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 The Killing Fields

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The Killing Fields.

After the great change took the planet, no part was unaffected. The Great Plains of America was transformed into what is now known as the Killing Fields. Its a terrible place to be filled with abandoned towns and roving bands barbarians trying to live the best they can. The fields stretch for what might as well be an unlimited amount of space for the average person. The interior plains is what the used to be called and they stretched into the wastelands of the north all the way through to the burned earth of the south, they extend to the border of the Rolling Mountains to the east and the Saw blade Mountains to the west. The natural borders are formed, the human borders have crumbled. The fields are filled with ruins of old towns, cities and the ravages of magical destruction. These lands are a place of haunted memories and legends that are more likely real then made up. If anyone wishes to travel across the great land for any reason, they have no choice to cross this dangerous place. It is called the Killing fields because it is a no mans land that few ever return from The bones of many can be found here.

The Fields are also known for their undead hordes. Most of the dead buried here, through dark and little understood magics returned to life, every night they roam the lands of death seeking their next meal and victims. Nobody knows why this happened, all people know that to be out after dark in the killing fields is a good way to die. As soon as the sun returns they are banished for a time and only the horrors of the day pose a threat, and the elements themselves. The fields are known for their violent storms and drastic weather changes. To travel in the Fields means you must be prepared for anything that might come your way.

No one God dwells here as a home. Despite the number of the undead that walk the place, Death Ghidorah seldom visits here at all. The Gimantis, as they are called by the people who are unfortunate enough to see them, swarm here from time to time. These are voracious eaters that sometimes resort to eating one another. They are the top of the food chain here and there is no natural predators that seem to be a threat to them. The Gimantis are massive insects, mantis in form, that are not Gods. The magic did not change them greatly enough. They are not intelligent like the Gods are , but they are cunning hunters and their color can blend in with the natural surroundings of the Fields. These monsters can fly faster then they walk, they always swarm in from the west and when they leave they always head in the same direction. Nobody knows where they come from or where they go but nobody has been willing to find out either.

There are many places in the Fields that people have wanted to explore for along time. But getting there and back seems to be a problem. There are many minor settlements on the outer edges of the Fields, last chance supply stores that are extremely expensive and usually sell second rate items. They send scavengers into the Fields, these people get paid for any items they might find off of dead explorers, some items are brought to these stores many times before they are finally broken forever. The scavengers are more then willing to kill others who are on their way back with a find to claim the money as their own. The business has no rules or regulations on how its done, nobody cares either as long as the supplies keep coming in.

One place that people know of is simply called The Grave Pit. It is a graveyard that appears to be in the middle of nowhere. Many people have seen it and lived to tell about it, anyone who goes inside of it, however is doomed to die. It is guarded by a simple broken fence with a gate that never seems to close all the way. This is the one place the undead can roam free night and day. Nobody understands it why. In the center of the place is a statue of what looks to be a black angel holding a golden sword that always seems to sparkle in any kind of light. They say in the light of the moon it appears to burn endlessly. None have ever obtained the blade, any who try seem to get instantly swarmed by bloodthirsty spirits, then the blade is returned to its spot. Some say it is waiting for the right person to come get it, others say it is nothing more then a clever trap set up by the undead to increase their ranks one at a time. There is nothing special here besides the various loot scattered on the grounds just beyond the fence. The undead can't cross the fence line during the day, but at night they are able to go as they please. Everyone knows where it is and it takes a full day to get there, meaning you will not escape the night if you go one way or another. It a wasted trip, but people still go there to see if they might be the one to obtain the blade, none have returned with it.

The Roaming Hospital is one of the better things on the Fields. Although it is but a legend to most, people have claimed to have been there. It is a building that seems to appear in the distance just before sunset, a great church of unknown origins or beliefs. It is not of the Gods the people know today, it is of the old ways. One can enter this place, if they are injured there might be a kindly woman there to attend you, if you just need a place to sleep their might be nobody else there. It is protected from the undead and all sorts of nasty things. It provides a meal as well. Once you sleep and wake up though, you'll supposedly find yourself back where ever you call home, far away from where you were. Of course its just a legend but many people report this strange occurrence happening to them.

Lords of the Field.

There is not a single ruling class on the fields, just many small gangs of outcasts and barbarians trying to live day to day. But, if there was one tribe that could claim the most power in the field, they would be the Lords. They are very powerful and number in the thousands but are loosely connected. They claim the protection of no god, they only seek to live on their own strength alone. They are not a violent people and they believe that unity is strength. This is what keeps their numbers strong. The other smaller groups of the field are with out mercy and take what ever they want. The Lords have a strict code of honor to never attack those who are weaker and destroy those who would. They are the only so called superpower of the region, but this also makes them a common enemy of all the others not in the tribe. Usually the chaos of the region keeps an odd balance.

