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 King Ghidorah, Lord of Terror

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PostSubject: King Ghidorah, Lord of Terror   King Ghidorah, Lord of Terror I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 29, 2011 8:03 am

There is life and death beyond the realm of the earth. The most intelligent life throughout the universe has experienced destruction at the hands of the one with many names. It has three terrible heads and each one only seems to have one goal in mind. To destroy and crush everything that is. It's name to most sends a sense of terror down their spines. He is King Ghidorah. For untold centuries he traveled the stars, murdering planets as he went. The three headed monster was all but unstoppable though.

It's legacy of destruction and fear was for the first time, broken. The monster had come to Earth. It was a nice little planet. Blue from a far and seriously out of place. The monster scanned the other planets and they seemed only to be specters of chaos and death. It didn't need to go to these places, but Earth was a shimmering blue planet, and as he scanned it he could feel a strange power coming from it. It almost resembled his own! Such a thing was never possible before, and it wasn't about to start now. The monster knew they would never see something like him coming to their happy little planet. King Ghidorah wanted to play a trick upon the people of the Earth.

One of the beast's many powers was transformation into pure energy. He changed himself into cosmic flames and poured his essence into a nearby meteor and directed it towards the blue planet. It wasn't long before the whole world was aware that something wrong the day after the meteor hit and the world didn't feel any of the effects. Ghidorah spent some time scanning the planet, waiting for the level of fear to peak, but it never did. Not the way he had intended it too. Decided that the time for games was over, he focused himself and exploded out into the sky of the planet for a short time as a chaotic ball of flame, but he took his shape into the monster he was meant to be.

The destruction was to begin as it had countless times before, the little beings run, they shot back and it was useless to do as expected. Their weapons bounced off his golden scaly skin. He humored them for a short time, then he struck back with the golden beams of death that completely destroyed the first city he came across in less then an hour. Still though. The death only made the people of the earth filled with sorrow, and surprisingly anger. The King of Terror was beginning to get frustrated and continued his attack, again, and again with the same results.

It wasn't long though, before the monster would find out just why the people of the earth wouldn't be scared of him. The monster known to the world as Mothra appeared in her Larval form before the monster. It was a pathetic attempt. Was this this the champion of the earth that caused their levels of fear to be so low? He would show them the error of their ways with one blast at this worm looking thing. One gravity blast was enough to send it flying high into the air and away from the field of battle. That one strike did more to scare the people of earth then all the destruction combined. This victim would be one of his greatest victories of all time. He'd never truly had a real fight before though. This would he fun, or he thought it would be.

The scream of fury came and then the three headed monster knew at once that this worm was not to he his greatest challenge. The beast was Godzilla and for a moment Ghidorah was in awe, the thing was nearly as big as he was and this had to be the source of power he felt from so far away, now it was overwhelming almost. Then from the sky came a winged beast that seemed to cackle at him. It was the first time he'd seen Rodan. The four beasts gathered, and they soon began their battle. The entire world watched as everything hung in the balance.

It shook the world with its violence and it lasted for hours. For awhile it was impossible to know who would win the battle. Eventually though the forces that at this time decided to protect the earth overcame the invasion from the stars. Ghidorah, for the first time in history was repelled back into space.

The terror would return for revenge on the monsters but each time was driven away into the blackness of space, other worlds would not be so lucky though. Sometimes Ghidorah would sometimes be forced to use war like races to attack the planet, even this did not work for the once unstoppable destroyer of worlds. Eventually though, the Age of monsters came to an end for the planet earth, Ghidorah and the other space demons lost interest in directly attacking such a defended world.

The human race grew complacent, and with it came the discovery of the ancient powers of magic. The war broke out in the world and everything changed. Ghidorah, in the deep abyss of space was changed too. His hate towards the earth and its defender gave him a connection to the planet. The ambient forces of magic misused flooded his body completely. It transformed him into the God of the thing he enjoyed most. The God of Terror. With his new found powers he intended to destroy the planet once and for all, but when he came to it. He had a new rage when he sensed that the other monsters had the same thing happen to them.

The age of the New Gods now had a champion of the darkness.


Height: 450 ft tall

Weight: 80,000 Tons.

King Ghidorah is the living embodiment of Terror. When he was transformed into a God he created a new kind of magic all on its own. This is the one feeling that unites all living things on every level, the power over fear takes all with no mercy or knowing no boundaries at all. His powers are based in terror. They are as follows.

Eternal Terror: Ghidorah's very presence will fill all living things with a sense of overwhelming deeper then the threat of death could ever do. Ghidorah can suppress this power to any level he wishes for various reasons. At full intensity, only the strongest can hope to resist this feeling of Terror.

Gravity Beams: Ghidorah's main weapon is among the most powerful of all the Gods. It's power is not in electric appearance. It is the manipulation of gravity. The beams can do one of two things. Their first function is to increase the gravity up to six hundred times and things are completely crushed under their own weight upon impact, everything around them is crushed in a two hundred foot radius with each beam attack. Their second function is the opposite. It disrupts gravity to the point of canceling it out completely. This causes massive destruction in an instant in a two hundred foot radius with each beam attack. Ghidorah can use this attack up to nine times every day at full power, anymore then this and it weakens.

Fearsome Blast: Ghidorah can combine all three of his beams into one super concentrated blast. It is very similar to the individual attacks. This attack can wipe out just about anything that comes against it. It's charged with pure terror. Any thing that lives through such an attack is forever haunted by the grip of fear. Gods are even subject to this terror for up to a month! The blast itself can be sustained for up to a full minute against any target. But if this attack fails or misses, the King of Terror is powerless for up to a week after.

