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 Domain of Terror/ King Ghidorah's Priests

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Domain of Terror/ King Ghidorah's Priests Empty
PostSubject: Domain of Terror/ King Ghidorah's Priests   Domain of Terror/ King Ghidorah's Priests I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 05, 2011 8:54 am

The Domain of Terror is a perfectly black space that goes on forever and ever. People can enter it and instantly be lost. They can't see the solid surface they are walking on, or any possible hazards that might be just in their way. The realm would be boring but sometimes people will just fall through the black, never to be seen again. The realm is pure black, but it doesn't make other people hard to see. The portal is easily accessed until one step is taken from it, then the portal will move away until it is but a small barely a glimmer on the distant horizon. The place seems to have no end, no life or movement. But the farther anyone moves into the black, the more things they start to see and hear, terrifying things from their past and things they might have heard about. This realm will bring fear to life and give it physical form. This thing, what ever it might be is always dangerous, and it chases it's victim down. The thing about this is only the intended person can see their monster, or be harmed by it. Watching people get torn to shreds by an invisible force is a all to common story from this place.

There is little to actually see here in the Domain of Terror. Although Ghidorah has a palace here, you need to be invited to see or find it. It is a nameless castle. Here the priests of the order are subjected to psychological tortures of all kinds just to see if they are ready to begin their training. Other guests are brought here for special reasons only the God knows, and they leave just the same way. If they tell anyone why they were there, they are instantly transported to some distant corner of the Domain of terror to die alone.

The priests get their powers only after extreme torture and training in the nameless castle. If they live through the training they are sent back to the physical world. If they don't, they never leave and they die terrible deaths in the realm, never to be seen again, there are no second chances with this training.

The priests of King Ghidorah are granted immunity to the fear auras of other gods, a natural fear aura of their own and increased magical energies.

1. Delusions: The priest can cast a spell over a mid sized town or a isolated area to create paranoia. This paranoia builds constantly until there is wide spread riots and chaos everywhere. The spell can be broken at anytime by the priest or if reason wins out against the rising fear.

2. Golden Scale: The Priest can turn skin into golden scales that mimic their Gods for an increased magical and physical defense boost, when the spell wears off all wounds are healed that were inflicted before and after the spell took hold.

3. Terror Strength: The priest can cast upon themselves or an entire group the ability to gain supernatural strength by absorbing the fear of their enemies, the opposite is also true, if the enemy is not afraid they get weaker.

4. Gravity manipulation: With this spell the Priest can use the powerful force of gravity to use against the enemy, or themselves to create the illusion of flight. The spell lasts for three hours at a time and is very destructive against structures and people. It uses up to ten times the force of gravity to compress or repel objects.

5: Confusion: This spell can be used against anyone, it makes everything harder to understand and not make sense at its best, and its most direct it can make allies attack one another because they don't know who the enemy is anymore. It makes for a perfect escape spell in tight situations.

6. Gravity Beam: This spell mimics their God's main weapon and form of attack, two yellow beams from the hands, one from the mouth. The tri point attack is very destructive. It is a mix between electrical and gravitational forces.

Ultimate spell: Gravity Storm: This spell covers the area of entire armies. Yellow gravity bolts come from the sky like lightening and the gravity becomes so intense that anything in the area is nearly crushed to to death. This spell will kill the caster as well and anyone who gets to close, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes Ghidorah refuses to send the power for what ever reason. This spell is rarely ever used in battle, but the idea of it is terrifying enough to make most people think twice before going against the god's order.

These powers usually are no good for anyone who might encounter them. This God has made it clear that nobody, not even his followers are immune to their effects.

These priests are common, but never trusted anywhere they go unless it is a place where the dark ones are worshiped already. When ever people see them coming, the last thing they want is their attention for any reason, and most people just hope they leave in peace, and leave the place intact. Other priests are usually around to keep them in check, but when there is nobody else around to keep the balance is when the misery usually starts.
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Domain of Terror/ King Ghidorah's Priests
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