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 The Guardians.

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The Guardians. Empty
PostSubject: The Guardians.   The Guardians. I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2011 8:37 am

The fact of the matter is Gamera is easily one of the most generous Gods of the light there is. Everyone who becomes a guardian basically becomes a priest of the God. Gamera has no time to pick and choose who gets the powers and who doesn't. Anyone who has a heart and a will to help others and fight against evil gets the powers Gamera grants to the Guardians. One would think this is a popular order to join. The idea of instant power is only an idea that fades away once one gets the powers. The life of a Guardian is filled with violence, simply becoming one will gain all the attention of every would be evil doer around you. People treat them differently where ever they go. Nobody can truly trust them again out of fear of being connected to other, greater kinds of evil. Guardians only can call one another friends, others are either informants or subservient to their authority. Very few people can actually a Guardian friend and mean it.

They have no official uniform. When they are accepted into the order they are given a pendant that holds a shard of Gamera's own shell. This is how they obtain their powers the God grants them. There is a major downside to this. The pendant's are very valued. If they are stolen the Guardian loses all their authority and power. The pendants are bonded with the one that owns them, however if somebody steals it and claims it as their own, they get all the powers granted. It is these people that can do the most harm to the small villages of the world. Guardians take this crime very seriously and it is one of the few crimes that can send whole groups of the order after one who has been discovered to have one of these pendants and not be a guardian.

Guardians are usually good at defense, using a shield and protecting others. Guardians are usually friendly when at peace but relentless when chasing down a suspect or defending others. Guardians usually like to fix simple machines and when not facing down the forces of evil they work hard to earn their keep. Some guardians set up in small villages as sheriffs, others do the same things and act as ultimate god like beings control everything anyway they can. Guardians often despise the undead greatly and even the free willed ones are not above their hate. Guardians also have an extreme mistrust for magic that isn't their own. They are more fans of technology and science rather then the mystical forces that surrounds their world. They get along great with the Priests of Kiryu, but their meetings are rare.

The powers of the Guardians are all the same. There are two ranks of Guardians. To be recruited you must be chosen by the Senior Guardians. All one must do is simply asked and at the Senior Guardian's judgment you will be either accepted or rejected. Once rejected though, one can never ask again. The choice is not to be taken lightly. The Senior Guardians can reportedly see directly into the heart of the asker. The Seniors are only chosen by the God when they have proven themselves. This event is random and can happen to anyone. The only advantage they get is the power to summon the pendants as needed to the new members. There are only Guardians and Senior Guardians, everyone else is either a supporter, rejected or a wannabe. The powers of the Guardians follow as this.

The Guardians are immune to mental manipulation of any kind. Resistant to fire damage and extreme heat. Resistant to magic.

Telepathy: Guardians can speak to one another with a mental link, they can connect and disconnect at will.

Enhanced Strength: The Guardians can access up to four times their normal physical strength for up to three hours a day.

Healing Factor: Guardians can heal themselves at an accelerated rate, and they can heal others with light to moderate wounds with a touch.

Endurance: Guardians can go up to two weeks with out food or water taking all the energy they need from the earth itself.

Undead Bane: Guardians are natural deterrents to the lesser and mindless undead. To the free willed undead they are unpleasant. Guardians can concentrate this energy into a weapon and greatly damage, even destroy the lesser undead.

Tracking: Guardians are expert trackers granted by mystical means. They can find just about anyone unless they are hiding with magical sources.

Ultimate Spell: Iron Will. The Guardians have the power to summon supernatural amounts of will power. This means they are incorruptible and basically unstoppable in a task until they have finished it. They become more mechanical in personality. This has many down sides as well because there are no more drastic measures to accomplish a goal. Everything becomes an option. People fear this spell if they are the target.

The Guardians are needed. Not always liked or wanted around, but countless people depend on them to keep the peace in the land and the cities. They are usually the best hope the average person has for peace in the violent new world of strange gods, cults of death and monsters. They may not be the strongest force in the land, but they are certainly the most persistent.
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The Guardians.
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