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 Abysmal Tale Number Sixteen: Night Terror

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PostSubject: Abysmal Tale Number Sixteen: Night Terror   Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:24 am

Night Terror

The difference between the darkness and the night is simple. The night is mysterious, but natural and expected. It begins and it ends like everything else that's natural in the world and everyone accepts it. The darkness is different. It exists in the brightest light, it hides in everything and exists everywhere all the time. It is eternal. Sometimes it takes forms, living and the monstrous both. It infests the mind constantly with these forms and they are many. Captured best by movies, books and video games. The modern version of the myth and it has lost most of it's power.

One, though remains just as powerful as ever. The mysterious thing known as the night terror. Now, most people have a general idea of what these things supposedly are. Illusions of things that come out of the dark, fears come to life. Not just any fear, but the worst ones that live with the victims themselves. The things they don't tell their friends, the ones they don't tell anyone but suffer nearly every night. This isn't the truth though. Is it ever really that simple after all? No. It isn't. Here is my story.

It begins on a icy cold November night. I don't remember exactly what day now, but I do remember the events. I was at a party with my friends. It was one of those kinds of parties where you didn't exactly want to be found out by anyone you didn't know. You know what I mean. But it started out with a stupid little occult item. It was like an Ouija Board, but some how it was different, I couldn't tell you how exactly besides the fact it was black and to me, it just felt wrong, but at the time I was with friends, and far be it from me to be the one to chicken out on anything that might be something better off left alone. There were eight of us there, the guy who brought it with him, I kinda knew, but not too well. His name was Evan, he was tall. That's as much as I knew but he was a friend of a friend who's house was empty for the weekend, so none of us complained or said too much about it. We were bored and the night was barely half way through.

The board was brought up and placed on the table. "Who wants to go first?" I hate that question so much. Nobody seems to understand the terrible implications that question can represent, not even me at the time. Luckily for me, I was dumb enough to answer. I moved to the board and sat down in front of it. He told me to put my hands on it, and my future would be revealed! Wonderful, the future, the one thing I was pretty sure was going to regret. I placed my hands on the black board with the green letters. It was cold to the touch. An ancient and dreadful kind of cold that just ate at me, ate is the only word I can think of to describe what the feeling was like. Time seemed to stop, although it didn't I tore my hands away. Ten minutes passed in the space of just a few seconds. Nothing was revealed to me, but everyone was just looking at me like I was crazy. Then they wanted to give it a shot.

The night's events after the board involved heavy drinking and eventually we all passed out sometime before the sun came up. The board was just an oddity of the night that was soon forgotten.

I awoke to the sun, the first one to rise, it was noon, close to noon, somewhere around there anyways. That board was gone, and everything seemed normal. Everything besides the red knight in the corner slowly marching towards me. I thought I was seeing things, it was completely insane. I was dreaming, I had to be. I sat up immediately and rubbed my eyes, still the same result, it was still there. I turned to wake up another one of my friends. She turned over and her face was gone, a bloody skull was grinning at me. No eyes. Just a grinning skull. "Oh, everything is just fine. Just fine." That is when I woke up, to the exact same scene. The sun, everyone asleep. No knight though. For the small things I was thankful for. I didn't dare try to wake anyone up this time around.

Everybody woke up soon after I did, but nobody was in a talkative mood, actually everyone was eager to get out, go home and forget last night ever happened. I was among them who just wanted to go home, and I did.

Life got worse after that night. I felt a fear come over me after the sun went down. I could feel something watching me, from the spot just behind my head it felt like something was always looking over my shoulder. Watching everything I did, knowing everything did. I never saw anything because when I turned to look, there was nothing. The bedroom was once my personal safe haven, but now it seemed more like a prison cell, no, a tomb is more accurate. The walls seemed to ripple in the corner of my eyes. In the dark, well I don't know. I was too afraid to shut the light off for some reason.

The first week wasn't so bad. Once and awhile I would see a plate roll across the ceiling on it's edge, melting into the ceiling. It was the worst when it laughed, that hideous laugh. I had to do my best to ignore it when somebody was in the same room with me when it happened. The first time I mentioned it, they thought I was going insane. That was the last time I mentioned any of my issues to anyone.

