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 Abysmal Tale Number Fifteen: Black Wind

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PostSubject: Abysmal Tale Number Fifteen: Black Wind   Mon May 24, 2010 12:12 pm

Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen

This is one I like to call Black Wind

The day it came was one nobody can ever forget. From the south for my area. The clouds came like the wings of death. They completely covered the sun in mere minutes. Nobody saw it coming, nobody was prepared. It's the kind of terror that comes when you least expect it. Monsters come on the television and become parodies of themselves in time. This only came once. It was a Wednesday. Nobody saw it coming. I didn't see it coming at all. I was playing my Playstation 3 that day.

The sky when black in minutes. Black as a moonless night with clouds to block out the stars. Nobody understood why, not getting why things are the way they are is part of the terror I suppose. When bad things happen for no reason, it scares people. When the windows went black I took notice, and went outside to check it out. I wasn't alone I guess. Others were out with me. Gazing into the sky. At first we could see nothing in the black. It was solid and unrelenting as as a black painted wall. That didn't last. It never does though right?

That is when the wind came. It was hot and miserable. I felt it, everyone I saw could feel it too. Despite it feeling hot, it chilled everyone to the bone. Something was wrong in a primal sense. Fear came with the wind like a ghost that everyone could see. It was almost funny, but one of them snapped. Fell to the ground screaming. Some girl was pointing up at the blackness, terrified of something that I obviously couldn't see. The others, well they had been entirely too human for my tastes and did not see what was the matter with her.

I decided that I needed to see. This screaming was getting on my nerves and now was not a good time to be testing what little nerves I had left. I walked over, turning my back on the dreadful sky wasn't easy. I was afraid that as soon as i did this something would come out of the black and take me into it. The feeling of being watched wasn't an easy one to shake of by any means. I did it though. She was pretty, you know the type, could have been prom queen, a cheerleader or something of that nature. Here she was, on her knees in a complete mess, screaming nearly to the point of hysteria.

I tried to calm her down, but she kept screaming about some kind of terrible thing in the sky, she swore she saw it. I could not get her to stop the madness no matter what I did. Eventually she stopped screaming, and anything else. She passed away and I never even knew her name despite how long I lived here I would never get to know her. I almost turned around to look up, to see what she saw. Her dead body prompted me to do the opposite. Was there nothing I could do anymore. Now other people began to scream in the same way. People who gazed too long into the dark had been beginning to see something.

I didn't have the courage to look. I didn't want to have it either. I turned and ran back to my house. The chorus of screams from people all around seemed to echo, one by one they started. Some lasted longer than others, but some died out at once. I didn't know what else to do, so I shut my game off, and turned on the tv. The news was in a panic, nobody had any idea what was going on but one thing remained certain, looking up in the sky was the worst thing you could do. There were reports of airplane crashes all over the country, and even of some flights just disappearing all together! Nobody knew what was going on and I sat alone in my house with the screams of the dying coming through my walls as if they were not even there!

The first hour was the same. I reeled in horror for awhile. The news reports were becoming more and more grim, then some channels began to stop broadcasting, worse yet some of the reporters on began to go insane. What ever it was they could see, the camera couldn't see it and for that I think I was somewhat grateful for that. Sometimes I think I could hear something in the sky, screaming faintly, begging me to look to see what it was. I resisted the call. The TV kept me company for that first hour. Soon though, the television challenges reason and believing what you shouldn't becomes easier.

Darkness is creepy. You can see it, but you can't see what lies inside of it and not knowing what is there is creepy. It was about the time I thought this that the power went out. I suppose I shouldn't have thought about it so much but now there I was. Stuck in pitch black with no light anywhere. No sunlight, no natural light from outside, nothing. It was like being in the cave with the lights off, and the howl of the hot wind outside blowing through the unseen cracks in the open windows. With no artificial noise to hide it now all there was.

Time slows down in the dark, it becomes meaningless. I don't know how long I was in the dark. It could have been hours, minutes I just don't know. But the green light from the sky was shocking when it appeared. It showed something new, something terrible in the land. I could see other people looking out their windows now, they seemed to be just as shocked as I was. The land scape was an alien one. Some things could be seen and known, but the ground itself seemed to be moving with something terrible.

I watched some brave soul venture outside. He didn't get too far. The ground swarmed up and over him quickly. He was gone in minutes, somebody shut the door behind him in a hurry. All was silent, but others who saw this were shaking in terror. We were all prisoners it seemed I finally had the courage to gaze into the sky, I could see much larger tendrils writhing in the black of the new sky. Something was alive up there and all of the sudden I was glad I couldn't see it. I did wonder what kind of thing could be so large to live in the sky.

I figured there was nothing more I could do, it was then the television came on on its own, I don't think mine was the only one. Colors and flashes were the name of the game. I couldn't make sense out of any of it. I just turned it back off. Others did not do the same though. I watched as they too tried to make sense out of the flashing colors and lights. They seemed entranced by it, though. It was not long, to my horror that I watched them slowly seem to lose themselves in the lights. Soon entire families were just marching out to their untimely deaths to the squirmy ground outside. I didn't scream for them, I didn't want to bring attention to myself from something I might not have been able to see.

Soon I saw no more people, no more anybody. For hours. Then like it was meant to happen, the green light vanished and the black melted away, replaced by blue sky and bright yellow sunlight was both great to see, but the silence hadn't changed. Most the people were now gone. Even the television was back to normal when I dared to try it. The news people had no explanation. Nobody did. The terror that came so suddenly had gone just the same. Nobody ever knew what it was, not even to this day.
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Abysmal Tale Number Fifteen: Black Wind
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