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 Ryojin. Madness of the Sea

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PostSubject: Ryojin. Madness of the Sea   Tue Feb 09, 2010 5:01 am

The oceans of Rhydin hold a great and many beasts. Ryojin is one of the worst creatures that haunted the darkness. Sailors would tell of ships populated with skeletons that used to be crews. The monster is seemingly immortal. All generations have told tales of the beast since they could travel upon the seas.

The truth is that Ryojin was one of the Nexus's first victims. Ryojin was ruling over the seas of his nameless home world for untold ages, unchallenged. The people of that world feared their black seas, all creatures did. Nobody ever knew how it happened, but a great cosmic storm occurred over the entirety of the planet for one week. After this intense and violent storm, Ryojin would never be seen again.

He would be in the desolate world of Rhydin near it's beginning. The land was still filled with great beasts and chaos ruled over all, but as always. Time passed.

Time was different, and the powers of the ambient magic slowly drove the tyrant into a raving mad beast over the thousands of years. Now Ryojin is a monster of the seas. He has made his lair in the oceans around Monster Island because of the other inhabitants. He plans to use them all someday in a vicious war against all of Rhydin for domination.

He has gained a terrible reputation among the sea-goers of Rhydin. Seeing the ocean as his own, he doesn't show any mercy to ships of any kind. To say his name on a voyage is believed to bring bad luck.

Ryojin's stats

Height: 75 Meters
Length: 150 Meters
Weight: 50,000 Tons.

Strength: 2
Speed: 4
Intelligence: 4
Energy Attack: 3
Horror Factor: 4
Defense: 3
Offense: 2
Durablity: 3
Healing Factor:5
Swimming Ability: 5
Accuracy: 3
Stealth: 4
Psychic Ablilty: 2
Perception: 3

Powers: Ryojin is effectively immortal, he can heal from any wound, and as long as he is in contact with the sea, even return from death from a single cell. He has a fear aura that sends nightmares to people on or near the sea. Telepathy. He can breathe underwater and never needs to come up for air if he so chooses. Ryojin's greatest power are his organic destroyer eye beams. They can melt the flesh off of any living thing. This is the reason for most of the ghost ships with skeletons, the beams can penetrate solid material with ease, although we don't know how.

Weaknesses: The direct exposure to the light of day. The monster is one of the sea and is accustomed to the darkness. Ryojin is burned by the natural daylight, and magic daylight spells do him great damage. Ryojin is confined to the sea as well, it is the source of his power and life, to come on to the land would weaken him considerably. Madness.

Location: Any ocean depths.

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Ryojin. Madness of the Sea
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