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 Native Rhydinian Fighting Styles

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PostSubject: Native Rhydinian Fighting Styles   Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:14 am

Fighting Styles of Rhydin:

Rhydin is a land of many people, and many cultures from all over the Omniverse. All of these are usually mastered or practiced by individuals that come to the world. However. The realm of Rhydin has developed its own styles of martial arts. Nine branches scattered over the realm. They are as follows.

Desert Wind: A powerful form of martial arts that focuses on grace. It is very difficult to learn. The code the followers of this follow is none other then flexibility. They are agile and have sharp minds to match. A master of the Desert Wind is nearly untouchable. This style lacks brute strength, but is more than a match for it.

Shining Spirit: This form of martial arts is based on the weapon of the sword, but all swords are mastered in this. It focuses very little on hand to hand combat, and followers of this path are never seen with out their sword. They have to make their own swords, not only do they need to know how to use it, but make it them as well. A master of the Shining Spirit is unstoppable with a blade.

Crystal Mind: This path and the ones who follow it believe in the art of supreme balance, and that the mind is the bodies greatest weapon and really don't like violence. They live in peace most of the time, and try to get others to do the same. A master of the Crystal Mind can balance on the edge of a thin blade without breaking it.

Iron Soul: This form of martial arts is brutal. In this path, physical perfection is sought and hand to hand combat is supreme here. The training is harsh and sometimes even fatal. The body is trained to be as hard as iron, and the soul just as cold. They always look for a fight against anyone in order to test their limits. A master of the Iron Soul is near impossible to damage physically.

Black Sun: This path believes in turning all weaknesses into strength and power. Weaknesses, though are anything that weakens the self, compassion and emotions are considered weaknesses in this path. They also believe in turning any strength an enemy may have against him, by any means necessary. A master of this path can mimic any fighting skills direct weakness.

Dragon Claw: This path believes that the dragon is the ultimate life form, and the followers mimic the fighting movements of dragons. It is considered the rarest form of the martial arts in Rhydin. A master can summon the strength of a ancient dragon, and speak to them on equal terms.

Shadow Flame: This path believes in the power and element of surprise. Stealth and invisibility are this path's greatest teachings. Silence is another.They specialize in throwing weapons and poisons. Followers of the Shadow Flame seldom talk outside of their ranks and school. A Master of the Shadow Flame is naturally undetectable and has perfect aim.

Stone Hand: This path believes that invincibility lies in the defense. They train in the ways of defense. Followers of the Stone Hand never attack in any fashion, instead they will always learn to let the attackers come to them. This path is not for everyone. A master of the Stone Hand will always be able to sense an attack before it comes.

Golden Strike: This path believes in the powers of the inner energy. This is a very hard path to master, not everyone can follow it, or attempt to. It requires a strong mind and body. This path is mysterious, and is only second in rarity to the Dragon's claw. A master of the Golden Strike will be able to use his bio-energy offensively, and can fly.

The paths are native to Rhydin and have originated here. Some say they are the basis for every other martial art system in the omniverse, nobody knows for sure. There is only one legend of the ultimate master, Dysan, who has traveled, and mastered all nine paths to perfection. If this is true, this person had to have lived thousands of years, for to master just one path to perfection is nearly impossible in one life time.

Besides that. The paths are seldom known to intermix, some styles being fierce rivals of one another, it's hard to believe that they would teach all of their secrets to one man. It's said that to master all nine paths leads to a secret tenth path, one of immortality. The Grandmasters of each path know for sure, but they are not saying anything about it.

Their schools, some accept all comers, others will only take select people and some yet will only take in the people they find suitable for their path and no one else.

There are some people out there in Rhydin trying to complete Dysan's journey and attempt to recreate the legend, nobody has done so yet.

This is a basic outline of the fighting styles of Rhydin.
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PostSubject: Re: Native Rhydinian Fighting Styles   Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:16 am

Path of the Stone Hand

This is a terrible path for anybody with a temper, or for that matter. Emotions. The Stone Hand path begins after you get to the Fortress of Stone. This is no easy stroll either. The Fortress is located deep in the Goblin Valley. A rock barren wasteland with temperatures well over one-hundred degrees, sand storms and it rains only three times a cycle, maybe. This place is a death trap, nearly unapproachable. Just the way the the ones who follow this path like it.

Goblin Valley.

This was formed eons ago. The Goblin Valley is barely seen as a valley at all. This is generally known as a cursed land by all who have been here in the past. Many bones of lost travelers can be found here, water on the other hand is not. Most people tell you that you'll never come back if you come here. It is the home of many desert dwelling creatures, and undead. They usually only come out at night. Early in the formation of the valley, it was used as a battleground site for many last ditch efforts. Usually as defenders making their last stand against a far more powerful enemy. Sometimes they won, sometimes they did not.

