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 Gabara, Nightmare Lord

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PostSubject: Gabara, Nightmare Lord   Gabara, Nightmare Lord I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 21, 2011 2:15 am

Most, if not all darkness is explained. Greed, Hate or some other desire that lives deep with in the entity. Not all of it is though. Insanity and the creation of some of the most horrible nightmares that exist simply are, they have no reason for being most of the time. People just do what they do, because it is in their power to do it, or to see how others will react to their actions. To some it might be funny, to others just a sad state of affairs or one tragedy after another that drives them to the edge. It is one step over the edge where the dark god known as Gabara exists. Humans refuse to believe in this. They still, even after all this time cling to rational ways to explain everything that is because it makes sense. They couldn't believe that someone would do something horrible just because they could. This dark god enjoys this and it is his strongest defense, the idea that there is always a reason just lets them blame someone else and not his ways.

Gabara is usually a blameless lord of destruction. Despite being known through out the world, especially by children of all ages. Few have actually ever seen him in his true form. Gabara usually appears in dreams of humans, to send them messages of his version of the truth. Not once or twice but hundreds of times. Some of them are vivid, some are fractions of memory but eventually anyone who Gabara sets his sights on usually will begin to question their version of reality, or the reason for their existence.

Adults do not fear this god as much as children tend to do. Kids have a much more active imagination and their dreams are more intense. Gabara can go so far as to steal the souls of children in their sleep. The adults don't believe this and always attribute the strange deaths in the night to natural causes, and they usually do their best to move on. The kids know better though. Some escape and try to warn others, some tell them to pray to the dark god to not steal their lives and souls in the middle of the night. Sometimes it works, sometimes it just hastens the process.

Gabara was never a monster bound to the earth from the beginning. He was always a god of nightmares. He was unknown and unopposed for thousands of years until he made the mistake of trying to dominate the mind of a child who's favorite thing just happened to be the King of all the monsters. Gabara did his usual tormenting thing, and the kid, even with the help of Godzilla's "child" stood little chance. Actually it may never be known who the true target was, for the King's kid seemed to be just as much as a target. Either way it was a bad move for the God of Nightmares who seemed to be trying to make his main move in order to gain more power then he had over earth ever before. It is not known how or why but it seems even then Godzilla had an astral plane presence. He emerged in both of their dreams at the same time and took on the so called God of nightmares, and completely wasted him on his own playing field in an intense, but short battle.

Gabara needed to heal and retreated from the psychic field of earth. It was not until the the magical disaster took place that he saw this place again as a viable place to feed from. The power that came from the earth was too intense to ignore. Gabara took in as much of this disaster as he could and as a result became a God like all the other monsters that took it in did, however he gained a physical form with all the power of an insane nightmare lord. He could transfer himself to the reality, and the dream scape at will and he saw his path to ultimate power clear as day. But there would be no way he could take it. The other Gods took notice of him and most of them, good and bad decided to do their best to keep the thing in check. Gabara is not a direct fighter after his encounter with Godzilla so long ago, so he retreated from the unified force of power. This drove him insane that so much power would be against him in a thing that should have been so easy to accomplish. Gabara quickly devolved into a Lord of Madness.

Criminals, drug addicts and the insane have found solace in the power of the Nightmare God. Like their god, they have only themselves to please and are outcasts from a society that seems to have no use for them anymore besides to punish. It is a crime to desire anything and be willing to do anything to get what you want. This is the one thing Gabara encourages. Do what you want to be what you need to be. Like the God himself, all the people that truly worship this god seem to hate all others besides the ones Gabara has claimed to be in alliance with, these lords are not any better then he is though, it is hard to sometimes tell the difference between them, most people don't care to take the time to try.

Gabara spends most of his time tormenting children with nightmares and many others too. He has a physical form but using it is very rare.


Height: 320 ft tall

Weight: 30,000 Tons

Gabara is the Embodiment of Nightmares and Addiction. All people know his name and know not to attract his attention. His powers are infinite in the dream world it seems, but in the physical world this is not the case.

Telepathy: To the extreme. Gabara can communicate to anyone he chooses at anytime. In dreams or awake for as long as he wants to. Some people really do actually hear voices all the time. Gabara can also sound like anyone he wants to, or anything.

Dream Bridge: Gabara can connect people's dreams. Similar people across the world can dream of one another, communicate and make plans with out ever physically meeting. The goal usually is to meet to cause massive amounts of trouble for who ever the intended victim. Sometimes he connects good and evil minds just to see what happens.

