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 The Domain of Rage/The Three Priests of Destroyer

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The Domain of Rage/The Three Priests of Destroyer Empty
PostSubject: The Domain of Rage/The Three Priests of Destroyer   The Domain of Rage/The Three Priests of Destroyer I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 18, 2011 4:11 am

The Domain of Rage/ The Three Priests of Destroyer

The Domain of rage is a desert of misery that tends to go on forever. It is actually the replica of the bottom of the ocean. Destroyer lived here in the beginning of it's life and hated it, so when he created this own realm, he created this reproduction out of hate. Now it's as it appears. A wasteland. The burning red sun in the sky that is constantly there, it never changes it's place, is an actual representation of all of the God's hate for all things converted into energy. This thing in the sky is burning hate. There is nothing here, but some people feel this is the source of all emotional hate in the entire world, in every world. The Domain of Rage is rumored to have a library deep in the heart of the place filled with millions of tomes that are filled with nothing but hate against every race of people and being that has and will exist. The information here, if it exists was only made to spread more hate around. Nobody really thinks this exists but the idea has made many wonder if there truly was something here to be found, and maybe there was more to be found. Anyone who has gone in search of this place has never returned. This place has no business for anyone to come here and anyone who does is doomed to die, but not everyone.

The place is what all the Rage walkers call home. Its a city, but nobody knows what it used to be before the old days before the disaster. But now it's a wreck. Barely a city anymore and more of a war factory. The place is always ready for battle that never comes. It has few remaining skyscrapers into the sky. The city is miles across, at least fifteen but nobody has ever cared to find out. The place is filled with anger, hate and violence. Rage walkers populate this city but many outsiders are around as well that often get into fights with others. There is no law here. The strong live and rule, anyone weak will be used or destroyed. Drug use is at record highs in this place, gangs are a way of life. The only ruling class here are the Rage walkers and only the senior ones. They hold all the power over just about everyone and there is no questioning their rule. Unless it is from one of the three priests.

Destroyer only allows three priests at any given time. It is one of the few orders that limits the number of priests. These ones though, are very different then any other order that is known. They are extremely powerful. They are called the Red Triad and these three are feared through out the land. They are given these powers by their God for life. If one of them dies from battle or any other cause the power is randomly given to someone else in the order. The God likes it this way. Sometimes a Rage walker on their first day gets these powers. Anyone in the order is capable of getting these powers. There is always three of them, sometimes they stay hidden, other times they live very large for everyone to see. Their powers may belong to different people but they are always the same, they are as follows.

The priests of Destroyer gain power from the rage and hate of others. They gain strength, health and endurance from any kind of hate.

1. Rage Aura: The priests can increase or suppress their rage aura to get others into a rage. They can use this at anytime they wish and it takes a strong willed person to not give into this power.

2. Flight: Many gods can fly. Destroyer is the only one who grants his priests the power to fly and they fly very fast.

3. Oxygen Destroyer: The priests are able to summon their God's power and focus it through their hands and mouth. This weapon can destroy just about any kind of armor and weapons. It is very destructive and feared.

4. Saber Light: They can form weapons from pure energy in an instant. They will cut and burn just about anything they touch. They can only be formed with the intention to kill or attack someone else.

5. Armor: Just like their God they can form a shell around them made of red bone that is nearly indestructible.

Ultimate Spell: Three Points of Rage. When all three of them get together for any reason they can unleash their terrible rage against any army or force that would dare stand against them. This spell does two things. First it fills anyone in the blast radius with such a horrible rage that it can kill them, if not it can send them into a permanent state of hate for as long as they live. The second thing this spell does is call upon one true blast of power from their God down upon their enemies killing everyone it touches on any field of battle. It is only called the three points of rage only because it requires all three of them to do it.

All five of the powers of the priests can be used at the same time, for as long as they wish. Usually one is enough to make people think twice. They gain strength from rage and they can feed of of their own hate. This usually gives them unlimited super strength and speed at any time they want it. The often use these alone to rule over The Place absolutely. They are an army unto themselves. Sometimes they get along, other times they just want to kill one another with no reason.

These priests are very uncommon, so rare that many people don't believe they exist. Since there is only three of them around at any given time and they keep their true faces a secret from the rest of the world most of the time most people believe the order has no priests at all. But they do and if somebody causes enough trouble to their order, they'll find out soon enough that they do exist the hard way. Even the evil orders don't like these guys and if they show up for any reason they usually stop their plans to see what they are up to. Cause where ever Destroyer is involved disaster is sure to follow.
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The Domain of Rage/The Three Priests of Destroyer
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