The Valley is named not for the Goblins that lived here, but the ones who died here. It was a harsh lifestyle for them, but they were able to make it for along time. But then the Blue Dragon came from the far reaches of the valley. It's not known if it was just passing through, or it had always been there.

The beast decided enough, was enough for some unknown reason. Descending down from the sky it struck with unyielding fury. The Goblins were loners, but generally helpful to any who got lost in the wastes, for years untold this is basically what they did. Nobody knows why exactly. Goblins are not known for their helpful ways in general. Some say they were cursed to live here and made the best out of it as they could, others say they were the last of the true ancient race living in isolation. What ever the reason behind it, the Dragon completely destroyed the Goblins with no warning. They were lost forever.

The Valley is named for their tragedy. The site was found only three times, once after the attack by explorers, another time by treasure hunters, and a third time by accident. Never again has it been found by anyone, Officially. But the story lives on throughout all of Rhydin.

Stairway to Darkness.

This is a terrible place where the sun never seems to shine. It goes down into the theoretical underworld of Rhydin. Nobody can deny this, or confirm it. Nobody has ever attempted the journey, but all who have seen it know what kind of feeling it can give, and it's a chilling one. Any who descend below the darkness, are never seen again. The place is warned by old signs in languages that are mostly dead, but the context is easily understood by all but the blind. And even the blind know better by what they can feel and understand easily.

The Stairway is home to numerous spirits and undead things attracted by its natural negativity. They devour the flesh of any living thing that gets too close and is unprepared for the attack. It's dangerous during the day, but completely fatal at night.

The Goblin Valley is a great place to hide anything. It is filled with treasures of all kinds, getting them might be easy, getting out may be something else. Its easy to get lost here, and even easier to die on the return trip home.

The Stone Fortress: School of the Stone Fist. This is located deep in the rocky wastelands of the Goblin Valley and it is a primitive structure. Only three people live here for keeps, but they are as listed.

Traniz- She is the Grand Master of The Stone Hand. She is a harsh teacher, its only increased by the fact that she has no true emotions to speak of. She truly does not care if you live through the training or not. She is a master of all the arts of the skill. It is said she invented the skill, actually. She actually learned from, as she says it, "By watching the movements of the earth" It was actually taught to her by an actual, now vacant, God of the element of earth. Traniz is effectively immortal. When asked about Dysan, she'll never tell the story, but she might smile. Maybe.

Gaz- He is the caretaker of the Fortress, and an effective teacher as well. Widely known as the master of the art, most people train under him and never actually see Traniz in the flesh while they are there. If people come looking for the Grand master of the art, he'll say he is the one they are looking for.

Saro-She is the Guardian of the Fortress, To gain entrance to this place, you must defeat her. A trained fighter should have a fair challenge. This is considered the Pre-training stage. Saro is trained in many forms of combat and becomes a sparring partner in the training sessions.

Stone hand specialty moves.

Stone Skin: Of course, the defense is best made when its hard to injure you. This ablility turns your skin rock hard, so you can almost not be cut or even damaged. This ablility is gained by the constant beatings you will recieve in training. It isnt known how one learns this, actually.

Body reading: You can sense an attack by the way a person is moving. To be the ultimate in defense you gotta know when the attack is coming. And you will be trained into always expecting the attack and knowing movements to the extent that you will seem psychic to any enemy.

Emotionless Fighting: You will be with out most emotions in battle. You will crush your opponent with out giving into rage and hate. Your mind will remained focused at all times, nothing will distract you, of course your emotions will be gone most the time even when not in battle.

These three skills are hardest to learn, and are all made for the defense of yourself and others.

The move only taught by the Grand master her self is this.

The Earthen Wall: You can control your inner energies to create a shield around you made from solid diamond and steel. It is near impervious to physical attack, and negates many lower level magic attacks. And if this move is completely mastered. You can encase yourself with a diamond armor that is flexible to move with you with ease, making your defense perfect.

The Stone Hand Path Focuses on the aspects of A calm mind, defense, reaction time, and strength. It is a slower form of art to learn but once one gets trained in it, they become near untouchable, and use their training to their advantage. Speed becomes a non issue. This art is not for everyone, Few people can complete it's training, and it's mental demands to learn this and be effective at it.

Once the art is learned though, one can call the Fortress home at anytime they wish. Former students who have passed the harsh tests of the rocky wasteland are more then welcome to come back at anytime, for any reason.
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Native Rhydinian Fighting Styles
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