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 Godzilla Multiverse Refrences...mostly

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PostSubject: Godzilla Multiverse Refrences...mostly   Godzilla Multiverse Refrences...mostly I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 01, 2010 1:07 am

-Earth A (Showa Era): The Alpha Continuity, Godzilla starts off as a villainous monster in 1954, but gradually becomes a protector of the Earth, fighting off various opponents and foiling many alien plots to conquer the Earth. Also includes the heroic Zone Fighter. Godzilla would also adopt a "son", known as Minilla (Minya).

-Earth B (Heisei Era): Godzilla doesn't reappear after 1954 till the 80's, and is once again a considerable threat to humanity. Though he does play more of an "anti-hero" role as things progressed. But sadly, the king of the monsters met his own end, due to over-exposure to radiation. In this reality, Godzilla adopts another "son" in this reality, Godzilla Jr.

-Earth B-x (Super Godzilla): A bizarre offshoot of Earth B, where Godzilla is utilized by G-Force (perhaps utilizing technology similar to that used for the failed Project T experiment) to help thwart an alien invasion. The Monster King had to fight his way through seemingly resurrected/cloned enemies from previous battles, including King Ghidorah, Biollante, and Battra as well as a new MechaGodzilla. What really differentiates this world from Earth B is the presence of the monster known as Bagan, a creature that doesn't seem to appear in ANY other known universe. To combat this new and dangerous foe, a risky gamble was taken, by mixing Godzilla's DNA with that of King Ghidorah to create the incredibly power "Super Godzilla".

-Earth D (Dark Horse): A world where the events of Godzilla's re-emergence happened much differently, this time in conjunction with the discovery of a bizarre "slab"-like object in the heart of Post-War Tokyo. In the world-shattering aftermath, a group calling itself G-Force began to track and study Godzilla, as well as deal with the emergence of other monsters that would soon appear over the years.

-Earth F (Final Wars): A much different world than what is usually seen. A world where the world's armed forces began to react to the growing threat of giant monsters, creating the Earth Defense Force (EDF) to combat these creatures. But the most formidable threat of all was Godzilla, who was seemingly unstoppable despite the EDF's best attempts. In a last ditch move, the EDF managed to bury the Monster King under the Antarctic ice of the South Pole, freezing him.

Unfortunately, years later, an alien invasion forced the EDF to unleash Godzilla against the galactic threat it faced. Godzilla managed to not only turn the tide, but successfully obliterated the invasion force itself. Godzilla once again has an "heir" in the form of Minilla.

-Earth G (MechaGodzilla series): A divergent continuity from the 1954 event, in a world where Japan was increasingly faced with numerous kaiju threats ever since. When a new Godzilla emerges, the Japanese Self-Defense Force has no choice but to use the bones of the original Godzilla, (from 1954) to create a new weapon of their own... MechaGodzilla.

-Earth H (Hanna Barbera Godzilla): A drastically different world, set somewhere in the late 70's/early 80's, where Godzilla (whose origins are never elaborated upon) is somehow befriended by the crew of a scientific research vessel, the Calico; and aided them in various adventures and investigations, mostly involving giant monsters. This reality is very intriguing with the involvement of a creature claimed to be Godzilla's nephew, Godzooky, some kind of winged reptilian creature, suggesting a possible hybrid.

-Earth I (Godzilla Island): A bizarre almost amalgamation of Earths A & B, that takes place in the year 2097, where the world's monsters have been allocated to an unspecified island in the Pacific, seemingly dubbed "Godzilla Island". Events begin to transpire where a female alien, that resembles the Xilians from Earth A, plots to take over the Earth, starting with with the aforementioned island. Godzilla and his fellow kaiju spend the better part of a year, almost, fighting off copies of various other monsters (sent by the Xilians) that mirror those seen in both Earths A and B, though some have different colors altogether.

-Earth M (Godzilla 2000): Another divergent timeline that seems to deviate from the 1954 event, where Godzilla has grown to become more of a "force of nature" than outright menace, to the point where various scientific groups keep tabs on the creature's movements in attempts to predict where he will next appear throughout Japan.

Things become quite shaky when a mysterious (and prehistoric) UFO is discovered deep in ocean, located in the Japan Trench. The UFO reawakens after millions of years of dormancy, and seeks out Godzilla for his DNA. A battle ensues.

