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 Priests of Gigan/ Domain of Strategic Battle

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Priests of Gigan/ Domain of Strategic Battle Empty
PostSubject: Priests of Gigan/ Domain of Strategic Battle   Priests of Gigan/ Domain of Strategic Battle I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 08, 2010 6:13 am

The Domain of Gigan is nothing less than a eternal battlefield. All forces having a mission to perform, a line to hold or a charge to make. There are exactly twelve hours of light, and darkness every day with out fail, and the weather conditions are always brutally challenging, and diverse. It can rain for half a day, then snow and even still be wickedly hot. Gigan expects the weather to be a very important part of the battle. Sometimes the ground itself can change just to test the resourcefulness of soldier. The ever changing realm keeps every one alert and stands as a constant reminder that nothing is promised in war. The sky is often a clouded sky, sometimes the sun burns through. the ground is scared with craters of past explosions. Every time the ground changes though, it heals the wounds. It never lasts. The only structure that remains is Gigan's Adamantium fortress. It nearly indestructible by any means.

But sometimes Gigan himself takes in a follower and thrusts him into the battle. Their mission is to live through six months of endless war. If they do this Gigan takes them into his fortress and trains them in the ways of the sword. These people are very dangerous once they return to the real world and few can match their talents. They are even given a special blade from the God as proof of their status. However, this is not the only gift he bestows on his chosen few.

The Priests of Gigan are granted Superhuman Speed, Reflexes, and Accuracy.

1. Prediction: The priests of Gigan can read bodies and know when an enemy is about to strike and act accordingly.

2. Weapons Mastery: They can use many more weapons effectively in combat than the average person offensive and defensively.

3. Tactical Advantage: They'll always be able to see from where they can get the most advantage in any situation as soon as they enter it, they are also really hard to ambush or trap.

4. Call Weapon: The priest can summon their weapon no matter where it is, or any other weapon they could want, and one will appear for them. A priest of Gigan will never be unarmed.

5. Warrior's Blood: Once a day the priest can give an army, or a special few all of their gifts, this is a blessing.

6. Combat Medic: The priest of Gigan will have a great degree of success in mending wounds created during battle on themselves, or others.

Ultimate Spell: Red Slash: Channeling the power of the God through their blade. They can focus the laser attack through it to slice any opponent it touches. This effected blade remains charged with the attack for up to two hours, slicing everything in it's way.

These gifts are not so much magical as they are the results of immense training rituals, so they haven't been recreated unless the priest does the forbidden thing and trains others in the same way he was. The ultimate spell can be recreated, but most of the time the focus isn't held and it destroys the one who tried to attempt it.

These priests are rare, and seen even less as most of them become the leader of crime syndicates, great generals or simple wanderers. Few people has what it takes to even live through the six months of battle, let alone the training by the God himself.
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Priests of Gigan/ Domain of Strategic Battle
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