of course like it was written in the stars, you do.

You stub your toe on something that you cant find in the dark, and in a place you have never done so before. It makes no sense, and the pain it is terrible, but it starts to fade thankfully. Again catching your breath and cursing your luck you decide to just get it over with, enough of this kid stuff, you can handle it.

You walk right up to the door and grab ahold of the knob, it is metal, and oddly colder than anything else. Hesitation is pointless, even though your mind is screaming at you to turn and run the other direction, to not find out what is on the other side of that door. Blocking out the thought processes going through your mind at this second, and listening to the urge to know what else is behind that door. So you turn the knob and push the door open slowly. It creaks open, and nothing happens. There is no monster, no evil thing waiting for you on the other side. You breathe out a sigh of relief and turn on the light.

You soon wish you had not turned on the light because you then see it, you see it, right there in front of you on your bed is something, something you have never seen before. It has no smell, this is why you did not notice it before, but it is the source of the sound. A black, formless thing on your bed, and for a second it lurks there, does not seem to notice you. But only for one peaceful, blissful second.

That thing lunges at you with all of its force and power it has, and you do not think about what to do, no you simply react. And you turn and run down the hall! You dont fall, you would not make that mistake, not that it makes any difference. The black mass is much faster and a slimy tendril brushes against the back of your foot, it burns you on contact.

You turn the corner and run towards the exit, this exit is locked! It is barred shut, and in the middle of the door you can see a strange symbol carved into the door, you didn't notice this because of the darkness, but now that you can see, it is everywhere. Doors and windows, even the floors! Then it comes to you, you hear it slithering closer and closer. You could tell the rest of your family was acting odd, but you just could not explain it, not until now! You have other plans though, you refuse to become lunch for something like that, not now, not ever!

Or does anybody have a choice in the matter you ask yourself as you search for away out of the place, not having the time to search anything well enough to make use of anything. You then feel it dripping on your shirt, it is cold, very cold. But the slime quickly moves and begins to burn the skin, you fight it, you will try your best to fight it off.

There is no escape from this accursed house and there is no escape from destiny. You now know why your alone time was given so easily, it all makes sense now. You are too panicked now, your very body is beginning to betray you and you can not even know where you are going to anymore. You trip this time and you try to escape. The formless slime from another world then finds you, and it easily overtakes you, the burning is too much and you scream, but nobody hears you, everything slowly goes black. Death takes you slowly and the last thing you ever see is the symbol that has doomed your existence.
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Alone Time Sacrifice
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