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 The Blue Shadow

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PostSubject: The Blue Shadow   The Blue Shadow I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2012 12:40 am

The Blue Shadow

There are few orders as powerful and dark as this one. They are like a twisted reflection of Godzilla's order. They worship destruction, but not for the cause of regeneration. When these broken souls destroy something, chances are it will remain devastated for as long as it is left that way. They are highly visible, just like their God they feel they have no reason to hide from anyone at all. Groups of them travel from place to place, usually keeping to themselves mostly. But if there is any reason at all to become aggressive, and they need very little reason.

They will attempt to destroy everything they can and anyone who gets in the way. There is no split in this order. There is only the Blue Shadow. The main difference between the members is their will to destroy things, and their experience in doing it. It seems like an impossible order to want to join, but it is easy. To wish to destroy everything around you in a fit of rage is usually the only spark another member needs try and get others to join. Life is stressful and destruction is easy, why not be granted power for doing it?

For as much as they like destruction, they are seldom found outside of cities. The members believe they are better then others and deserve the best treatment. When they don't get it they unleash their rage and attempt to kill and destroy anything that angered them. They are usually kept in check by the other Orders that are near by, as it seems that almost no one likes this. Sometimes even the darker orders will stop them. Their destructive urges have a bad habit of ruining the plans of others, this is not looked upon with any amount of favor.

The Blue shadow's most prized item is their dark blue cloak. They feel this brings them closer to their God in appearance, and everyone who sees it knows who they are. There is never just one. Where one is seen, more are bound to be around somewhere. This order is usually against making secret plans. They'll make their objectives very clear. Usually this revolves around blowing something up.

There is no real reason for the things they do, not one anyone knows really. They are violent as well. More times then not if there is a fight and one or more of the shadows are involved, chances are good they started the fight. Most of the time they fight with anything they can find, but sometimes one will have a blade crafted out of one of their God's discarded crystals These blades are feared because they infect the wounds they make with cosmic energy, and they do not heal with out some kind of magical aid. No one is immune to this effect, thankfully these blades are usually only carried by high ranking members and priests.

Anyone can join. There are no restrictions on who can be what. If you do enough of their holy work, you will be noticed. Spacegodzilla has deemed that if you want to be a priest of the order, you must kill one of each members of the other orders of light, the higher ranked the better. Or a member of Godzilla's order. But you must do it on your own. No help of any kind. There are very few priest's to the Blue Shadows, but they do exist.

Space Godzilla has granted those special people the following powers.

Limited Telekinesis: The priests are able to lift 500 pounds with their mind alone for up to four hours a day. This can be used offensively.

Crystal Skin Armor: In a flash these people can coat themselves with a very strong crystal armor that lasts as long as they want it to, or until it's broken to pieces. Used once a day.

Cosmic Radiation Beam: Mimics the breath weapon of their God. Fired from the hands it is very fast and and what ever it hits gets covered with deadly cosmic radiation, and everything around it does as well.

Devastating Ground: A priest can cause a crystal like surface to cover everything in a seven hundred foot radius in a crystal coating. This kills all life that might have been there and makes the ground useless to anything as all the crystals are generating cosmic rays that prevent life from returning.

Regeneration: A rarely used power, the Priests can heal only those of their own order from nearly any wound or sickness. This is often used to get people to join, walk into a plague infested area and offer salvation.

The priests are very powerful, and are given the Crystal blades. Because they are related to Godzilla's order, if they are killed they will dissolve into cosmic, radioactive dust that covers the enemy. This death is slow and painful, and it also injures anyone who gets close. Only the direct intervention of another God is powerful enough to stop this process. Barring that, to kill a priest of Spacegodzilla is to be killed yourself.

Even though they are of the Evil order, they would like to see nothing more then the death of Godzilla and everyone foolish enough to worship it. The Blue shadow is one of the very few groups who are actively trying to destroy a neutral order. No one is worried though. Their target is more then capable of taking care of it's self.

When they need something is when they are at their most dangerous. Food, money, someplace to rest. If any of these things are denied to them when they demand it, it is now they are likely to explode and do their worst damage. They don't take well to being told no, in any language. This doesn't stop people from doing it though. Some of their most legendary battles begin with something really small. They expect everything for free and tend to not pay for anything, the older members act like this. The newer ones are not as bad and sometimes can be pulled out of the order.

The order of Spacegodzilla is mainly made up of people who just couldn't take the stress of life anymore, their numbers are growing because life is very stressful in this destroyed world of the Gods and the monsters. Their greatest enemy is Hope of a better tomorrow. They seek anyone who offers this message to the people and kill them just to make a point. They fit in to the lords of darkness well, but not always.

Like the members of their group, they are often seen as very dangerous outcasts by the other Gods and it is wise to always know where they are and what they are doing before they make any kind of plan. Nobody would complain if they were all wiped off the face of the earth, but this is a job easier said then done.
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The Blue Shadow
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