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 Titanosaurus, God of Strength

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PostSubject: Titanosaurus, God of Strength   Titanosaurus, God of Strength I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 21, 2011 8:37 am

Titanosaurus, God of Strength

There is weakness, and there is strength in this new world of men and Gods. Some prey on the weakness of others. Some rule because they are strongest, and some only protect the weakness of the others. Strength is one of the most important aspect in the world and though sometimes the weak protect the strong, most the time people need to stand on their own. But those who live by strength alone all know the power of the God known as Titanosaurus. This god has a hidden history in the world. It has ignored the weakness of humans in its mortal past and chose to avoid them. Even then the beast had a powerful sense of honor. It would not attack those weaker then it. There was only one time the monster attacked humanity. It's mind was taken over by the powers of some strange alien science. It unleashed its power against humanity along with what it considered to be an abomination. It took the King of the Monsters to eventually free him from the mind control. The fight was brutal but the King seemed to understand the situation. It took some time but eventually Titanosaurus was defeated, but ever since he had longed for an honest rematch with Godzilla. Even in the mind controlled daze it was a rush. But after their fight, the King would vanish into the depths of the ocean and Titanosaurus, despite being familiar with the ocean couldn't seem to find him again. He supposed it was fate. Eventually all the great beasts disappeared into their own lairs.

The great war happened. Titanosaurus slept through it actually. He didn't care of the events of the world, but they changed him as he slept. His strength was immense before, but this was his main power. The power of strength was his, and he would be destined to be come the Lord of Power.

Titanosaurus would rise from the depths once he awoken, filled with new and weird powers. The world itself was destroyed, the one he knew, the world of man kind was as good as gone.He could feel the presence of the other powers of the world. Some he knew, others he didn't want to ever know up close if he could help it. He explored the world of men and liked what he saw, finally he liked what he saw. Technology was scarce and people had to rely on their own power for the first time in a very long time. Titanosaurus didn't take long in finding people he could relate to and call friends. one of the very few gods to actually call people friends and know them on a personal level.

Titanosaurus never considers himself to be on the side of good or evil, he is more interested in the power of personal will and the determination to move forward. He would always help out if the asker had tried everything else first. Titanosaurus is big on respect and trust. If you've proven yourself worthy to this God, you've made a friend for life, betray him and you'll wish you were never born. Titanosaurus tends to not interact with the other Gods so much. They rely on their powers more then they do their own physical strength. He does have allies though, but who they are remains a secret because he hates to ask for help from anyone if he can help it.

Titanosaurus spends most of his time in human form, among the people he cares about.


Height: 380ft tall

Weight: 50,000 Tons.

Titanosaurus is the embodiment of strength and willpower. All people invoke his name if they are feeling weak and powerless about their situation for a way forward in life if there is no other way possible. He has few powers compared to other Gods, they are as follows.

Infinite strength: Titanosaurus never gets tired, ever. His strength is on par with the most powerful of the Gods. He never brags about it though.

Unshakable Courage: Titanosaurus never backs down from a challenge out of fear, If he knows hes out matched, he'll try to win anyways, but the other Gods make fun of him sometimes because of this. Titanosaurus can not feel fear. Supernatural or otherwise.

Water Empathy; Titanosaurus is a creature of the sea, as a God he is connected to all the water in the world. Anything in the water that goes on, he knows about.

Water Teleportation: While in water his movement is instant. He can move to any shore in the world at a moments notice, or anyone else.

Combat Master: Titanosaurus has no projectile weapons. Instead he relies on Hand to hand combat and weapons. He is very good at this trains constantly.

Titanosaurus's Strength, Combat Skills, and Endurance are all at the supernatural levels.He has very few magical powers. He heals faster in the water and spends a lot of time there when not interacting with people.

Titanosaurus's Realm: He considers the Earth to be a good enough place to live. To create a realm would show extreme arrogance. He lives with his friends on earth. The closest thing he has to a realm is the ocean itself.

Personality: Titanosaurus sees all people as equals. If some one is weak, he believes they can be strong. If someone is strong, he hopes they use that power correctly. If not, so be it. Even strength can be beaten by many. He likes to let things play out as they will, the stronger should win but that doesn't mean they should be cruel. He hates cruelty, but also sees it as a chance for people to realize true strength. He doesn't like pure evil or pure good, seeing as with out some kind of conflict there can not be progress of any kind. Titanosaurus is brutally honest about everything, lies serve no purpose to him. He enjoys music and having a good time, and loves to fight.

Worshipers: Titanosaurus has no worshipers that are formal. He has many followers that walk the path of strength. The god is extremely popular in the outer lands and less civilized places. By the water he is well known. Civilized people who live in cities only see him as a barbarian god whose only goal is to fight for the sake of fighting. The only people that might be considered worshipers are the ones who are forced to fight to keep living. Many people admire the God when they finally understand him, and he is the most seen god in the open. It is common for him to live like people do for months at a time publicly.

This god is respected and trusted more then worshiped.

They have friends, but few allies. They would come to the aid of anyone outnumbered and alone. If their god asked them to fight for him, or someone else, they would do it, chances are the God would come along with to the battle, not being one to ask people to do things he wouldn't do himself. Once a side is chosen, they do not deviate from that course unless it is proven to be a lost cause, or if they lose the fight. The ones who respect the God the most celebrate each loss and victory the same, one for winning, the other for the chance to do better next time.

You would never know a Follower of Titanosaurus until you saw them in action. They usually carry no weapon but if they do, this weapon is something very heavy that is impratical for most other people to use. They can use it well. They have no dress code, are usually poorer types and wanderers. But strength comes in different forms, mental strength too is important. Against popular belief, neither Titanosaurus or his people are ignorant. They may not understand customs of other lands but they are more then just muscle and training. The only thing they all have in common is a dislike for technology that is too advanced. They keep things simple.

Temple: Titanosaurus has no true temple, however he does have one large combat arena that has a statue of his Godly image inside. In this place combat is held at anytime, private or public matches. The only true rule is no killing. The God hates pointless slaughter and in this arena it is not allowed. The defeated are cared for and allowed to recover. If one happens to die here, The arena is closed for three days for a cleansing ritual. Titanosaurus says those killed by accident or crime have their souls stick around the place where they died. The one who lived through the match gets to face the God himself in combat, Titanosaurus doesn't kill people but he can give you a fate worse then death.

Afterlife: People who die while in complete respect to Titanosaurus are given two options. Eternal peace, or the battle arena. The arena is a place where there is constant training and fighting all the time. Eternal peace is a well earned rest. Neither one is shameful in his eyes but if one wishes to cross over from peace to battle, or the other way around they are permitted to do so at anytime they wish. Titanosaurus believes this is fair.

Future: Titanosaurus is destined to take on a battle he can't win and sacrifice himself, but nobody knows how or who the fight is against. Since he takes on virtually every challenge that comes his way he never thinks about the future, just the now. He never makes plans beyond a few days usually so this future does not even come close to making him dwell on it.
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Titanosaurus, God of Strength
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