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 Frosty the Snowman.

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PostSubject: Frosty the Snowman.   Frosty the Snowman. I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 22, 2012 2:21 am

As we all know, The christmas holiday season is filled with colorful characters, we all know who they are by now thanks to that annoying novelty music we hear constantly almost every where we go. They portray these characters as something more for the children. However, much like fairy tales do these songs tell the children that these things to not exist, they already in their hearts know they are real. These songs tell them that indeed invincibility is applied in these cases, simply it tells them how to kill the monster.

Monster, you ask. Yes, to put it lightly we can call it a monster. The destroyer that is the season of death brings with it a variety of evils hidden beneath the snow covered landscape that only looks pretty from the warmth of the other side of a window. The desolate conditions are enough to turn beauty into endless suffering in mere minutes. This is the power of the beast that is winter. Winter brings with it a fiercer creature, and you all know who it is already.

The song proclaims that Mister Frosty the Snowman is a fairy tale. If you have ever read a real fairy tale that has all the sugar coating peeled away from it, you will realize very quickly most of those stories are quite disturbing and some of them even sadistic. This one is no different save for one clear and known difference. This one is real, and for the first time anywhere its story is told here, I hope you appreciate the effort made to reveal this tale to you, for you, reader will finally know the truth of the Snowman.

Let me take you to a small town in eastern South Dakota. You have never heard of this town, but I have lived there. It is called Valley Springs. It is odd because it is neither in a Valley, nor have I ever seen any of the springs in the area and the song Frosty the Snowman is never played, it is oddly enough banned in this town, let me take you back to three days before christmas, the year 1949. This town was not always so quiet. Like most small towns it was a busy place in these glory days. I can not describe to you the surroundings in great detail, but there is no doubt you can picture it in your mind. Children playing in the yards, snowball fights, snow angels and adults still as they do today complaining about the weather. The snow covers almost everything and icicles cover the ledges.

Teenagers of course have, and never will change no matter what year it is and use the cold to snuggle up close together. In this scene, horror does not belong here, it can not belong here. The third day before christmas was largely uneventful and just basically short and filled with cheer, history shows that this night it snowed. None of the old timers today remember the snowfall, not a single one of them can recall that it snowed or witnessed it. Regardless of the memory, it did snow at least six inches. The second day is when it began, innocently enough.

According to the song, children created the snowman, this much is true. Three children created the snowman. This process was nothing new in the small town and there were snowmen all over the place. The children did not spend too much time on it and it was poorly made complete with a hand drawn smile on it's pale white face and a simple old black hat they had found that was either lost or discarded. The creation was abandoned shortly afterward and was left alone. The magic that brought the creature to life in the song, was in the hat it was assumed. The magic was not in that hat, rather it was in the snow itself.

Some of the cheer was taken out of the day by the new snow's bitter cold air and most people remained inside where it was warm. The poorly built snowman was the only one made that day, it was enough. Nature is very uncaring and destructive when it comes down too the basic rules, something was horribly wrong with this icy weather. It's bite was too powerful and no amount of clothing or protection could seem to hold it off for long, everybody knew it, nobody mentioned it. They were tough and could handle a little cold now and again.

Darkness came early as it always did in December, and it indeed it still does. With the night, things started to go wrong almost instantly. The power went out, an ice covered branch broke and with it the town died. Unlike today, there was a plan in place for just such an emergency. The population was to go to the School where there was a generator. Slowly but surely the people began to make their way to the school and check on their neighbors along the way just in case they were sleeping so they would not freeze in their beds.

The journey was not a pleasant one for anybody. Frostbite tried to take many of the elderly and the kids. It failed. Despite the attempt everybody made it to the school with at most a slight case of a red nose and the sniffles. Strength in numbers had some kind of comfort to it after all.

In the dark something came to life, it is truly unknown how this happened. I know you would like the details of the transformation, but this reader is why it is called magic, it just happens in the way it is meant to. The creature's eyes opened for the first time and they were, as black as the hole where its soul should have been. It screamed into the night sky and the wind carried the horrid voice throughout the houses and echoed down the streets like a vicious blizzard wind bearing down all. This would have been warning enough if there was anybody there to hear it, for the population of the town was safe for the moment in the school's basically soundproof walls.

