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 Protectors of the Road

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PostSubject: Protectors of the Road   Protectors of the Road I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 26, 2011 8:07 am

What can be said of an organization that isn't organized. it is what it is. More along the lines of being friends rather then anything else. They are a simple group that loves nothing more then traveling around on the open road, just going places. They rarely stick around when trouble shows up, always on the move. Their life is mostly being a loner, but sometimes they'll act as guides through bad roads, or sometimes they'll call a road home and simply keep it safe from bandits. They absolutely hate people who see the road as an easy place to make a living off of other people. They will usually find these bandits, and kill them. They are quick judges of character and usually know way more then they are showing. Most of the time they are willing to share their fire at night to strangers and food if they have it, always leaving the site before anyone wakes up. Some people think none of these protectors are really alive at all, but simply spirits that wander around. Sometimes this is true. There are many spirit walkers on the roads too that appear at random, usually at sunset.

They are all road worn. Every single one of them look as if they had been traveling for years with out seeing the inside of a room. Most of them live off the land, taking what they can find. Traders and scavengers they mostly are. Some like to hunt but most don't seem to like the idea of killing things when they don't need to. Because of who they are and what god they worship, they are usually big gamblers, some do it too much and most can't resist a good bet, or a game. They avoid towns because of their traveling stamina, they can usually last in any kind of game for days at a time, out lasting most other players. When members of their group play one another, it is the stuff of legends.The are powerful types of people but, chaotic. Never do they like the same direction twice in the same day, they'll always try to find a road they've never been on before just to see where it goes. Sometimes they'll even make new roads to go where ever they please. Rodan doesn't seem to worry about them much at all. The danger of the road is well known. There are many dangers, many evils that threaten the life of anyone brave enough to travel, especially at night.

They are the only order that is world wide, and under one name. Other gods's orders are world wide too, but under different names and due to different cultures. Rodan's is exactly the same no matter where you go. It is the only thing about them that is consistent, other then that. They do and go just about anywhere they want. It is unwise to underestimate them. If their God calls them to arms, believe that they know how to fight, kill and destroy only to disappear. They attack with out warning and where they are not expected. They are smart fighters and masters of something called Chaos Magic. This power is a mystery to anyone, and seldom understood by even those who try to understand it. It's enchanted that only the ones who are supposed to know it can. It's all very mysterious and it's limits are ill defined. Because their God is one of the older ones, their powers are respected by most of the other orders.

They get along with everyone if they can, they don't take sides often and just seek out peace more then anything. But once and awhile they like a good sparring match, the less it means the better they like it. All the protectors know how to heal most wounds, it's a good skill to have in the middle of nowhere and they usually do if for free. They are a welcome sight for anyone in trouble, if they are lucky enough to come across a member or the order. The protectors are just that. They value the road and their freedom more then anything else. The road belongs to all people, not to any one group. They see anyone trying to collect a toll to pass as a bandit, and if they see something like this going on they will not hesitate to stop it. Also, they will never be taken alive, they will want death first and seek it out if there is no other escape. If one is captured alive they will be extremely dangerous at all times, and help will be coming to save them. They like to use any kind of weapon that is easily concealed and very light. Too much will make them feel weighed down, also they usually have no armor.

They travel fast, but have no where special to go. They are truly the kings and queens of the road, all roads.
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Protectors of the Road
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