They have no one leader, instead twice a year the leaders of the the three largest settlements gather at a secret place known only as the Altar of Man. It is a place that celebrates the power of humanity, and holds no image of any God, but just the names engraved in stone of fallen leaders of the past who died in battle protecting the code they follow. They make supply routes and battle plans, the keep track invasions by other tribes. This place is always guarded by the natural forces of the Fields during the night and in the day time the place only looks like an ordinary outcropping of rocks that people would have no true reason to investigate the place. Many places like this turn out to be traps so people who see them don't come near them anyways.

Many travelers have been saved by the Lords, they are responsible for many lives saved and they collect all the information they learn about it. Nobody knows more about the Killing fields then they do. While they are usually peaceful people, they have a vicious streak when it comes to defending themselves. They rely on their own power and fight with any and all weapons, ranged and hand to hand combat. On equal terms they usually have the upper edge, but they seldom do the attacking unless another group has been marked for destruction. The Lords of the Fields are the only tribe you can count on in the fields, all others are hostile to anyone they meet.

The Dark Mists

In the deep southern places of the Killing Fields a black mist rises from the ground constantly. Nobody knows where it comes from or why it's there. Many people have tried to explore it only to never return from the depths. The mists themselves are not dangerous, but what ever lies with them is extremely dangerous. Some people think it is a god that yet remains undiscovered, some people think that this place is simply cursed. Many stories abound about it, nobody knows what is, or isn't true. The only known truth about this place is that it is deadly and most people never come out of it. The outer edges of the mists are usually littered with bones. The mists cover at least an area of three hundred miles and extend all the way out to the shores of the southern gulf. The ground is covered in oil, sometimes there seems to be massive lakes of the stuff that bubble silently, nothing lives in this hellish place for long, but the truth of the matter is there is a god that dwells here and his name is Hedorah. Many people are convinced this is one of his favorites spots on the planet. The people are right, but the God himself is doing everything he can to prove otherwise. In this horrid place there is a great darkness being created here, a secret project that will someday threaten the entire world. There is nothing of true use here besides corrosion and death.

The Ice Bound Forest.

In the extreme northern part of the fields there likes an eternal forest in the terrible grip of the ice and the snow. It is always below freezing here and nobody really knows how it got this way. The place is a death trap for anyone who would come here, but the lure is attractive. The forest is rumored to be home to one of the largest gold mines of the past. Untold wealth for the one who can bring the gold out and back to civilization. What isn't well known though that the ice forest is the southern most limit of the dreaded God known as Gezora. It's terrible powers over the cold and the ice keep this place frozen eternally. The God doesn't come here often, but the influence he has over the area is absolute, no one dares challenge it, or really has a reason too. The environment kills the people that come here well enough on it's own. Nothing can live here for long. The place is massive and extends north until it reaches the the true wastelands of ice. The undead here are usually winter spirits such as Wendigo and Cyrhak. If the cold doesn't kill you, these will.

The Western Borderlands.

These are the edge of fields on the west side. This is a arid, and terrible place. The mountains mark the end, but this and most of the mountains are claimed by the god Baragon, and his cult or insane followers call this place home for the most part. Water is worth more then gold here and people know it, they will use this to get people to pay nearly anything for it. There is only one ruined town out here, the Border, it's called. Filled with desert people, scavengers and the occasional priest now and again. Most roads near the edge lead here, but the roads are usually patrolled by bandits and killers looking for easy marks, so while they are a sure way to get out of the fields, they are also the easiest way to get killed too in the the middle of the night. This place is completely lawless, those who control the most water have the most power, its the way it is, and has always been since the change. This place is the end of a long hard journey, or the beginning of one depending on where you came from. Some people come here looking to strike it rich, most people are trying to escape and are desperate enough to risk the Fields in order to do so. The Undead do not come into town because it is not in the Fields, but less then a half a mile out they roam freely. Some people say that every year though the undead seem to be getting closer to town, but this is just a rumor.

The Killing Fields have many broken roads that criss cross the entire area. Some are well traveled and mostly complete, others are too broken beyond repair. Sometimes you may see a priest of Rodan wandering these roads, but if you do, you should be nice to the figure because it may just be the God himself testing you. For he likes travelers and this region sees it's fair share of them. Even though they claim to have no God's protection. The Lords of the Fields have caught the attention and favor of Titanosaurus, but knowing how they would react to this he keeps it a secret, even from the other Gods who might reveal this. But sometimes he takes human form and competes in their games they hold twice a year. He admires their dedication to their own strength, and respects them for not wanting the help of any God, but should the need ever arise when some Dark lord appears to unleash his evil, Titanosaurus will be there at their side in an instant.

Generally, the Killing fields has more bad then it does good, but it is so massive that nobody truly knows just all of what is out there to see, very few people have truly wanted to explore and map it out, but that won't stop them from trying. Until that day, most of the Killing Fields will remain a deadly mystery.
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The Killing Fields
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