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 Rodan, God of Chaos, Luck and Freedom

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PostSubject: Rodan, God of Chaos, Luck and Freedom   Rodan, God of Chaos, Luck and Freedom I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 22, 2011 5:21 am

Freedom is precious, but it is never free. No god of the new world appreciates or understands this more then Rodan does. This god is one of freedom, chaos and luck. Everyone knows Rodan, but not everyone agrees with it's ways. The monster is random and chaotic in all ways, to the point where it's gender is not even set in stone. The god wanders aimlessly through out the land as it pleases to do so. Changing his mind is easy, committing to a plan is not. It is highly unreliable when it comes to being an ally, but Rodan is always a friend and never forgets those who helped him in some way. It is one of the few things about him he does not seem to change.

Rodan started life as an irradiated prehistoric monster much like Godzilla and many others. It rampaged through cities and terrorized humanity at first, but in time it grew to want to protect it's home planet from all kinds of invaders and would be destroyers. It formed a close friendship with Godzilla, Angurius and Mothra. Most of the other earth creatures it grew to be friends with or at least tolerate on some level. Very few of them it actually actively hated. Rodan had very little respect for humanity and their structured lives and cites. Seeing them as too confining over all. Eventually though the Age of Monsters died out Rodan along with the rest of the monsters went into hiding and decided stay away from humanity and their wars, but their wars would come to them. The forces unleashed changed all the Monsters into their Godly forms. Rodan was no different and it was transformed into being the Lord of Freedom.

Rodan emerged from it's underground lair and at once took to the skies with a speed only it had obtained. His power was impressive, but he had yet to know of any other gods, so instead of taking a throne on either side of the good or light side, it simply went it's own direction and decided to care very little about anyone's so called plans. In the early days this was fine, but as sides began to develop and orders began to show up all over the world, pressure started to build to pick a side. The power it had was great, Rodan knew this and after a long talk with it's friend Godzilla, and newly crowned King of the Gods it was an easy choice. Rodan decided to stand with it's own power and be on neither side. This only made life harder, but at least it got it's freedom, the only thing it ever wanted to begin with.

Being the Lord of Freedom wasn't really enough for Rodan, so it decided on taking two more domains of power, being one of the first Gods to emerge, it had it's choice. Chaos and luck had been chosen, they fit and gave the God massive amounts of power that made both sides very nervous. Rodan is truly unpredictable in all things and unreliable as an ally. Mostly concerned with itself, but don't mistake apathy for an unwillingness to fight. The God of Freedom is a devastating enemy to go up against if one ever decides to try and confine it is in for a massive battle.

Rodan is known by gamblers, thieves and anyone who thinks they could use a little luck on their side. But chaos and luck isn't always good. Rodan is often blamed for every misfortune that happens. Because of this it often refuses to help anyone out directly anymore. Rodan spends its days soaring through the skies with out a care in the world, leaving behind the affairs of the other Gods behind, rarely does it directly involved in any issues.

Rodan spends a considerable amount of time in a human form always a road worn wanderer of either gender.


Height: 330 ft

Weight: 20,000 tons

Wingspan: 400 ft

Rodan is the Embodiment of Chaos and Freedom. It spends its time fighting the force of order with complete randomness and impulsiveness. Once and awhile it'll cause havoc and grant a town with good or bad luck and watch the chaos unfold. It doesn't hate, or like people, just finds them curious in their dual nature to explore their world, but try to control it at the same time. It's powers are as follows.

Luck: Rodan is the luckiest God of them all, nearly everything he attempts seems to work out, but like anything else sometimes that luck turns extremely bad to the point of being life threatening.

Chaos Projection: Where ever Rodan stays for extended periods of time, the area around him begins to go chaotic. Anything is possible and magic begins to become unpredictable to work in unexpected ways to the point of even turning against the caster. This begins after the third day of exposure. If Rodan is knocked out or killed. This effect lasts as long as the body remains in one place. It takes about a month for Rodan to completely return to life. This can destroy the natural order of an area for years and this even effects the realms of other Gods. If Rodan is feeling vindictive towards any God, all it has to do is go to their realm and stay there to cause massive damage to their home world, their power base on earth.

