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 Human Avatars of the Gods

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PostSubject: Human Avatars of the Gods   Human Avatars of the Gods I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2010 7:00 am

Avatars of the Gods.

All of the Kajiu Gods have gained the power to assume human form. They are as follows.

Godzilla: His human form is that of a great warrior. He is quiet, but never backs down from a challenge. Sometimes he shows up to cities he plans to destroy, sometimes though he teaches a very harsh lesson. He is harsh, but fair. And with him everybody gets what's coming to them. He carries a greatsword that is slightly radioactive. He calls it the Equalizer

Mothra: She takes the form of a beautiful woman, she is a healer most of the time and when she comes into any village everybody feels like they know this lady. She is kind and forgiving and always stands up for life. She always likes to keep an eye on her followers and evil doers don't stand a chance when she comes to town. Her weapon is a pure white katana, She called the Healing Touch. It can heal people who are good, but it destroys evil with no mercy.

Rodan: The chaotic god takes the form of worn traveler. Road beaten clothes. He wanders around aimlessly on the roads when he wants to take the scenic route. He is the protector of those on the road like him, and always helps those who need it. He defends the road ways from bandits and others who would seek to control them. His weapon is a staff but it hits with the speed greatly exceeding any human, he calls it Velocity.

Battra: The avenging goddess takes the form of a warrior lady. She is usually seven feet tall and almost never enters any civilized places. Actually she protects nature from those who would attempt to destroy it and use it for their own purposes on a massive scale. She often leads those lost in the woods to safety as well. Her weapon is a Bow and Arrow, she calls it Perfection, she rarely misses her target.

Gamera: The Burning One takes the form of a great knight. He is a powerful protector and only shows up to fight for the oppressed and to save people who are in serious trouble. He does not win battles for people, but he gives them a great advantage over any enemy who might want to take advantage of weakness of others. He uses a sword and a great shield that inspire courage and strength to all people under attack that see it. It has no name.

Kiryu: The Mechanical Titan takes the form of a surprisingly weak scientist, or alchemist when traveling outside of his area. He often offers assistance in great projects to help people progress in the ways of science and enlightenment. He rarely fights in this form, but when he does, he uses an actual laser cannon he can materialize at will, it's called, Enlightenment.

Gabara: This insane monster rarely comes to the real world, but when he does. He takes the form of a pre-teenager. He mingles with the other children and tells them scary stories to get them thinking about his influence in dreams. This form is only to cause fear and panic among children, he doesn't need a weapon because he uses all of his godly powers with out restraint when threatened.

King Ghidorah: The King of Terror takes the form of a great warlord, dressed all in yellow and gold. He comes to villages with a great army of worshipers. All of his followers know full well who he is. He doesn't keep it a secret. But this causes confusion when other great warriors of terror call themselves this too, but it usually doesn't last long. His weapon is the Tri-Terror, it is a trident of gold and it controls gravity.

Biollante: She rarely takes human form, but like Battra, the nature goddess spends most of her time in nature. She isn't nearly as vengeful though. Usually a peaceful lady most of the time she enjoys conversations and quiet evenings. But if anybody manages to anger the Goddess, she will hold nothing back in her violence. She uses the very power of nature as her weapon to great effect.

Mechagodzilla: The war machine takes human form, as an android. It barely fits into the human race by any means, but it usually works. The machine lord often scopes out potential threats before it and it's armies attack. The machine does not trust it's followers all the time and often likes to check things out it's self. All of Mechagodzilla's stats far exceed the strongest human and defeating the human form is near impossible in direct combat.

Titanosaurus: The God of Strength takes his form as a very muscular human. Strength is his main concern and to this end it is what he has the most of. But he is a kind natured god and likes to take part in contests of strength with all kinds of humans. He likes to fight and have a good time with people in general. He believes in straight physical combat and wears no armor, uses no weapons but his fists. He is a master at most forms of combat.

Destroyer: The God of Hate takes the form as sadistic warrior, torn flesh and ever bleeding wounds. He inspires rage where ever he walks and is always covered in deep red armor. He carries the massive sword of Hate he calls infinite rage. His very appearance in any town can cause people to give in to the smallest of annoyances with extreme results. He enjoys doing this, it is one of the few things he enjoys.

Legion: The Slaver Queen takes the form of a dominatrix, very beautiful, but she doesn't hide her harsh ways in the slightest. Although she can use manipulation to get what she wants. She uses a whip called Domination and she knows how to use it perfect accuracy. She usually appears in this form rather then her true form.

SpaceGodzilla: This God of Destruction takes the form of a great demonic wizard, but this mage is draped in blue robes and crystal armor. He uses a great crystal staff that he calls "Cosmic Wrath" He is sadistic and often promises people power, only to teach them how to destroy themselves and one another. He is not shy about using his powers as a god either.

Iris: The Goddess of Assassins appears as a dark robed assassin. But She rarely appears this way and if she does its for short period of time. She appears and vanishes just as quickly. She rarely fights in this form, but she does carry a unnamed black dagger. Her face is never seen.

Gigan: The Lord of Blades appears as a green clad dual sword wielding man. He looks and seems weaker then he is, and challenges people to swordfights for insane wagers. Confident they'll beat him with no problem, they enter. Gigan then uses "Blame and Pain" to easily win the battle. Sometimes he teaches the art of swordfighting, but most of the time he just kills people.

Ebriah- The devourer usually spends most of his time on the sea, but sometimes when he gets creative he turns into a victim of a shipwrecked vessel drifting on the open sea. Once taken on the ship, he will usually wait an hour before attempting to devour the crew. For this reason shipwrecked victims found are usually not rescued, and this is the reason for many ghost ships.

