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 Spacegodzilla, God of Cosmic Destruction

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PostSubject: Spacegodzilla, God of Cosmic Destruction   Spacegodzilla, God of Cosmic Destruction I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 28, 2012 1:57 am

Space Godzilla. God of Cosmic Destruction

The universe can be a bleak and horrifying place to be. The Gods are aware of this, the lords of the light are usually content with staying on earth. The lords of darkness are usually alien in origin and dwell in the cold of space, but seldom have anything to do with the Universe itself. Spacegodzilla on the other hand is the exact opposite. He is directly related to the King of the Gods. When some of Godzilla's cells ended up in space when Mothra went forth to save the earth from a asteroid that threatened to destroy the world. These cells drifted through the universe until they found themselves to be the victim of a black hole, because they were Godzilla cells, they lived through the event and were sucked into, and placed in a strange dimension of crystals. The cells bonded with these mysterious crystals and the mix between them created a new horror.

The beast was a twisted version of Godzilla, but armed with an alien intelligence that rivaled many humans and a vast, if not unlimited power source. Spacegodzilla raged, tore a hole in the crystal universe and made his way back. There is only room for one Godzilla in the universe, it seemed. Spacegodzilla was filled with rage that this one existed at all. It was in no time at all that he made his way back to earth burning through the vastness of space. Spacegodzilla arrived on the planet and he did so with a vengeance.The space monster terrorized the planet, and he tormented his 'brother' in various ways such as nearly killing the younger of the species. The battle between them finally came to a point in a city that was nearly destroyed with radiation and cosmic energy and crystals that were formed out of seemingly nothing at all. Godzilla won the battle with the help of the humans and apparently destroyed the beast, forever. The world never forgot the monster that was, but worse threats were around the corner. Maybe not worse but easily worse then the past.

Spacegodzilla was from the same genetic material, with a power supply always available to him he could truly never die. He was the prototype of the future. The monster was smart enough to know that defeat was easily going to be the same result, he proved to be a force to get the humans and the monsters to work against him. Space Godzilla made his way back into the black of the universe and waited there in space, undetected and watching the earth. His rage only grew stronger as he watched. But something happened on the planet. Time meant nothing to him. The regeneration of his body didn't last long and soon all he had to do was watch. The war broke out with so much intense violence even he had to take notice. The magical energies exploded from the world in all directions. It was a strange kind of energy and the monster soaked it up. Nobody ever knew he was there, but they soon would. His massive energy absorbing body took in vast amounts of this power and the transformation from beast to God was nearly immediate. He was not foolish enough to believe he was the only one though. He could sense his hated brother had taken in the same amount of power, maybe even more because he was closer to it.

Space Godzilla Stats:

Height: 400 Ft.

Weight: 70,000 Tons

Spacegodzilla is the living embodiment of Cosmic energy. His ascension to godhood has created a whole new kind of magic of the Cosmic kind. This magic is capable of a great and many destructive purposes. The monster was powerful before the transformation, now it is a true engine of destruction. His powers are as follows.

Cosmic Aura: Space Godzilla is constantly unleashing terrible amounts of Cosmic power no matter where he is. This is just like radiation, only it kills and damages living cells even faster. There is no known way to use this to detect him, but he can suppress it at will to build up the power within him.

Crystal Creation: Spacegodzilla could do this before he was a God, but now the crystals can take other forms and grow nearly instantly. These crystals are one of the main power sources for the God while he is on earth, he needs a constant source of power to drain or he will begin to weaken. These crystals can form entire fields and encase many living things instantly as well who get in the way.

Telekinesis: Space Godzilla's mind is one of the most powerful of all the Gods, and he uses it constantly. Before the power was limited, now it is vastly improved and more effective. He can use it to increase his strength, and his range of attacks. This power is very destructive to even the most powerful gods.

Crystal Shield: Spacegodzilla can form a shield around his body that can deflect most energy based attacks in a second. It makes him untouchable to all but the strongest energy attacks.

