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 Mothra's priests and the Domain of Light

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Mothra's priests and the Domain of Light Empty
PostSubject: Mothra's priests and the Domain of Light   Mothra's priests and the Domain of Light I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 31, 2010 8:05 am

The Domain of Mothra is a perfect world of light. What many consider to be a perfect form of heaven is home to only Mothra and her guardians. She allows people to visit as long as they wish. Its calm, always light but never blinding. The air is cleaner here then anywhere else, and all wounds heal faster and all sicknesses are cured quickly. The place always has a gentle breeze and it smells like flowers. It's a nice place to live. In the center of it all is a Crystal Palace where Mothra lives and spends her time keep a close watch on the world of the mortals.

Mothra's priests are taught here within the walls of the palace for three years in the arts of healing and white holy powers. If they fail more then three times, they are denied full priesthood status, but are allowed to use the skills they have learned to help people. They can try again for full priesthood status in a year's time.

The Priests of Mothra are granted Natural protection from the undead. Immunity to Poisons, Calming Aura and a High Healing Factor.

1. Magic Reflection: The priest can create a shield to deflect harmful magic and energy attacks back at their caster

2: Heal: The priest can heal the sick and the broken easily

3: Detect Evil: The priests of Mothra can detect evil no matter where it is, or what form it takes. It makes it impossible to lie to a Priest.

4: Night Banish: The priest of Mothra can banish the night in a 80 foot radius for eight hours, anywhere. In a cave, building, anywhere. Once a day. This is like the daylight and effects the undead and dark dwellers accordingly.

5. Concussion Beam: One of their few offensive weapons. It hits with the force of a battering ram, knocking most targets down and out, but it doesn't cause lethal damage.

6. Golden Mist: The Priests of Mothra can create a very potent mist to mimic their Goddess's strongest weapon of the poisonous yellow dust. This mist will make any offender who breathes it, or touches it, very sick.

Ultimate Spell: Entanglement. This spell creates a deadly acidic web to descend upon entire armies from the sky. This spell is dangerous to cast, misuse of it's power makes you subject to the power as well. This spell kills the good and the bad alike. Many people have tried to learn this spell, they are killed if they figure it out, as its a misuse of the power.

These gifts are meant to help everyone who might need them and may not deserve their power. But that's what the Goddess is all about. Helping those in need, who deserve it the least.

These priests are common throughout the land, and are welcomed everywhere they go pretty much. They are a welcome sight in any situation.
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Mothra's priests and the Domain of Light
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