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 Dragons of Rhydin

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PostSubject: Dragons of Rhydin   Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:58 pm

Dragons populate the Realm of Rhydin. They are a very diverse race and come in many different forms. They are easy the ruling class of Rhydin, easily. Even though most of these creatures are more then content to battle one another for power, they can join forces against any one threat.

Dragons are ruled by their elder's who hide themselves away somewhere in the realm. These creatures are like Gods, they are ancient and some say truly immortal. Some say they don't exist at all, just stories to keep the race itself from destroying everything in the realm through their battles.

Nothing is truly known about them, but they say one is on the ruling council of twelve. More on them later, though.

Mercury Dragon Entry.

Environment: Temperate and warm mountain and underground

Treasure: High Rate of Finding Things of Value

Alignment: Always chaotic good

The dragon seems long and slim, with a narrow body and a slender, whiplike tail. The sleek head has a long, pointed snout, with short horns curving forward from behind the lower jaw and larger horns curving backward from behind the upper jaw and eyes. The wings seem mirror bright. There is a crisp scent, like a spring morning, about the creature.

Mercury dragons are fast moving and highly whimsical. When they speak, which is fairly often, the words come so quickly that many creatures can't keep up. Mercury dragons are known for making and changing decisions frequently.

At birth, a mercury dragon's scales are dull silver. As it ages, the scales become brighter and brighter, until at adult age they gain a brilliant mirror finish. The dragon's eyes start out a deep blue or violet with a dark pupil and a pale yellow-white iris. As it gets older, the eyes become paler and brighter, until they become pure yellow white at the wyrm stage. Sunlight or other sources of light reflecting off the scales and wings of a mercury dragon can be blinding.

Mercury dragons love clear air and bright sunlight. They lair in high caves, preferably facing east to catch the morning sun, and their territories always contain several places that fill with sparkling light in clear days. These may include snowfields, glaciers, mountain lakes, and sun-dappled alpine meadows.

Mercury dragons can and will eat almost anything if the need arises, and they love to hunt, at least some of the time. They'll pounce on prey of nearly any size, from big game to tiny rodents. They claim that the smaller and quicker the prey, the better it tastes.

Because they share the same habitat, red dragons are mercury dragons' worst enemies. The larger reds have the advantage in one-on-one confrontations, so mercury dragons usually try to evade them through their superior speed. Mercury dragons usually stay on friendly terms with any silver dragons living near them, and they may team up from time to time when a red dragon threatens one or the other. A silver dragon, however, usually considers mercury dragons tiresome company at best due to their manic behavior and capricious natures.


Mercury dragons are as unpredictable when it comes to combat as they are in any other situation. They may parley, they might attack instantly, or, perhaps, they may avoid combat entirely. They never attack good-aligned creatures unless sorely provoked.

Mercury dragons always use spells in combat, if possible. They are very creative and can always figure out some innovative way of using virtually any spell to advantage in combat.

Breath Weapon: A mercury dragon's breath weapon is a line of intense light that burns whatever it touches, dealing fire damage.

Brilliance: As a standard action, a mercury dragon can use the mirror-bright membranes of its wings to reflect and concentrate available light into a beam of dazzling brightness. To use this power, the dragon needs light as bright as an overcast day or clear, moonlight night. Torchlight or candle light is insufficient.

The power creates a thin beam the dragon can aim at a single target within 30 feet of the dragon. The target is blinded for thirty minutes. If not using this technique as a weapon, the dragon can create a cone of light as bright as a daylight spell up to 60 feet long and the cone lasts up to 3 hours.

Alternate Form: A mercury dragon of adult age or older can assume any animal or humanoid form of Medium size or smaller as a standard action three times a day. This ability functions as a polymorph spell cast on itself can assume only the form of an animal or humanoid. The dragon can remain in its animal or humanoid form until it chooses to assume a new one or return to its normal form.

Fire Subtype: Fire immunity

Protected Sight: A mercury dragon is immune to any effect that would blind or dazzle it. It also gains racial bonus against any light or pattern effect

These Dragons are faster than they are strong, but they can get rather large just like any other dragon.

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PostSubject: Re: Dragons of Rhydin   Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:12 am

Red Dragon Entry.

Environment: Mountains and Temperate Areas,Tropical Islands

Treasure: Good Chance of Finding things of Value, although The Red Dragon often just just takes things to increase his hoard, not always valuable, just shiny.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

A red dragon can be identified by is long wings and two long horns. He has a long, red, forked tongue. Tiny flames often dance in his nostrils when he is angry. His eyes gleam with unrestrained greed when he has seen treasure. He smells of smoke and sulfur.

Red dragons are fiercely territorial. They prefer to eat meat, especially people. Red dragons have been known to force villages to sacrifice maidens to them. (This is a matter of taste. As you would have it, apparently maidens "just taste better.") The best part of a meal for a red dragon is drinking the blood.

These dragons are the strongest of the chromatic dragons, but they are slow compared to others of their kind, such as the Mercury dragon. They are solitary and attack before talking, on occasion they see themselves as gods and terrorize villages for countless years. They have no real friends in the dragon world and seeing them usually is a bad sign no matter what race you happen to be.

At birth these dragons are weaker than most races, but quickly develop rock hard scales and razor sharp claws. Their eyes are usually white with red tints in the middle, as they grow older the redness grow stronger, the oldest dragons eyes are blood red and impossible to read intentions from them.

Red Dragons love to be alone more than anything. Their lairs always include their cave and places that fill with light and attractive places where people go to, trapping victims is foremost on its mind. The Mercury Dragons often get in the way of this action because they are both attracted to the same places, and they are natural enemies.


Red Dragons are grossly over confident and arrogant, they attack with out thinking in a straight forward fashion, this usually strikes fear into the hearts of the victim, they almost never show mercy unless to question somebody about the location of treasure, Good -aligned creatures are always a target to the Red Dragon.

Magic isn't a part of the Red Dragon's combat style. Although if up against a magic user they will use some of the meanest spells in their arsenal to combat the threat. Not all magical advantage is taken in battle.

Breath weapon: A Red Dragon's main weapon is intense flame that can fire up to one hundred feet and a sixty foot cone at its maximum extent.

Magic Resistance: Red Dragons are highly resistant to magic of all kinds as they grow older. It takes a very skilled mage or magic user to effect them, the oldest Dragons are almost completely immune to magic.

Alternate form: Although they can change their form they usually don't, however, they will be more than willing to change forms to mislead parties or caravans right into their lair.

Popular to modern belief the Red Dragon is not connected to the element of fire. It's red color comes from its spirit of evil and countless centuries of bloodshed from its ancestors. Fire will effect this dragon's outside, just because it breathes flame does not give it an immunity, just a higher resistance to it. The Red Dragon is not an elemental dragon, just a evil chromatic dragon of immense power.

Red dragons are greedy and covetous, and obsessed with increasing their treasure hoards and not to be messed with.

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Dragons of Rhydin
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