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 Megalon, God of Hidden Places

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PostSubject: Megalon, God of Hidden Places   Megalon, God of Hidden Places I_icon_minitimeTue May 15, 2012 1:57 am

Megalon, God of the Hidden Places.

In the disaster that changed the world forever. Many places became lost, hidden and all but forgotten. It is the way of such things after a great and terrible change like this. Much like the places, the great beasts themselves, some of them also became lost to memory. Making only one appearance, a footnote in history of monster attacks only to vanish. Megalon is one such creature. It attacked once on the behest of the ones who worshiped it. It was soundly defeated by Godzilla, not even Gigan's help could turn the tide and both monsters were defeated by the unlikely team of Godzilla and Jet Jaguar. Megalon was never seen again by human eyes and quickly became forgotten by the other beasts that would appear from the unknown. Megalon did not die though, he just slept through the ages. When the disaster took place. He was not ignored as the magics changed him.

He dreamed and in these dreams combined with his new found powers, he was able to see all things being lost, their location and their place. They would become hidden from the eyes of Gods and men the same. Protected by strange magic shielding that it seemed that only he could see through. These places sometimes held curious items, one of a kind things. Sometimes though they held weapons of mass destruction that people and Gods would kill for. Megalon awoke to a new world. The kingdom he once fought for even seemed to lose faith in their former god and when he arose, they seemed shocked to see the creature lived at all. Seatopia was quickly enslaved by the powerful new God. Megalon was, and remains one of the very few Gods that has an entire kingdom at his disposal.

His worshipers number in the millions and the whole place is in a secret kingdom, protected by an army of earthen made Golems and other strange living weapons created by the cosmic powers of Megalon. Potentially, Megalon could have been the most powerful God there was, but he was more interested in revenge against the monster that defeated him. Godzilla. Of course Megalon tried to strike out against the King, and was soundly, and quickly defeated. Gigan and Hedorah recovered him and brought him back to the Council of Darkness, a place where all the Lords of the dark met. Megalon was accepted into their ranks, under the condition that their influence be felt in his Kingdom, meaning he had to break it up. The God didn't want to be in the order that badly.

Gigan and Hedorah had the most to gain and tried to convince him to stay, but it didn't work. He wasn't any ally to the Light forces either so he slipped into the world of the neutral. Megalon lost all interest in the ways and the battles of the Gods and now strives to do his best to protect the hidden places of the world to keep them away from everyone. He is very good at his job and will attack anyone with equal force to keep them away. Megalon's existence is a simple one. In addition to keeping the hidden things secret, he keeps his whole kingdom hidden as well. His greatest nemesis is Baragon, the insane god sometimes stumbles into his kingdom on accident, but when he is defeated or driven away, he seldom remembers how he got there, or that he was even there to begin with. So the secret remains safe.

Megalon Stats

Height: 360ft

Weight: 60,000 Tons

Megalon is Intelligent, he is also apathetic, only clinging to a cause when it's personal. All other matters, he barely goes through the motions if he feels he has to be there. He acts as if he never knows what is going on, but always pays attention to every detail. He is the keeper of secrets and it is rumored that he knows just about everything there is to know, that isn't public knowledge. This is one of the main reasons the other Lords of Darkness let him go with out much of a fight. He bides his time, makes his rounds and generally has a simple life.

His powers are as follows:

Lightening Ray: From the horn on the top of his head, he can fire a bright, electric arc of energy as fast or as many times as he needs to. Its not effective as a weapon against the gods, but against cities and armies of people it is devastating.

Napalm Explosives: Megalon has an odd ability to fire explosive spheres from his mouth that are red hot and explode on impact, or if he wills it when ever he wants. He can hide these in advance to create traps. He is very fond of making traps like this. These are unlimited and are very powerful.

Underground Travel: Megalon can drill through the earth faster then most of the Gods can fly and he can do it undetected.

Mind reading: Megalon knows the hidden things, he cannot be lied too. He can read nearly every mind. Or at least get a hint on their intentions if there is enough shielding to stop him.

Memory Erase: Megalon can destroy recent memories, or all of it. On gods this has a less chance of working, but on people this works all the time, to as many people as he wants at any time, but they have to be near him in order for him to do it.

Megalon's Realm: His realm is the Kingdom of Seatopia.

Megalon's personality: He is laid back and seldom worried about anything. He has many of his minions watching the several places of the world that are hidden. He usually doesn't care about anything outside of his realm and likes to keep it this way. Adventurers are often requesting information from him, to seek some kind of item or place of legend. He barely trusts anyone he knows let alone some random group of people looking for his help. He reads their minds and almost always finds that there is someone in their group who only wants to use what ever it is they are looking for. If one is found out this way, he will tell the group false information and send them to their deaths.

He cares nothing for humanity that is not in his kingdom. He's a believer in order though. As long as the forces of Darkness and Light do not try to make their way into his kingdom, he doesn't care about them. Neither side's influence is allowed in, and if it is found, it is crushed. This mix only creates chaos and disorder among his people, he thinks they deserve better then that. He is paranoid and always keeps an eye on everything with in his domain.

Worshipers: The entire kingdom of Seatopia qualifies as this. It is one of the most advanced civilizations left in the world and was spared most of the destruction of the disaster. They are only out done by the Technocracy. The two worlds are in contact with one another and rely more on science then the magics of the world. They are more then capable of defending themselves against the Gods if they ever decided to attack. Megalon knows full well the weaknesses of most of the monsters and has imparted the knowledge to the scientists.

They have used this information well and continue to develop weapons. Megalon keeps this a secret from everyone else that might find this information too much to handle. Even most Seatopians have no idea about much of the going on behind the scenes. Seatopia is massive, it numbers in the millions and is hidden under the world, underground. The only ones allowed to talk to their God directly are the priests, but Megalon doesn't punish anyone who breaks this rule, just asks them to try and not do it again. As a leader and a God, he is very busy much of the time. Even the priests hesitate to contact him if they don't think they need too, not out of fear, just to not be wasting time.

Temple: Seatopia's temple for Megalon was destroyed in the disaster, and when the god arose, he destroyed it himself. It was the sign of the new beast that had risen from the ashes. Megalon has no need for a temple. He thinks it makes him look like a lesser god. Megalon has far more important things to do. Besides, if he did have a temple, he would make sure nobody would know where it was. So it is possible one does exist somewhere in secret.

Afterlife: Megalon doesn't believe in death. He offers everyone the chance to mind swap with an elemental body to serve in guarding the temple or hidden places. He offers them effective immortality. If their new body is destroyed in battle though, that is the end and not even Megalon knows what happens after that. Or so he says.

Future: Megalon's rise to power remains a steady one for a long time. His isolation practices only allow him to go so far though. Eventually, it's said his people will rise up and demand to go out into the rest of the world. Megalon's kingdom is to move on without him leading it. He is to fade back into the hidden realms, remaining to guard the secrets of the world nobody was meant to rediscover again.
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Megalon, God of Hidden Places
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