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 Gamera, The Burning Guardian

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PostSubject: Gamera, The Burning Guardian   Gamera, The Burning Guardian I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 23, 2011 1:09 am

There is Evil in the new world. Great and powerful forms of evil that most people have no chance against, or to even hope to stand against on their own. They have turned to the Gods of Light to protect them. Very few times the promise of protection is followed through on. Most of the time the Gods of the light are only interested in the big plays of the enemy. All but one. The Burning Guardian has come to the aid of just about anyone. His name is Gamera and he is a protector of humanity. Even though he didn't start out this way, he quickly learned just how threatened the people of the planet were. He battled the monsters that threatened not only the planet he lived on, but the people who live here too. Even though the battles were fierce, eventually the enemy did stop coming to the planet and stop the violence against it. This did not stop the wars of the people he vowed to protect, however. Seeing their ways wouldn't change at all. The protector of humanity would take no sides and he eventually retreated back into the icy depths of the great ice fields he had come from so long ago, and he slept the time away.

The wars did not decrease at all though, and eventually the great disaster took place. Gamera did not remain unchanged throughout this process, like the others, he was granted the status of becoming a God. When he awoke from this sleep, the world had changed and not for the better. The war had created a great and many powerful forces of darkness in the world. Some he knew, others he had never met before, but seemed even worse then the ones he knew. Gamera wasted no time in taking off into the new sky above. He easily found a place with the Lords of light, but his policies were different then most of them. He was interested in saving people on an individual level if need be, while they were only interested in doing it to save people as a whole. Gamera quickly surged in popularity among the people. He rose in the ranks of power in the Lords of light, but never obtained enough power to be considered one of the leaders. Gamera has taken a special interest in the status of children in the new world. The lords of Darkness found it easy to use them to turn people against one another. Gamera hated this and did everything he could to stop this from happening.

Gamera always considers himself to be on the right side. Anyone on his side, may only be there for the moment. He never changes his point of view, others might, however. If you fight on the side of good, no matter who you consider your God, if you need help and call on Gamera's name, chances are you'll get help.

Along with being a protector of all that is good, Gamera is also known as a God of the Sun. When he travels from place to place, people mistake him for a second sun in the sky at night sometimes. He has enjoyed this status for quite sometime, his powers have grown to accommodate this status as well. Gamera will usually always try to lead any charge against evil if he can be there to do it.

Gamera spends most of his time in Human form, combating many different kinds of evil, all over the world.


Height: 340ft tall

Weight: 60,000 Tons

Gamera is the Embodiment of protection and courage. All people tend to appreciate him more then most of the other gods because he is dependable. Enemy to all that is evil, all true allies of the light will stand with him, and he will stand with them. His powers are as Follows:

Cleansing Flame: His plasma breath is not only destructive, but it shatters most, if not all negative energy in it's blast radius. This means instant destruction for most undead creatures as well.

Pyro Absorption: Gamera can recharge his cosmic powers from any kind of natural flame.

Defensive Shell: Gamera's shell can now emit an energy shield around him to completely protect him from attack for up to an hour at a time, this is very draining so he only uses it when needed.

Super Flight Speed: Gamera can fly to any point on the planet in just a few hours, even into outer space.

Telepathy: Gamera can hear the mental distress calls of anyone in trouble at will, and he can tell exactly where they are as well. He can see through their eyes and assess the threat as well.

Transfer power: Gamera can give strength to anyone he knows he can not reach in time, for as long as they need it. And recall it when the threat is over.

Burning Beam: In dire situations Gamera can concentrate massive amounts of positive energy and the earth's very life force to defeat enemies, or one single entity. This attack not only drains him, but weakens the planet for a time as well.

Gamera's willpower and endurance are at super natural levels, the God himself has formidable powers that make him a match for anyone if the need calls for it. He spends much time in human form trying to lead the charge against evil, but he takes the fight to the enemy in his God form with out hesitation if the situation calls for it. Gamera doesn't like to fight, but won't ever back down from the forces of evil, no matter the odds against him.

Gamera's realm: He considers the earth his home, as it was in the ancient days as well. He is connected to it and protects it with all he has against all the forces of darkness that threaten it. He has no time for the arrogance of creating a home to live when so many others lose theirs everyday to monsters human and demonic alike.