I wondered how the others were doing, if they were ok. I didn't hear from any of them in a week. I felt isolated inside my own mind. Showers were the worst during the first week. Sometimes the water would simply turn to hot blood for brief moments in time. The first time it happened I jumped out of the shower, nearly breaking my own legs in the process. Of course. No blood to be found anywhere. I felt like an idiot. Now I am surprised if it doesn't happen once and awhile, but in the torments I now face from the spirits of the night, it's a cake walk.

The others didn't fare as well as I did. There were eight of us. By the end of the first week, half wouldn't leave their houses, the other four of us were reluctant to mention anything was wrong.

It was then I decided that bloody showers and laughing plates were enough to drive anyone insane after awhile. I decided to do some research before I actually lost it completely. I decided to start at the beginning, the party house. Fighting the wind, the snow and the occasional screaming and flying snake that tried to tear my head off. I made it there. I had to walk. I figured driving would have been an invitation for death. The house was as I remembered it, exactly. Nothing changed. Nothing changed besides the swinging body. Evan hanged himself and had been here for quite sometime.It was gross but I didn't know if it was real or not. Oh curse my version of reality these days. I convinced myself that it was real, then I felt sad.

I found the board and inspected it. Didn't find anything from before that was different. It seemed useless. I kicked the thing and slammed into the wall. I was out of luck. I used the home phone to call the police. I dialed 911, but I didnt dare try to talk into the phone, who knew what kind of cryptic messages of screaming and pain like last time I picked up the phone. I don't use them much anymore.

The suicide shocked the little town. Nobody could figure it out. The blood message on the wall behind him made no sense either. Thing is, there was no message when I was there. "The night is alive" Is all it said. Like I said. It made no sense to anyone, but the seven of us. We knew, or thought we knew what it meant. It scared us.

The night was alive, but not all of it was as it seemed. We got together and tried to talk the situation out. We all agreed it had something to do with the mystery board, that was about all we agreed on. Strangely, nothing weird happened when we were all together. We talked about the screaming and the red knights, laughing dishes. But it was Mel who seemed the worst. She refused to talk, at all. Just rocked back and forth. Hands across her chest and terrified. We tried to get through to her, nothing worked. We left her alone.

Soon there were only six of us left. Mel was found, in her room. She had cut her own fingers off and tried to eat them. She was dead. Still, nobody knew what had happened or why. But the numbers were shrinking and it was all still a mystery. I didn't know who was next but it was going in the order from the last person to touch the board. Evan touched it last, Mel was just before him. Both dead. I went first, at this rate I would be the last to bite it.

Oh I didn't like this at all, none of us did. But the nights were actually coming to life for me. I remember the shadows, and how they moved, danced and swayed in the dark. I figured that it was just the usual things I was seeing. But the cold was something more serious was hiding just behind the dark. I didn't sleep anymore it seemed like. It was almost as if I forgot how to sleep. The days and the nights were simlar, the same. Always dark like in the middle of midnight all the time despite how the sun would shine constantly. The wind was always cold. I hated it. I couldn't get warm. I couldn't eat. The food was the worst. Every chance the terror got it would make me see things I didn't want to describe, I wasn't hungry anymore after that.

Soon there were only five. Jeff was killed, I say killed because nobody kills themselves like this, he impaled himself with nails, using a nail gun. There were at least fifty nails in each arm and leg. He ended up bleeding to death with a look of horror on his face. Something had to be done about this and a town meeting was held. I attended it.

I had to do something. It was insane, but I had to do something. I stoop up and marched to the front of the room. Then I told my story. Who was involved and the things we were seeing, I was seeing. And nothing made sense to them. They told me to get off stage, nobody believed me. Can you believe that. I told them who was next. I told them everything and they didn't believe me.

Four of them decided to spend the night together. To protect one another from their fears. I don't know what happened that night. I wasn't there. It was the last time I saw any of them alive again. It was like somebody put them in a blender and turned it on. Everyone I said who was next, died. They ended up tearing one another to pieces with their bare hands. I can't bare to write it down anymore. It's so hard.

Now I sit alone. The paper bleeds into the desk, I know it isn't really working like this. I can barely write. You see now? If somebody ever asks you to go first, say no. Nobody will ever figure this out. I didn't, we couldn't. Maybe you can.

Finally. I can go to sleep, the mystery is over for me.


This note was found in a blood filled room. No body was ever found.
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Abysmal Tale Number Sixteen: Night Terror
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