Shapeshifting: Rodan can appear as any kind of thing, person or being he wants to with near perfect accuracy, even to the point of fooling some other Gods. This can cause much trouble and confusion among their ranks and get Rodan into lots of trouble.

Speed: Rodan is one of the fastest, if not the fastest God there is. He can get anywhere on the planet if he goes as fast as he can in an hour or so. He rarely does this though.

Misfortune: Rodan can give anyone a long lasting streak of bad luck. He does this on a whim It's never personal, usually. Like any God though sometimes it can be prone to anger and uses this as a disastrous punishment. Even the Gods themselves are subject to this power.

Heat Ray: Rodan's only true offensive weapon is a nasty one. He can use this attack as many times as he wants and as fast as he wants to creating a horrible barrage of energy that can wipe just about any enemy out in his path. It's not powerful, but it is very persistent in it's damage, and accurate as it is overwhelming.

Rodan is the Personification of Luck, Freedom and Chaos. Random chance is what the being lives for. Rodan will spend much time in human form, meeting other fellow travelers along what ever road they chose to go on. Even though the lord of the roads hates thieves, they are accepted as an acceptable risk, even though any who walk with Rodan on the roads, need never fear being attacked by such people.

Rodan's Realm: Rodan has no realm, this God is a realm walker, it knows no limits or boundaries and can roam the earth and realms as it pleases, when ever it wants. Realm walkers are rare among the Gods. It enjoys the earth the most though. It is not bound to the will of one single God and is in constant activity.

Personality: Rodan is mostly too random for its own good. Taking things seriously is tough for it because it knows that everything can change in a blink of an eye. Rodan likes a good fight though if the goal is interesting. Rodan loves life, and hates to kill anyone but will not hesitate if it is the only option. Rodan likes to forget the past and not worry about the future, the only thing that matters is the here and now. The God has an excellent memory though, it remembers nearly everything that happened to it. Rodan is generally curious about everything and likes surprises. Even though it is rarely ever surprised because it can see many possible outcomes, it is the unexpected that pleases him the most good or bad. Rodan is a player of games, all kinds. Gambling is what it likes the most,if it wins, it always expects the other side to follow through, if it loses, it will always do what was asked of it. Woe be to the one who tries to back out of a bet with this god! Rodan is fun and non serious most of the time but to those who anger it, they are destroyed in all ways, bad luck can reach new depths of horror when the God of luck is angry with you.

Worshipers: Everyone worships Rodan on some level, praying to him for good luck, safe travels or just as an escape from chaos, or maybe as change in their lives. This is the God they pray to. There is a secret order of wanderers dedicated to the God though. They are all secret, they are called the Protectors of the Road. Nothing really is known about them beyond this.

Temple: Rodan's temple is any road leading from one place to another. He can be worshiped anywhere, the longer the road, the better. There is a road stretching from one end of the Killing Fields to the other. This is the best, but most dangerous spot to worship. Some people say Rodan has a formal temple hidden somewhere deep in the mountains somewhere. It is only a legend though.

Afterlife: Any who die on the road, who asked for Rodan's protection and didn't get it is granted the chance to get where they were going. They can either rest forever, or wander for as long as they like, helping people along the way, people they knew or help get unfinished business taken care of. Rodan mostly leaves souls to their own business, but this also leaves them open to attack by other gods who might come across them in a bid for power. Rodan isn't very protective of the departed

Future: Going everywhere, seeing everything Rodan is to become bored and bitter. One of the most powerful gods will change it's ways and become a threat to every living thing that is. There is a monster, a true darkness living in the god. Everyone knows this and when Rodan comes around their parts, none of them are willing do much to upset him. Rodan doesn't believe a word of it, and claims that the prophecy was something it made all on it's own just to mess with people. No one wants to take that chance though.
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Rodan, God of Chaos, Luck and Freedom
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