Corona beam: A mockery of Godzilla's own flame breath, this is an attack of pure cosmic energy that can twist and turn easily with the Telekinesis. Making this attack nearly unavoidable, but it is not as powerful as Godzila's own beam, just far more accurate.

Gravity maniuplation: Gravity is meaningless to this massive monster. He can control it with in a three hundred foot radius of himself. This power takes much energy to use and his own crystals are not immune to it. He rarely uses this, but the threat alone is enough to make just about anyone think twice.

Transformation: Spacegodzilla has his saurian form, and he has a flying form he can turn into with ease. Also a human form as well now.

Cosmic Pulse: Much like Godzilla, he can also let loose a horrible cosmic blast that destroys everything up to a fifteen mile radius. The land can never be used again because the cosmic energy kills the lifeforce there. The only ones who can reverse this are the Gods. Spacegodzilla hates using this power though because it burns nearly all of his energy and he thinks it's a too slow of a death for any enemy. He will only use it if there is no other choice.

Spacegodzilla is all at the supernatural level. He makes the gods nervous, and he does not fear the wrath of his 'brother', He is one of the few that can actually back it up. He can exist just about anywhere, including the heart of a star where he is at his strongest.

Space Godzilla's Realm: This is a shiny place. Crystals as far as the eye can see and the place is filled with cosmic power, it is enough to kill just about any living thing not because it damages the people and beings that go here, instead the crystals bond with the living and empower them to levels they were never meant to go to, breaking them down forever. This place is one of dreaded fear, for Spacegodzilla is the only one who can use cosmic energy, it is toxic to just about all the other gods who remain here for too long.

Personality: Spacegodzilla is cold, heartless. He is extremely intelligent and vicious when it comes to making his plans. He is relentless when it comes to fighting and will never stop, never show mercy, never even consider it. He is vengeful too, the destruction he causes isn't for the natural course of events, it for the fun of it. He enjoys watching beings lose everything. Generally though he sees humanity as nothing but a speck in the universe, and doesn't understand why the other Gods have taken to them so much. He only uses them for this purpose, as bait to get the other gods to fall into traps of his own design.

Worshipers: Spacegodzilla is an extremely powerful God of Darkness. The people have taken to this power like moths to a black flame. Spacegodzilla neither wants or cares for these people but they worship him as if he were the only god to ever walk. They all wear dark blue cloaks and if they are lucky enough to find actually crystal shards from their God, they actually incorporate this into their clothes. One who happens to find intact, depowered crystal shards can stand to make a lot of money, or very deadly enemies if the price is too high.

They are called many names, but mostly they are called the Blue Shadow. They are largely outcasts, but their numbers are very high and most of the orders, good and bad tend to not like these people, the cause many fights in many places and are more then willing to fight anyone for any reason. These people try to be as dark hearted as their God and often destroy things with the most value, the bigger, the better. They don't care who gets hurt in the process. Sometimes the like to hurt people in the process just to prove a point. They hate Godzilla's order, even though they can't fully understand why because they seem to do the same things. But their God hates them so they should too, it is just the way of things.

Temple: Spacegodzilla does have a temple, it is made out of his very own crystals and the place is massive. It is more of something to remind people that he's always out there, watching and could strike at any time. Nobody guards it, but the Blue Shadow has the advantage of using this place as a base of operations. So far their God doesn't seem to care. Not even they have discovered all of it's secrets yet though, there are many doors that seem to be locked still, who knows what there is to be found there.

Future: It has been said that one brother will destroy the other. Everyone is sure that Spacegodzilla will be at the wrong end of the King's wrath someday, even the Evil gods wouldn't mind this because every so often the beast will come after them as well, just because he can. Spacegodzilla's future is to be destroyed, but nobody knows how or when, it seems impossible.

Afterlife: Spacegodzilla doesn't care one way or another where the souls of the dead go. They are all meaningless to him and easily broken. He simply tells them to do what they did in life. It is enough for them to do this as a reward.
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Spacegodzilla, God of Cosmic Destruction
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