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 Death Ghidorah, Lord of the Undead.

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Death Ghidorah, Lord of the Undead. Empty
PostSubject: Death Ghidorah, Lord of the Undead.   Death Ghidorah, Lord of the Undead. I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2010 8:22 am

In the Ancient, and forgotten past of humanity, the scourge of the undead was fierce in it desire to consume the world. Heroes fought hard to vanquish the menace, and they won, mostly. Sometimes the occasional monster would appear on the earth, only to be beaten down time and time again. The monsters would appear less and less, but still their power source was never discovered. Eventually, the undead lost their power of fear over the mortals, and were driven into the depths of memory.

Death Ghidorah was imprisoned on the planet by the monster only known as Mothra. It was his power that created the anti-life force to create the perversions known as the undead. Trapped, his ambient energies of death contaminated the planet, but became steadily weaker.

Wars came and went, and Death Ghidorah was largely undiscovered, although rumors existed that a terrible beast lived in the dark, sleeping. When the forces of magic were rediscovered on accident, and the war began to escalate, something happened. The powers that were transforming the creatures, did not ignore the dreaded beast.

Death Ghidorah was awoken for the first time in countless years. Nobody knows where the beast awoke, and everyone would never forget what happened next. The great monster arose and his powers of death had been epically transformed. Not long after the world met the end of the age, and the Gods had taken over. Humanity was plagued by another kind of evil. The Undead. The dead began to rise from places of rest and it was the first true sign, globally that nothing would ever be the same again.

Death Ghidorah is the God of the Undead.


Height: 430 Ft Tall

Weight: 70,000 Tons

Death Ghidorah is the master of the undead. His awakening has revived a terrible and old power upon the world with a vengeance. He is indeed related to King Ghidorah, the King Of Terror. His powers are great, his wrath is even greater. He's been trapped for a very long time, and his evil knows no bounds. Even to the point some of the other Evil gods will have nothing to do with him. His powers are as follows.

Death Aura: Death Ghidorah's very presence drains the life from the land very quickly. Machines are not effected by this, as an odd occurrence, the undead are actually stronger in this aura of death. All plants, animals and humans..even gods are drained by this power. It is active at all times.

Entropy Beams: From each of the Undead Lord's maws, can fire up to six hundred feet, beams of pure beams that decay nearly everything they touch. The effect is much like acid, without the chemical burns. It is a truly terrible weapon and it is able to be used twelve times every day.

Soul Stealer: Death Ghidorah's most terrifying power is to steal souls. If the God is offended enough, he can simply fly over a city and use this power take the souls of who ever is there, This does not kill the body though. The bodies fall into a coma. The souls are usually returned at the threats of many other gods, usually many followers of many good monsters are stolen.

Create Undead: The God can, at will, create newly formed undead. Every victim his army takes can be risen to fight for him with out question. This is a terrible power should the God ever be inclined to take the offensive.

Darkness Shockwave: If the God is in an extremely bad situation, it can summon all of it's power in one blast. This is a blood red with a black mixture of color, and its devastating to all beings caught in it's half a mile radius. The power kills nearly everything in the radius, and everything stays dead for at least ten years. This power can even kill a god if it is weakened enough.

Death Ghidorah is a fearsome god. One of the greater lords of darkness his role is a big one, yet most of the time he refuses to do his part, not many can persuade him to do otherwise. He is at the supernatural level and stronger then quite a few of the other Gods. Places of life sicken him, and do weaken him somewhat, but this is only for a limited time as his aura quickly kills everything around him.

Death Ghidorah's Realm: This is a terrible place. No living thing may enter here with out nearly instantly losing most of their life energy. The place is filled with ghosts, zombies and other undead monsters of his own creation. It is dark, and swirls with a grey mist constantly. The "Sun" here is a deep dark red, gives no heat though, the place is cold. Few gods have any reason to come here, however. Sometimes. They will request special artifact to be hidden in the realm.

Death Ghidorah's Personality: As the God of Undeath, and some would say death itself. His personality is lacking. He is more interested in simple destruction then the prolonged suffering of anything. However, he does not delay in actions. If he intends to do something, you'll know it. The God is also aggressive. Death knows no limits, and he doesn't believe in them either. He'll never hold back in a fight. He only sees humans as things waiting to die. But is aware of their capacity for death, and if he enjoys anything that would be it.

Worshipers: The death lord has people who serve him. Mainly among these, necromancers. These people are completely consumed with the power of death, and controlling it. The God cares nothing for them, but if they are willing to create more undead creatures and kill living things, he is more then willing to show them how to use his powers.

Some wizards and especially dark clerics worship this God in secret. It is not an official religion that is recognized by the world at large, but everybody at some point is afraid of death, their end and the end of all life, and sometimes they ask to be spared by Death Ghidorah. Some believe that the monster is death itself and there is no escaping him. But the monster is usually hated by all worshipers of the light.

None hate this monster more then the worshipers of Mothra Leo, Biollante and Destroyer. The first to are plainly obvious. But the last one is for a different reason. Destroyer is a God of hate, and there can be no hate if there is not life, these two sects clash often with usually no clear winner, but the massive amounts of death pleases Death Ghidorah greatly.

Worshippers of Hedorah are allied with Death Ghidorah loosely, they both desire the death of all things it seems, and neither one is liked very well by anybody else. But they seldom do anything together.

There is a secret sect of priests of the Undead Lord. They are, themselves, undead. And no less they are vampires.

The Vampires are called the Hand of Silence. Few people believe vampires even exist, and they are indeed very rare. Only coming out at night and doing favors for the most devout of the followers of the God. They, themselves were vile mortals who caught the attention of the Death God, not at easy feat by any means.

Vampires are very powerful creatures.

Trial: To become a vampire priest, you must catch the attention of the Death God himself. If you are bitten by a vampire, you may become one yourself, but you'll gain none of the special powers the God bestows. You must be a murderer of all creatures. Death Ghidorah demands blood for his gifts, and you must sacrifice one of each mortal humanoid race on a sacred altar, at midnight of course, in the course of a month. If you can do this, you'll get the vampire's gifts. If you fail, even by a minute. You get nothing.

Temple: Death Ghidorah's temple is a hidden one. It is deep underground and only the vampires know where it is, and can even find how to enter it. It is a place of decay and horror. Few people would have any desire to go to a place like this. Here is the only portal to get to the God's realm. It is said that if the temple is found and destroyed, Death Ghidorah's power on earth will be broken for all time, and it is home to a weapon crafted by the God himself.

Future: Death Ghidorah is decay, and it was foretold that even death would eventually be destroyed by the forces of light, in time. But there would be many great sacrifices before this could happen. The undead god, honestly doesn't care about the future. He'll destroy and kill everything right now. But the part about sacrifice pleases him.

Afterlife: The followers of Death Ghidorah know no peace. Upon their natural death their bodies are reanimated by their powers they used in life. Their power possesses them and they become slaves to their lord. Souls trapped inside of their bodies with no free will. They all become part of his ever growing undead army. Souls that escape this fate and are sent to the afterlife, are usually judged very harshly. However, sometimes they can keep their free will and become generals of the army of the dead. These beings are rare, but extremely powerful. Power is the attraction that draws the followers in, few realize it but that doesn't stop them from trying.
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Death Ghidorah, Lord of the Undead.
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