The Snowman could feel the warmth in its icy body, how else could it have known where the people had been after all? The snow form body cracked and reshaped into something that no longer resembled the innocent creation of the hands of children. Now it resembled more of the shape of the dreaded wendigo. Its mouth was filled with razor sharp ice spikes, the body was asexual in appearance, tall and lanky, arms that fell down to the sides and had fingers that ended in sharp, murderous claws. It had legs and feet, but it had no use for them, when this creature moved, it simply slid through it as easily as a spirit slides through a wall, and just as silently. It stalked its way towards the school, towards immortality.

The people never saw it coming, they never had a chance, it was a blitz, man. The monster had strength unlike anybody had ever seen as one of it's claws of frozen fury tore through the brick walls like it was wet paper. the power outage did not inspire panic, this however did. Like a pandemic, chaos and terror spread through the people as they quickly realized that something was coming, and it was coming for them. The wall did not last too long before two more quick and furious blows from the beast sent it crumbling into the floor. Revealed in its full frozen horror the snowman silently entered into the school and the snow obliged to come with him as if it were a slave to its will.

A predatory nature was soon revealed as it quickly went after the weak, the first victim was one of the creators of snowman itself. Little Jack was never a good kid persay, but he did not deserve this fate, nobody did. The snowman was on the terrified child of seven years of age was frozen in place as the monster easily in one swift motion took hold of the arms of the kid and with a sickening tearing sound of the flesh, dismembered him. The snowman held the arms over its head in a twisted version of a victory pose, the blood ran down over the living snow. The dead child lay there, twitching now and again with who ever was left to witness this violent display was only encouraged to just run faster out of the building and into the streets.

This was the longest night this little town has ever experienced. Chaos gripped the entire town and every soul who lived there, for awhile at least. The snowman caught up and killed several people during the course of the night. Some had very heads bitten off, others were twisted in half, more dismemberments and body parts decorated some places more than in others. Not all of the people ran wild from the snow devil. One person must have snapped beyond the point of fear and abandoned their selves to become some kind of twisted and insane version of a savior. It was a woman, more direct to the point it was the mother of little Jack. Her name was Constance, she had witnessed the murder of her child and lost her mind.

She set up a trap for the monster and for bait, she used six people she would have called friends earlier in the week. She had rounded them all up and placed them in the center of town, and to each of them she had tied gasoline filled bombs to their chest at gunpoint. The monster eventually came, and it attacked without question. Constance was a twistedly beautiful woman now in her insanity, and as soon as the monster was in range she set off the trap. Her six friends were instantly incinerated by the heat, the monster itself could not even handle this attack and it's essence and body was blown to pieces. Bloodstained snow covered the walls of the nearby businesses, the monster was gone.

The next day the carnage could be seen in the sunlight of the cold winter's day of christmas eve morning, the town had lost at least sixteen people and several others were missing and presumed dead. Constance was found frozen to death holding the gun pointing it at where the remains of the creature would have been. Charred flesh and bodies littered the surroundings.

Nothing brings people together like a dark horrible secret, but the secret could be kept. The towns people spent the holidays cleaning up and almost losing their collective sanity every time the wind blew in that likeness of the terrible scream of the snowman. Instead of a monster, the people created the story of a gas explosion that killed all the people that went missing. This was the story they gave to the officials and it was accepted as truth and recorded into history.

Not all the secrets of the world could be kept it seems. Several people left this town in the following year. In 1950 the song Frosty the snowman was played. Sources say the writer heard the strange story of the killer snowman and was inspired to write a song for Christmas, he called it Frosty the snowman, and this song ends with the cryptic words all children know so well they go like this "I'll be back again someday."

This song is banned in this town, and the old timers who saw the demon fear the last words of that song, fearing there could be some truth to those words.

There you have it, reader. The True story of Frosty the Snowman.
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Frosty the Snowman.
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