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 Priests of Death Ghidorah/ Undead Domain

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Priests of Death Ghidorah/ Undead Domain Empty
PostSubject: Priests of Death Ghidorah/ Undead Domain   Priests of Death Ghidorah/ Undead Domain I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 26, 2010 10:39 am

The Domain of Death Ghidorah is a terrible place for anything that happens to be alive. Energies of the living are consumed by the dead ground that this place is made out of. This is a land of eternal night, only lit by the blood red moon that never leaves it's place in the starless sky. Only the undead and spirits roam here, and all of them are always looking for a way to the living realm so they can consume blood and life energies that allow them to exist, it is unknown why though, for here the undead can exist eternally with out the need for other living energies. It is just their sadistic nature that drives them to kill the living.

Death Ghidorah is at home here, and is all powerful here. Any who might enter this place, will instantly be attacked by the spirits who sense them, and all of them will know when the living have come here. Only by invitation is anyone safe, and this barely ever happens.

There is almost nothing here, dead trees and a eternal mist with no real source covers the black ground, the place even smells like death. The one place of interest here is the spectral palace. it is a glowing blue castle made up of the souls of the victims of the God's twisted following, all who are killed by their hands are trapped here, in torment forever, the ones who send them here consider it the gift of living forever. This castle is massive, nobody knows how long it took to build it. Or how many souls are trapped here.

The Priests of Death Ghidorah are few, and they are members of the legendary undead creatures known as vampires. They are only able to exist in the dark, they have many powers that make them among the most powerful of the priests in all the world, yet their numbers are very few, they are reviled through out the natural world and even actively hunted by other followings.

They are granted the physical powers of Superhuman speed, strength, endurance and damage resistance.

Their god also gives them a fair amount of magic.

1. Control undead: They can summon and control undead creatures to attack any target they wish.

2. Starlight's blessing: This gives any target the powers and abllity of a vampire for one night.

3. Energy Drain: The priest can take energy from an opponent and they can supercharge themselves for up to 5 hours.

4. Summon Death Mists: This spell calls the eternal fog of the undead domain, and this fog kills just about anything it touches at the center, the farther away from the center the less effective it is.

5: Shapeshifting: The Vampire that is the Priest of this god is granted shapeshifting to anyone they have seen before, perfectly.

Ultimate Spell-Zombie Plague: This horrible spell can cause death and grow with each bite, true to form. This spell starts out weak, but it can easily gain strength with each passing day. It's been known to threaten entire remaining major cities with in weeks and wipe out small towns in days. This spell is frighteningly easy to cast compared to other Ultimate spells of the priest hood.

These spells can only be cast by one of the undead priests, and are very rare. But wizards are trying to find away to recreate the effects of this magic, no one has done it so far.

These priests only come out at night, and usually remain unseen by all people unless they want to be seen. The sunlight burns and destroys them, they have no real protection from it. It is said they can travel between their God's domain and the normal world at will.

Nobody knows what they are doing, they seem to not have any set purpose other than spreading death where ever they go, but not overwhelmingly so, for without life, there is no death, and they don't want that. They are very mysterious, and only fully understood when they are on the hunt for fresh blood.
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Priests of Death Ghidorah/ Undead Domain
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