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 The Frozen Lands

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The Frozen Lands.

The far reaches of the world are seldom explored and even less sought out. There is nothing here but ice, death and the eternal freezing winds all year around. The ice world is a harsh place but everyone expected it to be nothing less than this. Nobody actively wants to come to the wastelands, not anyone sane. There are people who do live here though. This entry is about them, and some of the other secrets the Frozen Lands might have to offer.

The Northern Ice.

The north is covered by a vast expanse of ice, water and mysterious things that are spoken of in whispers. People do actually live on the fringes of this land. Where the ice meets the water there are a select few villages that have existed long before the disaster that changed the world and to this they adapted. They had their own legends of a great tentacled beast that lived under the wasteland. It was a myth to scare rookie fishermen from going out too far. Or to protect the spots of more experienced fishers.

One day a group of the most experienced fishermen were attacked by the God known as Gezora, the fabled beast of their legends rose up and killed everyone, but left one alive to return and spread the message, worship the ice beast, or be killed. The people took this as a sign that everything had changed. The new god would become their only one. In time other people would sometimes make their way into the village and tell incredible tales of other Gods, but they had never seen any of them. This village would be named after their new god, and Gezora saw this. Instead of being a destroyer the God took the people in as his own and taught them to be masters of the cold. Despite the vast many powers and magics in the world, the people of Gezor would become the world's only Cryomancers.

The Ice Tower of Gezor

Cryomancy is a secret beyond most others. Just outside of the village they constructed a great tower made from pure ice. This is their greatest creation and their most prized building. Not only is this impressive to look at, it is also a school. Anyone who thinks they have a heart cold enough to learn Cryomancy can try. The tower is five levels. The one who wishes to learn the secrets can not leave the tower until they master all five levels. The place offers no protection from the frigid cold. For all the years it has been here, only three people have ever made it out alive. The tower makes itself stronger by consuming the bodies of the dead in layers of ice. Their life energy is food for Gezora.

Cryomancy is a vicious kind of magic, anyone who wants to learn can, but at the risk of their own life. It is a powerful magic that most of the world fears greatly because anyone who wants to learn it can, all they have to do is ask. The tower itself is actually bright blue, the ice is infused with magic to create the color it has. In the night, and the long darkness of winter, this tower actually glows on its own. If the village is attacked, the tower acts as a massive ice ray. The village is far from defenseless and even the most wicked of Gods will even think about attacking this place before they do it.

Ice Tombs

The wastes of the ice hold many dead. People foolish enough to seek out the legends of the cold. Gezora had cursed the deepest ice to the fate of undeath. The ice tombs is a thirty square mile region filled with ice undead humans. They are fated to wander the icescape forever. There is nothing here but death and misery, yet the curse had to come from somewhere. Deep in the center of the ice. Gezora, in his early days actually managed to steal a crystal from Death Ghidorah and he encased the Necrocrystal in a magical field of ice. Normally the undead can not function in the ice and the cold. But the mixture of this energy has allowed the undead, flesh eating horde to function normally and with out decay of normal envrioment.

This crystal is coveted. The God, Death Ghidorah wants it back. Anyone who commands the power of this crystal can control a massive horde of eternally frozen undead free from the control of any other outside force. If one ever gets this crystal and returns it to the God of the Undead, the entire population of the ice tribes will be destroyed. Anyone who gets it has the power to unleash this frozen hell on the world. Gezora very much does not want this Necro Crystal to fall into anyone's hands, the wrath he would get from the Undead Lord would be terrible indeed. For the moment though, the God seems content to leave Gezora alone and leave things as they are.

Ice Blade City.

It is called a city. It is called a vast place where people might have lived. It only looks like a city from a distance. This place is a mystical place where the ice freezes straight up. It is filled with magical blue ice that never melts, and deep inside the place there is the even more sought after Red Ice. It is basically something nice to look at from a distance. Cryomancers come here to gain gain the sharp blue ice to make weapons they can sell for money. These weapons are extremely hard to create and are legendary in those who can use them correctly. The Red Ice is much harder to control and shape.

Only three blades of Red Ice have ever been created. Cryomancers don't even travel to these parts simply because the wounds inflicted by the blue ice take up to three months to heal, the ones made by the Red Ice take years, if they ever heal at all. This ice makes for some of the most deadly weapons. From a distance the city is a great beacon of light in the darkness, and a great red beam can be seen from the center. Those lost by some tragic event might see this and see it as a beacon of hope. They come here only to find a field of spikes that is as slippery as any other ice. Not knowing any better they will venture inside and likely never come out.