Empathy Life: The King of Terror is always aware of the feelings of any who are near him. More so, he gains power from his strength the fear of the beings around him. No matter how well hidden it might be, he can always sense it and when it changes. The more afraid his enemy or followers, the stronger he can become. The more courage one gets, the less the King has to draw upon and loses strength. Although it sounds easy, Ghidorah knows how to make people afraid of him and his followers. Ghidorah gains power from all fear from all things making his power nearly infinite.

Ghidorah's Strength, Endurance, and intimidation levels are at the supernatural level, all people are afraid of him on various levels, even the ones who follow him are afraid. This beast can exist nearly anywhere for as long as he wants.

Ghidorah's realm: This terrible place is nothing but darkness as far as you can see, no structures can be seen. Anyone can come here if they find a portal to this place. However this place has every potential to turn your worse fears into a deadly reality. Few people ever make it out of this place alive. Those who come back seldom ever want to talk about it, and are always afraid of the dark after wards.

Personality: Ghidorah is evil. If there is a devil, he'd be it. Often he likes to scare people into making bad choices, lies and will do and say anything to get people to act with out thinking. He encourages war for the simple act of causing fear in populations, he will instruct his worshipers to spread rumors of attacks that never come just to make people afraid and spread chaos. He doesn't hesitate to personally attack cities that are supposed to be protected by other gods with no warning. His rage is constantly tempered with fear, when he attacks, he always attacks the weaknesses to cause despair with the least amount of effort.

Worshipers: Ghidorah as many worshipers, and the number is growing. The cult is easy to join and promises many things, sometimes it delivers on the promise, sometimes it doesn't. The cult demands people to pay attention to them where ever they go. Their bright golden colors make them hard to ignore. They seldom pray to their god out of fear he might actually show up.

His order of followers are nearly always near large cities and around people. They are never shy and always seem to have two objectives, recruit new people and threaten people who seem to be easy targets. The people in the cult are usually involved in betrayal and manipulation of others and playing two sides against the middle. They almost always have more then three agendas at the same time.

The Priests of the Order are not many, but they are powerful, and cause much terror where ever they go. They are more then willing to publicly order deaths of anyone who might have displeased them, few are willing to stand up to them besides the priests of the other orders. They can be violent and nearly always untrustworthy in their actions. Their powers mimic their God to an extent, like most of the priests of every other order does, yet the more afraid people are, the stronger their powers become.

These powers are usually used for the forces evil, but against both good and evil orders alike. The Priests of Ghidorah keep both sides of the spectrum afraid of it by being with out mercy. If a Priest of the order is killed in combat, or more likely assassination the God is instantly aware of the act, but he seldom cares about it. Everyone to him is expendable, he'll just have the priest replaced with someone else. But if the Priest was very good at what he did and was loyal for many years. Ghidorah will seek revenge on those who did the damage with out mercy. So if one can last a long time in this spot of power, you will be avenged.

This order has big issues with all of the forces of good equally, but it hates Godzilla's order most of all. Due to Ghidorah's natural hate towards the King of the Gods. Even though it is a neutral order this one will attack any member they see nearly instantly if they can, or create fights between other factions that may not like the order.

In times of great distress for the forces of evil, during a purge or times of weakness, Ghidorah's order takes its place as one of the more powerful forces of the faction and acts as a leader to fight back, but usually only as a last resort. Other wise it just likes to feed off of the terror from all sides and bask in what it likes the most. But when they do come out to fight in force, they are fond of weapons that are massively powerful, but not very accurate. Flails and other unwieldy looking weapons that look worse then they actually are, but they can cause massive damage too with each strike. They are also fond of ranged weapons too, to attack and kill from a distance is a great way to induce terror in anyone who doesn't see it coming.

If they have an ally of any kind it would be Gigan's order. The two understand the need to keep fear alive and often work together to create this terror with various kinds of weapons and plans. The two are still cold to each other though, and are hardly qualified to be friends at all. But when a plan comes together to create massive amounts of terror and destruction, you can bet these two orders are involved.

Temple: Ghidorah has one major temple, from a distance it looks like a major golden temple. But it is largely abandoned most of the time. It is a place of many curious and terrifying sights that once seen, can never be unseen. The cult always keeps the highest level of the priest here. But the priest is free to leave when ever they want to. To talk to this priest something must be given up, and nothing might be given in return. This temple has its own aura of fear. It is defended by Golems made of various metals. It is very effective and the Golems will kill anyone who attempts to attack the temple relentlessly. Inside the temple the laws of gravity are random. Death can occur to anyone, instantly who isn't part of the order, the fear of being crushed or lifted up and dropped is always apparent to anyone who is inside. There are portals to Ghidorah's realm here open constantly. Ghidorah's golden armor is here for any to see, as is his book of fear, it's said to contain every terror inducing spell ever made or will be made.

Afterlife: People who die in Ghidorah's services are only promised an after life of fear. They are told they will be the wardens of all after life and punish and torment all the others who die who opposed them in life. The truth is the souls of the dead themselves are placed in Ghidorah's realm of fear, trapped forever in an eternal state of terror that only fuels their god until their soul is completely spent of all its power.

Future: Ghidorah is Destined to be consumed by his own fear he creates eventually. Its said that eventually he'll do something to turn even the most vile forces of the Gods against him and all of his power will be stolen from him as it will be replaced by anger. But Ghidorah believes that this can never happen because he is always planning one side against another more the enough to keep everyone guessing and never knowing what is really going on. Not to mention he believes that he is powerful enough to take on all who might want to oppose him.
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King Ghidorah, Lord of Terror
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