-Earth M-2 (Godzilla X Megaguirus): A divergent time line from the '54 event, where the Godzilla of this reality managed to survive well into the new millennium, terrorizing Japan numerous times since for it's use of nuclear energy, which the creature has been shown to feed upon. Growing quite desperate, the JSDF of this world creates a devastatingly powerful weapon to rid themselves of Godzilla once and for all, it is called the Dimension Tide, which fires artificial black holes.

Unfortunately, the first test of this cannon unknowingly opens a hole in time and space, bringing forth an ancient terror from prehistoric times, the Meganula insectoids.

-Earth Q (Godzilla 3-D): A seemingly separate timeline that exists, where Godzilla does battle with a toxic-spawned menace known (currently) as Deathla. (subject to changes) (aka: has YET to be released)

-Earth R (Random House- Ceransini): Yet another world that is created from a (presumed) divergence of the '54 event. Godzilla reappears (in the 90's) after having been presumed dead for more than 40+ years. Soon afterward he makes return engagements, fighting off other (yet strangely familiar) monsters. This world also deals more with the effects of such creatures on a global scale.

-Earth R-2 (Random House- Ciencin): A seemingly different continuity all on it's own with apparently no known connection to the '54 event. In this reality Godzilla displays quite the intellect, and even some human qualities, despite the fact that he is saurian. In this world Godzilla was a Godzillasaurus who, after a LONG hibernation, was the victim of a nocturnal H-Bomb test which it's energy hit the Gorosaurus in the ocean while he was swimming through the ocean. Interestingly enough, this version of Godzilla seems to be less hostile than most, apparently wanting nothing more than companionship than to fight at times.

-Earth X (GMK): A considerably different time line, where Godzilla, decades after the '54 event, re-emerges, this time possessed by the souls who died during the Pacific Conflict of World War 2. A much more malevolent and dark creature than seen in previous time lines. This incarnation seems to desire the complete and utter annihilation of Japan. The only things that stand in it's way of three "Guardian Beasts", awoken from centuries of slumber to protect Japan from Godzilla's wrath.

-Earth Z (Tristar Continuity): A completely different timeline, more of an alternate reality, where a mutated iguana (dubbed Godzilla by this reality) terrorizes New York city, seeking to build it's nest there. The attempt failed, and the creature ended up dying by the military's hands, but not before one of it's hatchlings manages to survive.

This creature, also dubbed Godzilla, grows up to become one of the only lines of defense against an emerging "Age of Monsters", similar mutations seemingly spawned by science gone mad. To add to the problem, an alien threat soon makes it's presence known to this world, and begins what is eventually known as "The Monster Wars".

-Earth 616-G (Marvel Godzilla): A seemingly forgotten part of history within the realm of existance occupied by the Marvel Universe, where a large beast known as Godzilla roamed this world of Superheroes, coming into repeated conflict with the law-enforcement agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law Enforcement Division), as well as other giant monsters. Was last seen fighting some of the premiere "superhero" groups within this universe to a stand-still.

-Lost Universes: Worlds that have seemingly been "lost in the shuffle" through various unexplained reasons. (aka: Unmade Movies)

-Earth K (Godzilla 3-D)(US): Was a seemingly separate universe of it's own, where a giant saurian creature awakens after a nuclear accident resulting from an incident involving a meteorite. Dubbed Godzilla, the creature would've found itself in a world (somewhere in and around the 80's) still caught up in the throws of Cold War tensions. It seems as though this creature too had progeny like many other versions.

-Earth T (Original Tristar Godzilla): A universe where a creature, named Godzilla by Japanese fishermen, was created by aliens (millions of years ago) to protect the Earth from potential threats. And very soon a threat manifests itself in the form of a deadly alien monster dubbed "The Gryphon," a hellish space beast that takes on aspects of creatures it manages to consume.

-Earth Z-2 ('98 Godzilla sequel ideas): A divergent reality from Earth Z, where the lone surviving hatchling from the Godzilla of that universe manages to survive to adulthood, and none too soon as it is brought up against a swarm of insectoid mutants and it's giant matriarch, dubbed the "Queen Bitch". This lone hatchling seemingly succeeds where it's predecessor failed, and soon it's own progeny would overrun the human race.
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Godzilla Multiverse Refrences...mostly
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