Vera, The Ice Ranger.

She lives out on the ice, alone and with no outside help. She is something of a legend though. Nobody knows where she came from or why she lives like she does. It is believed she is a more then just a cryomancer though, she is believed to be a very powerful ice elemental, and generally regarded as a hero and a savior. But she protects the land she calls her own with a great and terrible violence. Anyone foolish enough to test this theory pays with it, with their lives. Vera can appear in just about any form she wishes.

Anyone who appears just outside of Gezor after being lost in the wastes usually has her to thank for it. She has no respect for Gezora and it is said that she has just as much power over the ice as he does, some go as far as to say her and the God were once married, or still are. Nobody knows where she came from. But they say when the disaster struck the earth, she was torn from another dimension and is stuck here by the magical energies of the disaster.


The ice is home to a dreaded, and all too real beast that swims through solid ice as if it were nothing at all. This thing is a massive worm and nobody knows where it came from. It does not approach Gezor village, but it is often seen around the Ice Blade City. and other places. This worm is eternally hungry and is most active at night. It is said to be a lesser, primal god that was only half formed with power. It is one hundred feet long and sixty feet high, but in the eternal ice field it is hidden easily and bursts through the ice to devour people in an instant.

It hunts by vibrations in the ice and even though it is so large, it knows how to move with out being detected. It is a fearsome beast that doesn't need to eat to live, it eats and kills for pleasure. Gezora hates this beast and the two have fought many times. Terichik shares the Immortality of the Gods, and no matter how many times the God kills this beast, it always returns with in the year, intact and ready to go. Even though it seems to not remember each time it is killed, and only seems to see Gezora as threat if it sees the God. It shows no real emotion towards anything besides when it is killing people

Cave of Frozen Dreams

There is a mountain range. It is unremarkable besides the Cave of Frozen Dreams. It is a secret place discovered by the first generation of Cryomancers. This a cave into a mountain that will, the farther you travel into it, the more it will show you your future, but at the same time it gets colder. The promise of the cave is it will show you better and better things as you travel down it's winding path. The place almost looks like it was magically made because it twists and turns but is always an easy path. People who come here are promised a great future. They see better things and never notice the cold.

The cave kills just about everyone who goes into it because they always want to see what's next. They freeze to death. They say the Terichik comes through here and devours the dead on occasion so when walking through it, one rarely sees the ones who had come before them. Such a warning is usually not heeded anyways. Only one has made it to the very end of the cave. The only thing that is there is a spire of Purple ice. This is the source of the cave's power. The one who saw it made it out alive, but just barely. It is this one account alone that confirms the only known existence of the fortune granting ice. This woman is now the leader of the Village of Gezor. As she for saw in the cave.

The Wandering Blizzard

There is a horrible wandering storm on the ice. It has no known way to track and is very deadly. The blizzard is eternal. Most of the time it spends its time in isolation, but at random it will unleash its deadly fury upon Gezor and other isolated villages for days, to weeks at a time. Nobody knows why. Not even the Cryomancers can calm it's rage. All one can do, is wait and survive the fury until it moves on.

Ghost Mountains.

This is where the Cave of Frozen Dreams is located, and Gezora's Frozen temple is located. There is really, truly nothing here but death and despair, and the Ice dragons. The dragons of ice are actually living ice and kill anything that enters their domain with no mercy. The frozen temple is a place of grand death, there is nothing here but it appears to be guarding secret treasures. People say the means to control the ice dragons. This is false but the story remains the same. However, Gezora's throne is here and if one should sit upon it, they might have the power to control the Ice Dragons. Maybe. Gezora's temple is made entirely out of blue ice, and his throne is fashioned out of red ice.

The mountains have never been explored because of the Dragon Swarm that lives there. There is no telling what ancient secrets lay here. They also guard the Cave of Frozen Dreams nearly constantly. There is no warnings here, but anywhere the locals don't go, outsiders should be keenly aware to also not tread. Also there is a legend of a vast ancient temple under the ice near here as well that pre dates humanity by many, many thousands of years, but this is likely the invention of drunken sailors who dock in Gezor on their way back home.

The northern ice fields are a terrible place to go and there is not much reason to go there besides to hide from something, or to try your hand at Cryomancy. But the locals are very harsh and have strict rules. If you break them, there is no reason for them to not kill you in the name of their God. So traveler, beware. If you travel to the Frozen Lands, be prepared for anything. Even the strongest of adventurers are not immune to freezing to death or getting eaten by a giant ice worm.
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The Frozen Lands
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