Waking Nightmare: Gabara can make Nightmares come to life in the real world for up to three days at a time. Sometimes everyone can see them, sometimes just the afflicted can see them. These nightmares are very real for those who can see them, and are deadly. As soon as they take who they are after, they fade back into the dream world once more.

Soul Steal: Gabara can steal the souls of the weak or defenseless given enough time. This doesn't give him anymore power, but it does give him two things, fear and currency. Sometimes he uses the souls as a bargaining chip to get others to do what he wants. Sometimes they are never seen again. Nobody knows what he does with them.

Electrokinesis: In his Physical form Gabara retains his old power to control and redirect the power of electricity. To mortals this is a terrible power to be feared. The God's are not too impressed with it. The Technocracy fears this power above most the others though due to their metallic nature and most of their society runs on this this kind of power.

Bloodless: Gabara has no blood. This is less a power then it is a natural state of being. His body is solid and being a physical form of a nightmare it has no true living parts, but its more like a puppet. It can be destroyed, but not killed.

Possession: Gabara can take over the body of anyone who dreams if he wants to, but can only take over one at a time. He can be as active, or suppressed as he wants to be while in the body. Do horrible things, and then simply leave, remaining blameless. The person possessed will not bleed.

Gabara is powerful. Everyone knows his name but most don't even believe he exists besides in the mind of the criminal underworld as a symbol of their power. Created to provide fear to all levels of society. Some think he actually represents a secret organization of the underworld, and this might, or might not be true. Nobody knows for sure. Due to his lack of having physical form that has been seen like the others few believe in him, but the true terror is that Gabara likes to take a human form and walk among the population, unseen.

Gabara's Realm: All of the Dream world he considers his. The psychic realm, he is the main god here. Most of the time. Because none of the other Gods need to sleep at all, he is alone here. If they ever take a nap he knows it and makes sure to avoid them. All one needs to do to enter his realm is to go to sleep and dream. There are other great, nameless powers here in this realm as well. None strong enough to challenge the God of Nightmares, but should they ever have a reason to join forces against him they might pose a threat. His realm can be as pleasant or horrifying as someone wants it to be.

Personality: Gabara likes to talk, too much. He is very creative though and being the Nightmare lord is always coming up with ways to torment the dreams of the living. He likes to play games as well with people, usually ones for their souls and he rarely ever loses. The god hates logic and order. These two things will send him into a some kind of unexplained rage until he fixes it. He is not to be trusted, usually the God talks too much and is just annoying, but on a moments notice he can change into a sadistic monster without reason. His version of fun is most people's idea of torment and misery. Gabara is truly unpredictable. Not even Rodan likes him because of his twisted aspects, but he admires the God of Chaos the respect is not returned.

Worshipers: Gabara is worshiped by a large number of Children, because they don't want him coming after him next. These kids are usually willing to do terrible things at his bidding in order to keep their souls intact. It is a relationship that is toxic, but it works very well. Nobody believes the kids when they get caught and failure means death. It is simple. A large number of criminals worship the nightmare god because no other would take them. A large faction of this underworld has taken the name of the God and used it to their own advantage to spread fear. Gabara doesn't mind this a bit. He considers them his true followers and has given them powers to prove it. They thrive on secrecy and nobody knows who is apart of this order until it is too late. Discovery means death usually. They are invited to join, one never applies to this organization. They have no true alliances with any other Order, and target dark and the light equally. Their level of secrecy is only rivaled by Iris's order of assassins.

Temple: Gabara only has one true temple. It is located in a desert, and few people can actually make it there, or even knows it exists. It is manned by living nightmare and dream constructions. No living person is usually allowed entry. Inside lie dream manipulation spells, and things of Gabara's own creations he keeps safe. It is said he keeps his true origins hidden within in the walls of this temple, and his stolen souls. It is made out of a strange material like steel, but it comes from the dream world and the temple itself is connected to this realm, it has many portals here.

Afterlife: Gabara offers no such thing, for anyone who worships him is promised to live forever in the dream world. The more they please him, the more power they are offered in the dream world as long as they serve him. However this dream world is his version of paradise, to most people it is nothing more then a horrible hellish version of reality, his version of how he would like things to be.

Future: Gabara's future is unknown for the most part. He's told many different versions of it and they all him with becoming the new king of the Gods. Nobody believes this or much of anything he rambles on about. He seems content to believe this kind of insanity though. His true future seems only to be known by him, and him alone. Godzilla knows what it is too, but doesn't seem like it is his place to reveal what it is.
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Gabara, Nightmare Lord
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