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 Destroyer, God of Hate and Rage

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PostSubject: Destroyer, God of Hate and Rage   Destroyer, God of Hate and Rage I_icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 5:06 am

Destroyer, God of Hate and Rage.

If there are Gods and Ghidorah is the Devil this is the living body of Hell itself. Destroyer is a horrible lord of darkness and there isn't a single thing alive who does not know him. He is the God of Hate and Endless Rage. To call him evil would be an understatement of the word. This horrible monster claims to be the source of all hate among all people and things. The monster started out on earth as a living thing, born in a act of hate and violence. It was created when the Oxygen destroyer was used against the first Godzilla. Like all hate it started off small and unseen, but over the course of four decades it grew and mutated further. When the monster emerged, it did not show its true form at once but it came in pieces. Mutated monsters from the sea that looked like some genetic failure between spiders and crabs that had deadly yellow eyes. At first it was a threat to people on a personal level, over sized monsters. But it's true terror was revealed as all the smaller pieces began to merge into a truly terrifying form that defied nature and life itself. The only threat it had was a very sick King of the monsters.

Destroyer dwarfed even Godzilla in size, it's power was the devastating micro oxygen. This could tear through nearly anything very quickly. It's massive horn pulsed with strange energies that he could use as a blade to carve through the King's flesh with ease. Destroyer's strength was incredible and his tail alone was capable of throwing Godzilla around with no problem. Destroyer could change shapes at will and often did to fight the monster.The two did fight and the battle was terribly destructive to everyone involved. Godzilla only won because of help from people and his sickness that made his energy go into overdrive. Destroyer was defeated, but not destroyed itself. The beast split into pieces and retreated back into the ocean where it was extremely weak for many years. It was presumed dead when people couldn't find it.

The new age began and Destroyer was not left unchanged. The only memories it ever truly had were ones of hate and violence. Its whole life was consumed with one battle after another and it was all it ever knew. It hated life, all life became it's enemy in time, everything became a threat that needed to be destroyed under it's power. Any thing that was going to fight would eventually come to fight the Destroyer. It believed it was the most powerful force on the planet and it was basically right. The magics flowed into the beast at a massive rate and its godly status was created.

Destroyer rose up from the depths of the ocean once more in the grip of a powerful storm at sea. The monster had no idea why it was feeling so powerful or how it got this way. But it didn't take long to figure out he was not alone in the world at all. All of the beasts he had sensed were real, but had never seen turned out to be like he was, they called themselves new Gods and Destroyer saw them all as weak and unworthy. The only problem was that he was but one force, and they were many. Even he understood that a force of many could destroy him! A fact he hated even more and it sent him into a deep kind of rage that made other Gods afraid to even be around him.

For many years Destroyer was alone in his rage, it wasn't until Iris contacted him, the Goddess of Assassination. She claimed to understand his hate for everything and convinced him over several months to focus his rage on the true enemy, the forces of the weak and the light, as they called themselves. The beast lord agreed to join the forces of the darkness but even to this day he can go into uncontrollable rages that scare even the darkest powers. Destroyer is not to be messed with or taken lightly.


Height: 500 ft tall

Weight : 100,000 tons

Destroyer is the living body of hate, and rage. He was created to be his namesake and he destroys everything he comes in contact usually. The magic to make him into a god only proved to make him bigger then when he was mortal, stronger and much more powerful. He is by far one of the biggest gods anywhere of the new gods. With his creation came a new kind of magic. The magic of rage and hate. His powers are as follows.

Boiling Blood: Being near the God of rage creates anyone near him fall into a deep state of hate for anything someone might even dislike. King Ghidorah despises this power because while it is similar to his, Destroyer's moves everyone it touches to the next level. Because of this it cuts off Ghidorah's main source of power. Destroyer can supress this power, but rarely does so.

Micro Oxygen: This weapon is Destroyer's alone. It is barely understood at all, but this weapon is understood that it can blast through nearly anything it comes in contact with. The Gods that have suffered the wrath of this weapon never forget it's power. It is straight forward in it's mission, and it nearly never fails. The only defense against it's power seems to be supernaturally created cold temperatures. Nobody really knows why either.

Hate: Destroyer has the power to change emotion into energy. He can collect it and use it for one giant blast attack from his mid section. This wave of hate is as powerful as all the emotions he has fed off of. This attack can destroy nearly anything it comes in contact with. Any who live through this attack are cursed with an insane hate that consumes everything they are. Ghidorah also hates this power because he feels it copies his own.

Transformation: Destroyer has many forms he can change into because he truly has no real form, but several. He change into a flying form, multiple versions of himself in lesser forms, and even most horrifying he can change into a microscopic form that numbers in the trillions. Gods and magic users can often detect this form and it is basically harmless, but the mere presence of this can inspire hate in people and in turn the God can feed off of this hate. It is rumored that one of these microscopic pieces in is in every home and dwelling to supply the God with infinite supplies of power.

Horn Saber: In his most powerful form Destroyer can focus his energies on the horn on the top of his head to create a powerful blade like weapon. Woe be to those with out healing power, this blade can cut through most anything instantly and can end battles quite fast. Not even the Gods like this weapon cause it can destroy their mortal form in one strike if they are not careful to avoid it.