Personality: Gamera is a fighter first, but he is also kind and too trusting. He always gives his enemy the chance to redeem themselves. He hates killing anything and only does it as a last resort, going great lengths to save lives, enemy or not. He hates evil acts, but believes everyone deserves a second chance, or even a third. He will fight some one a hundred times before actually killing them. If he kills anyone on accident, he will punish himself for long periods of time. He remembers everyone he has had to kill, and hates to do it. Gamera tries to get along with everyone but he doesn't like to stick around for too long. Always looking for the next challenge or problem that is underway. This makes him seem distant and cold but in reality he cares too much about everyone, he can't stay in one place for too long. Gamera will nearly never attack unless he feels there is no other choice. Protection is what he is after, no matter who it is. Sometimes he feels compelled to protect enemies that are threatened by vastly powerful forces greater then their own. The strong should protect the weak, even if the weak aren't entirely good themselves, everyone deserves a chance.

Worshipers: Gamera is followed mostly by law enforcement and knights. They have an order called simply the Guardians. They are the strongest form of law keepers in the land, they are wide spread and powerful, but their enemies are more so and they have no rules like the Guardians do. Their power is given to them by their god and most people respect this as long as they only do their jobs. Sometimes Guardians let their powers go to their head and become oppressors to create more order then is needed to save people. Gamera is not an easy lord to follow, he expects the best out of everyone to do their job when it comes to saving people from evil. Also the Guardians are expected to support the area they live in when disasters strike to help others. The farther from the civilized world you get the less influence the Guardians actually have, but sometimes they send out patrols to these places to keep an eye on things. Gamera is seen as a powerful god, but by no means the most powerful. Other orders are more then willing to stand up to the Guardians, and sometimes they win because they simply have more power. But anyone who stands up to the Guardians risks having the local population rise against them as well, and this is just bad for business no matter who you are. Also the Guardians are protectors of children. They show mercy to most people, but anyone who dares harm a child and they learn about it will get their full fury.

This order has many allies and friends. They are with in the protection of the Order of the Light. So all of the orders of the Lords of light can work with one another. The Guardians are but a part of a larger organization that is usually never seen. The Guardians will come to the aid of any order in trouble, and the same goes for them. However this faction is supposed to protect, even some of their enemies if it calls for it. This makes them hard to get along with sometimes when they save an enemy from being killed by something else. Once and a great while the forces of light must stand against one another because of different points of view. It is a tough situation to be a Guardian, but the ones who choose this path wouldn't have it any other way.

You'd know a worshiper of Gamera, pretty easily. Even if they are not a full guardian, they are granted and trained in the use of a shield and are supposed to carry it with them at all times. This shield can be small or large though. They are usually knights and law enforcers. They do not like to mingle with crowds so much as they watch over them. Everyone knows when you are a Guardian, it's a hard secret to keep. But the title alone is enough to ward of people who might do anything against you or people you know because if you attack one, you've attacked them all. Guardians are natural enemies of the undead, most are mindless and predators. Gamera has granted all his followers the power to turn lesser undead with their shield that burst into bright lights in their presence. They enjoy technology and like to use it when ever they can to make life better for themselves and others. Most of the followers know how to do repairs on most simple machines.

Temple: Gamera's temples are actually law centers. They function both as a temple, and a prison for those captured by the Guardians. In each one a judge resides, and they sentence the punishment in accordance to the crime. The process is swift. The death penalty is never given out, and life is usually never given out too. Most crimes result in community service or a few days or weeks of labor. Gamera's main temple is actually a massive island prison, and part temple. Ones bad enough to be sent here have no chance of escaping. However only the truly guilty can be imprisoned here. The temple has a mystical barrier around it that will not allow the innocent or framed to enter here. Many times the Guardians were sure of a criminal only to be stopped at the gates by their own God. These people who can not enter, are immediately released. The place is peaceful though. It is more about change then it is about suffering. Gamera always believes in second chances, it is no more visible anywhere else then here. Once someone is truly changed, the temple can no longer hold them, they are free to leave. Until then then barrier keeps them inside the walls.

Afterlife: Those who fall in the name of Protecting others get to go to the Island. It is a mystical place in another world. The only thing Gamera made with his godly powers. This place is a paradise and it seems to have limtless space in it, but friends can meet at anytime they choose. However this can be a lonely place as only Guardians seem to be permitted to come here. In light of this Gamera allows the fallen to return to earth to visit family and friends. Gamera also permits the fallen to visit other realms if they wish. Returning to the Island though could be tricky as Gamera has no control over the other realms. Going to these places not commanded by the Lords of light is risky for any spirit.

Future: Gamera is destined to stand against the hordes of undead that was foretold to rise someday. He knows their numbers are on the rise, but doesn't know how long it will take for them to gather that much strength. According to his future, this is a battle he is destined to lose. It weighs on his mind quite a bit, and he is trying to prepare for this final battle, but nobody knows when it is to take place, or if it is even real at all.
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Gamera, The Burning Guardian
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