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 Gezora, The Ice Devil

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PostSubject: Gezora, The Ice Devil   Gezora, The Ice Devil I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 29, 2012 3:10 am

The ice filled regions of the world are harsh, and generally unforgiving. People live here, either running away from something or born here. Nobody actually wants to live here. The Gods don't even like it here so much. There are only a few that like it here, and most of them are none anyone would ever want to meet or talk to. Few people are even willing to admit the existence of this god. It's name is Gezora, and it is a terrible devil of the sea at all sailors fear, but it is just one of many reasons for people to fear the sea.

Gezora was an accident when it was alive. An alien force known only as YOG came to the earth and took over three giant , but peaceful monsters on an island. These beasts were intended to carry out the beginning plans of the alien invaders. The humans on the island managed to stop the monsters and the aliens with the sonic waves of bats, and a volcano. The alien was destroyed forever, perhaps. But the monsters themselves didn't quite die. Their cells were mutated beyond the limits of what they had. Out of all three of these beasts though, the only one who survived was the monster called Gezora.

It was a giant squid that was given an icy touch, and generally cold aura. After Yog had left its body it was left senseless, and with out purpose. It drifted through the ocean, harmlessly for decades, doing what ever it took to live, but generally leaving people alone. It eventually found itself drawn to the ice fields of the Arctic and called it home. Any sightings of the beast basically went unreported or unbelieved as Gezora was, for all intents and purposes dead, or never existed. The story of YOG was a story that no one really believed to begin with as there was no proof of the monster besides what the ones who had lived through it had seen. Gezora was a mythic beast for the world at large, but once and a great while northern ships would return from the icy waters, and be derelict with no reason for it.

Gezora was not happy with the world though, the environment was heating up and it was destroying his home slowly. The humans were not to blame for this though. It was just the natural course of the planet warming up. Gezora did not quite understand this concept though and blamed humans at large for this. He was defeated by them in the past and that pain was not easily forgotten. He dove deeper into the cold waters to enjoy his life there. Gezora hated to be forced to do anything though.

One day, something strange happened. It seemed like the whole world was exploding around him. A strange energy was all around him and it wasn't painful either. He could see it flowing through the ice and the cold waters he lived in, and he reached for it to see what would happen, and all it did was enter into him, and he felt his powers increase ten times over. It wasn't a bad feeling either. Gezora rose from the ice and pushed his aquatic body onto the surface of the ice and did not run out of air at once. The monster had gained the power to walk on the surface again, and so much more then that. The beast was chosen, one among many, to become one of the new gods. He didn't know this though, how could anyone know this being isolated for years. The ice fields were ruined by humanity's destructive ways and now, for the first time he would make them pay for it. Gezora decided on this day that the world would freeze to death and he would remake the world in his own image.

Gezora explored the world and discovered very quickly that he wasn't alone. There were many other Gods out there and many turned out to have way more power then he ever had. His plans were quickly put to a halt as he witnessed Godzilla take out a lesser god, one of the ocean like him self with one breath attack. The fish monster Gezora saw was not dead, it seemed that death was impossible for them but at this point it looked like it wished it was dead. Gezora quietly slid off into the dark ocean not really wanting to attract the attention of the massively powerful God that stood in the distance.

Gezora returned to his ice world and claimed it as his own. He quickly became part of the darkness lords and traveled around the seas of the world. Causing trouble to sea faring people of the world. Gezora quickly became known as the Ice Devil to many peoples. Even though he had many names they all had to do with the ice, because of his natural freezing body temperature the ocean around where he was, would form chunks of ice. Sometimes the God would simply cause terror just by making the ice appear, and cause havoc through many islands just to watch them squirm. He enjoyed causing misery to humans and when the ice comes anywhere near someplace it shouldn't have been. This is the general reaction. The other gods of the islands and in general see Gezora as an annoying pest, but to the people he is a terrifying threat, and a devil of the sea.

Very few people worship this monster in the open though. But the ice dwelling people see him as a twisted kind of savior that keeps the outsiders away from their lands. Gezora, oddly enough never seems to attack humans that live on the ice. Most of his worshipers come from here, and the occasional insane guy on the island who turn to the dark ones.

Gezora has a human form, but it is rarely seen, but more feared. Legends say that anyone who sees this frozen human corpse on the ice or anywhere else and they are on a ship, they won't make it home. This legend is true because if they see the human form of the monster, the God is stalking the vessel and only the true protection of a more powerful god will protect them, usually they don't have this protection and the ship is never seen again, or it is and the crew is missing. There is no way to tell though if This is Gezora's doing or another sea devil at work. It's hard to tell at all.

Gezora's Stats

Height: 240 ft tall

Weight: 40,000 tons

Gezora is the embodiment of the cold depths of the ocean and the freezing temperatures. Everyone who uses the water knows his name, but once you travel inland away from the ocean few people know, or have even heard of him.

Ice Aura: Anything that gets too close to Gezora will freeze on its own, he can suppress this but often has no need to.

Frozen Touch: Likewise anyone who touches the monster, or gets grabbed by them will nearly instantly freeze solid.

Ice Armor: At any time the God can summon a coating of ice around his body for protection, also around anyone else. If they can live through the experience though is a different matter.

Cryokinesis: All ice is subject to his command, often, very often the ocean will spawn an army of large ice created warrior golems to do his bidding, or other ice formed beasts, all mindless. Gezora has been practicing.

Gezora is dangerous, but not powerful. He is so deeply connected with the water and the ocean that the farther away he gets from it, the weaker he becomes. It is this reason alone that so few have actually heard of the God itself. It is a constant source of frustration for him.

Gezora's Realm: He created a realm for himself and it is just how one would expect. It is an icy wasteland. A thick sheet of ice covers a vast expanse of water. This is his paradise and he spends much time here. There is nothing of interest here though for humans save the legendary Ice Blade known as Cryon Edge. It is a devastating weapon created by the God himself, even the more powerful lords seem to be afraid of it, but Gezora only could make one, and the price he paid was to be eternally connected to the water and the cold regions.

Personality: Gezora is cold, and often quite emotionless when it comes to the others. He gets straight to the point and is quick to tell everyone what he thinks. He is also very dangerous and sadistic. Cares very little the well being of anyone, the only enjoyment he really gets is when he torments beings weaker then himself. Gezora also is a loner, likes to live alone and away from everyone else.

Worshipers: Gezora has very few of these that will admit it. Anyone who does and is not part of the ice tribes, is either considered insane, or a criminal. These followers of the Ice Devil are just like their god and suffer outsiders not very well. Anyone who manages to show up alone and cause any kind of trouble usually end up in the ocean in the middle of the night. They have no priests but generally everyone in the ice tribes know some kind of ice magic.

Temple: Gezora has a grand temple in the ice lands that sits abandoned, and eternally frozen in time. It never changes and is constantly guarded by ice creatures with no mind of their own. Inside the place there is nothing of value, just frozen bodies of the dead who thought there was and went here only to meet their doom.

Afterlife: Gezora never really thinks about stuff like this, he has worshipers, but its not out of promise of a good after life, its for the protection they get from the outside world. If he did offer them anything though, it would basically be to walk the ice fields as spirits and cause trouble in his name if they wanted to, and it is within his power to grant this to true worshipers to him.

Future: The world is still warming up, but slowly. Someday, it is said there will be no more great ice fields left on the planet. Gezora, has been fighting this the entire time since he's been a God, however he knows that if the world is getting warm, it can also become cold again, and all he has to do, is wait for his time to come. But the future is something he seldom thinks about on a day to day basis
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Gezora, The Ice Devil
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