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 Yasou Mountain Range.

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PostSubject: Yasou Mountain Range.   Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:02 am

The realm of Rhydin seems to be infinite in size. Few people can have claimed to see everything it has to offer. Many things are the subject of legends and stories passed down by travelers and merchants. The Yasou Mountains are one such area. While their existence is widely known, their contents are not. It is believed to be some kind of natural borderline of Rhydin by most people who know of it. What lies beyond is pretty much unknown to nearly everyone. Wise wizards and ancient dragons know secrets of the mountains that men could only barely dream of.

Even the slightest mentioning of one of these secrets have been known to send entire groups of adventurers to their deaths in search of powers beyond imagination. There are a few things that everyone knows about the range. First, is that magic doesn't work here very well. It will work but the results of the spell may be wildly different than intended. Second is that people disappear here easily. The place is filled with chaotic energies that seem to be as old as the realm itself. Several exploration parties have come here, the few that return never come back as they left.

The mountains are home to a great order of monks who are only known as the Silent Ones. They are the official history keepers of the realm, all the secrets, battles and locations are something they keep stored away in their secret places in the Yasou Range.

These Monks are masters of hand to hand combat and most weapon arts, they train their whole lives in the art of something they call seal weaving. They say they are holding something back from coming though, nobody knows what and they are not telling anyone what it is.

There are several towers on the peaks of the mountains. Each one supposedly holds the soul of a God, or some other great secret that is said to hold great secrets of Rhydin that nobody was ever meant to know completely, and to know them means to invite death. Nobody knows how many towers there are in total.

What lay beyond the mountain range, none can really say. The few who have seen it refuse to sleep at night, they fear anything that moves unseen in the dark and see everything differently. Most commit suicide, and those who don't die of fright usually at some mundane thing, they all develop a terrible fear of magic as well. Nobody knows why, and they won't speak of the things they've seen.

Villages do lie at the base of the mountains. They are simple and happy places. But sometimes these places come under attack by the weird and mysterious terrors that live in the mountains. These people call upon the Monks for assistance against these horrors that creep down from the side of the mountain to protect them.

The mountains are capped with snow year round and from a distance they do look very impressive. When the sun hits them they appear to be made out of pure gold with silver tops. Sometimes these are called the Golden Mountains. They are often seen as the absolute end of the realm. Few people are willing to go to them, and even less are willing to attempt to cross over them.

Despite their near invincible wall of stone, there do exist ancient maps that detail passages through the mountains to unknown destinations that are not marked. These maps are in the possession very rich noble families and only three are known to exist, one of them is known show many hidden locations in the mountains that lead to massive troves of forgotten treasures, and terrible things that would be better off left alone.
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Yasou Mountain Range.
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