Manda- The Deathcoil usually walks the beaches late at night usually as a beautiful woman. Its only a trap to get any who would be out there to meet their death. Manda enjoys killing people by choking the life out of them with it's bare hands.

Dagahra- The insanity comes through on this one, he appears in villages along the coast as a beach drifter and he starts preaching of prophecies to come, usually they make no sense and mean nothing, but eventually the villagers will start to notice weird similarities, these words he says are actually infectious. And in time can drive an entire village completely mad. This is how this god gets worshipers.

Zigra- He has no human form. But he can control the minds of others to deliver messages to the outside world if he needs to, but he is contained to the sea.

Gaira- The God of Murder takes a human form of a serial killer. Uncatchable and violent this mad being go on violent murder sprees for fun, and sometimes he'll convince people that he'll give them powers beyond reasoning, only to make some poor person to take the fall. This is all fun for this God.

Dogora- This god appears as a shopkeeper in a shop, and he always has what you want the most for sale. And he'll sell it too you for a price. He is the ultimate salesperson and can make anything sound good to anybody. But the price is usually much more than money, it usually requires a favor. Few people ever get what they asked for, usually only get pain in return.

Baragon- This cannibalistic god takes the form of a hermit that lives in a cave. He likes to stalk adventurers once they pass the point of no return and instead of eating them, he'll use his powers to make their supplies go bad, then trap them in a place with water, but no food. He'll appear to them and ask them to join his followers, if they refuse, he'll leave and secretly watch them as they give into their dark hunger.

Gezora- It's rare but his human form is that of a frozen corpse walking around on the ice. Those who have seen it are never the same. It has never been known to interact with anyone, but seeing it is said to be a sign of a doomed return voyage.

Viras- This terrible sea god has no human form, but like Zigra, he can take over minds of unwilling messengers as well.

Megaguirus- The Goddess of Thievery is just that. A thief. She isnt exactly evil in the sense of the other lords of darkness. She just likes a good challenge. And as the fastest lord of darkness, she often steals many things from the wrong Gods. She uses a weapon, a short sword that casts illusions "Dream Thief"

Hedorah: The god of corruption will appear as a wealthy merchant, willing to buy things that are not for sale, and often deals with the darkest of merchandise. Slaves, Drugs, Poisons. Anything illegal, he'll have plenty of it. He will always be willing to cut prices and infect any community with all kinds of dark things.

King Caesar- He appears as a ranger in the wild north. He'll say something, then he'll do it. He keeps the promises he makes,, no matter how long it takes for him to keep it. He is honorable, even to his enemies, and always loyal if you make him as a friend, you have a friend for life.

Mothra Leo- His human form is that of a young male. Mothra's son is extremely powerful, but inexperienced. He'll go head first into any battle if he thinks it for the right cause, but if he is manipulated into doing the wrong thing, there will be a terrible wrath upon the deceivers. He carries dual blades "Final Justice and Avenger" He is a healer, but loves to fight. Maybe a little too much.

Kumonga- The Spider God has no Human form, but he Is telepathic and can talk to people easily, but usually he just eats them first.

Megalon-He usually appears as just your average person. Male or female. Being the God of the hidden places, usually he can lead people to good hiding places, or reveal things. But usually he just doesn't tell people what else lives in these hidden places. As a former god of Darkness he does have an evil side to him and sometimes leads people to their death on purpose, but that's as far as it goes.

Anguirus--The god of defense usually appears as an armored knight, but instead he offers effective strategy of defense that others who are completely outclassed usually never think of. He enjoys to make things very difficult for any enemy, even other gods. He carries a immense shield called "Invincible" and it is very shiny, it can blind people like a mirror.

Death Ghidorah: He takes the form of a vampire. Not a human and he is the undead lord that usually resides in a town in complete secret. This is the closest he can get to being alive. He is extremely powerful. And he uses a Scythe he calls "Mortal wound" He keeps to himself most of the time.

Varan- The god of the Lakes usually just takes the form of a simple fisherman that everybody in the community knows his public identity. He is usually well liked and doesn't cause any trouble, he wants to be an evil god, but they won't take him and he just doesn't know how to cause misery correctly.

Orga: Only appears as a shrouded figure. Its face is never seen and it's body could be either gender. Nobody knows what it truly looks like, it appears more like a shadow draped in cloth then an actual human being. This form is hardly ever seen.

Gorosaurus- His human form is usually always a protester. Anywhere there is a cause, a plan or an established order, he is there leading the cause against it. He is very convincing in his speeches and is usually the cause of riots against the system. But he rarely keeps enough interest to stay with one rebellion for long, if the side he started up wins...he will easily turn against it.

Jet Jaguar: His form is already as humanoid as it's going to get.

Mecha King Ghidorah: His human form is as a cyborg. He is cloaked, but there is no hiding the fact of what he is. His unique form is painfully obvious. He is accepted in very few places. Despite his odd appearance. He is very powerful near impossible to defeat, but usually just wants a place to call his stronghold.

Super Mechagodzilla: The evil machine god is not willing to take a human form. His powerful ways of persuasion are more then enough to convince people to stop their resistance with one shot.

Mechanikong: His human form is that of a priest. He lives at one with nature and tends not to interact with people if he can help it. Why he chose an isolated priest isn't known.

Moguera: Has no human form. The defender of the machine gods sits inactive most of the time until he is needed.
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Human Avatars of the Gods
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