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 Gabara's Faction

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PostSubject: Gabara's Faction   Gabara's Faction I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 25, 2011 9:54 am

The underworld is something to be feared. Simple thieves to psychotic killers roam here. Assassins and dealers too. Anything can be found if you know where and how to look for it. There are three major aspects to the underworld. Two of them are highly organized and powerful. The third is dangerously secret, but so much so that few even know it even exists! Gabara's faction is simply a secret kind of chaos that spans over the entire world, but is never truly seen. They seem to have no plan at all other then the complete random campaigns of terror they do from time to time. The organization can be as elite as leaders of warlords, or as primitive as backwater demonic worshipers in a swamp somewhere. Even though they are vastly different, they are all part of the same group and seem to have the same goals that change as constantly as they do.

This faction is undetectable. They lie about who they really are to the point of pretending to worship other gods, hiding in plain sight from everyone. Some are respected people and others are even the ones people trust to protect them. Anyone can be a follower of this monstrous god and go years with out ever being detected. Because of this the level of trust is very low in the world. Anyone can be a member but no one will ever be able to ask to join, anyone who does usually disappears in short order. This faction does not like to be exposed at all, or even be investigated. To do so is a risk of your life, and anyone who might have helped you. The only reason people know about this group is because those who have been caught are more then willing to tell everything, not because they are insane but because they are fearless and know that nothing anyone can do will be able to stop them anyways.

The members of this faction have nothing in common, they are made this way. There are no defining colors or symbols they have to identify them. They do meet, but when they do it is said that they create a sign so big that everyone can see it, making it impossible to know who the members are and who the curious onlookers are. They basically let everyone know where they are meeting, but only members can understand the signs well enough to know where it is. Sometimes though, this is a trap for other orders and other forces of light too. If they attempt to watch and see where people go they can surround them. Either way though if they try to find them they will have a fight on their hands.

In the wilderness the Faction controls entire towns for their own gain. Still they keep their secrecy and try to appear as normal as they can. They let other orders stick around and businesses try and make some money. The only obvious sign that something isn't normal is the lack of children. The faction has few rules, other then staying invisible, their other goal is to keep children safe. For besides them, children make up the larger worshipers of their god and to kill them is to hurt their god's power base. Other then this though, their rules are largely non existent and at any given time they can rise up to cause mass destruction.

They use weapons, all weapons. Anything they can get their hands on. They don't excel at any type of style but instead rely on vicious tactics and brutality. Fighting a faction member can quickly become a bloody mess as they seldom have any regard for their own well being or life. They pretty much hate all other orders out there besides the other Madness lords' they are loosely allied with. Rodan's order is also respected enough to usually be warned before the attack goes down due to their chaotic nature, but they are hardly friends and if they don't leave in time they will become a victim like anyone else.

Their god has mocked the idea of the 'Priest of the Order' Instead of picking and choosing special people to obtain his twisted blessings, he has deemed it acceptable to give everyone in the organization special powers. They are as follow:

Dream Walker: The member of this group can enter into anyone's dreams up to three nights a week. The more they do this the more power over their victim's dreams, and waking actions.

Nightmare Stalker: Only at night can the members cast an illusion over themselves and stalk a victim. This illusion will be of their Victim's greatest fears. If there is more then one victim each one will see their worst nightmare come to life.

Sleep: The members can, three times a day cast a potent sleep spell on one victim, or once a day cast the same thing on a room full of people. This sleep is deep and sends them all directly into the Dreamlands for one day with no chance to escape.

Electric Touch: Much like their God they can channel electric power through their body and into a victim. This can stun or kill depending on what they want to do. But they must be in physical contact to do this.

Telepathy: The members can talk to one another like this, and to just about anyone. But they can alter their voices to what ever they want just to torment the victim in to thinking they are going insane.

Dream Vision: They can alter perceptions to people, creating illusions to draw people in and tempt them with things they've always wanted. Or lead them into traps. They can alter their appearance, and that of their surroundings up to an hour at a time, with practice and experience the limits fade away, but this takes extreme concentration to accomplish. Something they usually don't have.

The members of the faction are immune to being tired. They never need to sleep if they choose not to, but most do to search for their God in the dream realms. Because they are all granted these powers, they do not have any kind of Ultimate spell they can use, this is fine with them.

Invitation to the order is a life and death choice. If one is invited and says no, they usually are found dead with in a few days. It is considered an honor to even be chosen and to reject such an offer is punishable by death, very few people are able to escape this fate if they say no. To those who say yes vanish from where ever they lived and are trained in the use of the powers, given the blessing through unknown rituals. Then they show up somewhere else, usually in a place of power or some other place, but not always. For the more primitive side of the faction it is less complicated as they are inducted into the cult and begin to worship with their strange customs.

Nobody knows if the God is real, or it is just this faction that is the sole reason for the god's existence. In truth the God really exists but the faction wants the general public separated on the issue for it's own reasons. They are often the reason for much of the violence that seems to have no reason to begin, but they like to play sides against one another, and they adapt to the tactics of other dark powers to conceal their efforts and often start wars to weaken both sides of the light and the dark. They come out the stronger for it.
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Gabara's Faction
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