Destroyer's Strength, Endurance, and Focus are at the supernatural levels. Every living person knows about this God and do their best to not give into the hate that he represents and creates. It is a constant battle to not give into the rage at all people feel. Destroyer exists everywhere there is hate.

Destroyer's realm: This place is nothing, just dry cracked earth with a blazing red sun. Destroyer hates nearly everything so in his realm there is nothing there. The end result of all hate and rage. The only living thing here is Destroyer himself who lives deep in the only body of water in the realm. There is truly nothing here, any one who comes here, does so at their own risk. They will be possessed with hate and rage upon entering and there will be no escaping it until you leave the realm.

Personality: Very limited. Destroyer simply hates, not to say he is not intelligent, because he is. But that just makes it worse because of this now he can find reasons to hate, and he likes to make others hate things as well. It likes to watch people tear themselves apart with rage, and others. He hates everything but himself, he believes himself to be the only worthy power to exist, all others are just in the way. Destroyer is evil, but to everyone, not just one side or another.

Worshipers: Destroyer has many worshipers. It is surprising to think that such a wicked being has a following. But Rage is common in mortals and most people need to rely on it to live in this new world. They call themselves the Walkers of Rage. They will take anyone into their ranks, anyone at all who feel they need some kind of revenge, or hate something enough. It is an addictive order that worships a God who does not want them.

They are all aware they are not worthy of Destroyer's attention because they all know they are not worthy of life, but they hate others just the same. They like the color red, to be closer with their god. Nobody likes these guys when they come to town the rate of violent crimes spike and damage happens. Other orders, even the evil ones tend to fight these guys if they get too out of control, where ever they might be. They are always straight forward. They never use any tricks or double meanings. They say exactly what is on their mind and mean it, usually they just want to destroy the thing they hate the most. Unlike their god however, not all people hate the same things. Most of the order are racists, and hate people for what and who they are. They really have no sense of honor and will all attack at the same time, and if there is no enemies for extended periods of time they will turn on one another eventually.

The Rage walkers, oddly enough do call a city home. They hate it, but realize that nomadic life is worse. They call this place by no real name other then "The place" Nobody knows what this city used to be anymore and the walkers have destroyed any semblance of what it used to be. The whole place is a living monument to rage. Destroyer actually sees it as something that should stick around for awhile, so he protects it for now. The actually have an open invitation to any would be enemies to come fight them. The Rage walkers hate to actually go to war, the don't mind spreading their message, but they loathe to actually go to war. So they invite their enemies there. They are constantly in a state of high alert and war. They hate it, but not as much as they hate the other orders so they live with it.

The Order uses weapons of all kinds, usually the more damage they can do the better. They usually wear massive amounts of armor when going into battle. They are devastating warriors in any battle but usually only fight for themselves. They can't be depended on for being allied with anyone, but they'll never give up until they win, or they die.

The Priests of the order are few, but insanely powerful and mostly insane. They love nothing more then to crush anyone that comes before them, anyone in their order. All they like to do is hate things, rage against things. They like to destroy things, anythings. They hate other priests of the order and they will often fight one another. The loser gives up their power to the winner. Such is the law of the Destroyer. Their powers are so great that when ever a priest is seen, many forces will rally against it and try to destroy them. Every once and awhile the orders of darkness will beg for the Rage Walker's help in a mission or two. It usually never works out the way it's supposed to but sometimes, when everything works just right the forces accomplish great evil works together.

The order has no true allies, it sees none of them as worthy to even live. All are enemies to the Rage walkers and they are all weak. One escapes this rule. The assassins of Iris are always welcome among their ranks. It makes no sense for these two to work together like they can, but they do and when they do the results are devastating. A Rage Walker will never attack an Assassin of Iris. The Order is extremely hostile to the super rational and cold Technocracy and the followers of Godzilla. It also hates Legion as well, who seeks out to kill all emotions. But they generally are annoyed with all others at best, but at a drop of a hat will spring into battle with anyone.

Temple: The Temple of Destroyer is deceptive. It lies in the heart of "The place" and it is a massive singular black tower. The only entrance is fifty feet off the ground. It is a window and from this window only billows black smoke, day and night. Nobody but the priests know what is inside of this massive tower. Some say its the secret to the Power of the God. Others say it is the only known portal to the God's realm. Other also say the only thing that is inside this tower, is an eternal flame. The Tower is always warm to the touch. On the very top of the tower is something that looks like a very large weapon, it's never been used though as far as anyone knows.

Afterlife: Anyone who dies in true worship of Destroyer is doomed to become an insane spirit, consumed with revenge and hate. However, the God allows the spirits to roam freely across the land. This is a eternal threat to all the forces that exist in the world. A spirit like this can cause much damage, and the idea to return to life after death to cause havoc is a very good one to anyone who is thinking about worshiping the great God of Rage.

Future: Destroyer is destined to be killed at the hands of Godzilla. Nobody knows why or how this will happen but the only thing known. Destroyer pays little attention to this, he believes that when the monster king and himself come to battle there will be no question who the winner will be, but oddly enough Destroyer does like to avoid Godzilla when ever he can, and the two nearly never meet.
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Destroyer, God of Hate and Rage
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