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 Abysmal Tale Number Eighteen: Roadside Attraction

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PostSubject: Abysmal Tale Number Eighteen: Roadside Attraction   Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:15 am

Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen. This is one I like to call,

Roadside Attraction

Nobody really knows where it came from. It's always been here. Back in the old days it was famous. Before the interstate came turned our town into a little thing that was pretty much doomed to destruction. Yeah, it was supposedly pretty great. The only people that lived here now are the old timers, the morons who moved here who needed a cheap place to live, and the town had plenty of places to live. Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself. I suppose I should explain a few things here first.

Back in the mid eighteen hundreds, it was discovered. 1856, actually. Professor Cove's great mystery they called it back in the city. It made quite the sensation over all, people came from all over to see this thing. Nobody knew what it was. What is it? Nobody knows even today. Professor Cove spent the rest of his life trying to figure out what it was meant to be, the purpose of it. Nobody knew more on the subject then he did and you know what, it was very little. But before telling the world where it was upon discovery, be had the forethought to buy the patch of land. According to the officials, there was nothing out here besides grass and the wind, maybe the occasional rabbit.

The land was flat, not close to any water so it was pretty much useless to anyone, and cheap. The maps of the day never indicated anything was strange about the area, or ever had been. The sale was made under unknown conditions, the records of the event were lost in a fire a few years later and the only evidence remaining was held by the professor and his deed. Cove, while trying to study it also made a killing off of it.

He had a wall built around it and filled the place with lights so people could see. He did what anyone else would do and sold tickets. People, for awhile came from all over to see this thing. Nobody went home disappointed. It indeed was a mystery none could solve, not even the one who owned it. Eventually this attracted more then just people. Businesses came to make money off of the people here and some of them just never left. The town of Covington was born in a few short years, all based off of a mystery.

What is it, well I can't tell you what it is. But I can tell you what it, well, what it is. I've seen it a few times. These days it's forbidden to see because of the place built around it is ancient and dangerous. It is a white dome. Yes, this is all it is. No openings, no markings on it. it is three time taller then I am, and ice cold to the touch. I touched it once on a dare and swore my hand was going to freeze off. This is all I can tell you about the mysterious dome of Covington, this is all anyone can tell you about it.

Back in the day when this was a local legend, people used to make up stories about it. Cove himself got in on the act. Stories did nothing but bring the people in by the droves. They all came to see this dome and stare at it. Some people thought it was a hoax, but Cove was a showman as much as he was a man of learning and claimed that the dome was indestructible, anyone who wanted to test this claim was allowed to fire at it, but if the bullet deflected off and hit someone else, it was not their fault. Several people apparently did this back in the day and true to the claim the bullets bounced off. Not even leaving a mark on the thing anywhere. This convinced people that it was real.

This show lasted until Cove's death in 1898. The man was nearly one hundred and ten years old when he died and everyone was convinced that the dome had something to do with it. His son Nathan Cove took over the business when he was thirty years old and faced a new kind of visitor to the site. The religious fundamentalism movement had finally found its way all the way out here and of course anything they didn't understand was the devil's work and this had Satan written all over it. The church goers, at first tried to buy the site, despite their constant attempts to buy it, Nathan just wouldn't give in to their offers and continued business as usual so the religious folk decided that it was time to try another tactic.

Fear, they would make people be afraid of it and do what they did best. Make stories up about how they got messages from God. Reverend Josiah Hind was good at this, he could, in the time of one sermon make people convinced this dome was all but a portal to hell itself. This didn't make it true but nobody back then wanted to go to hell, they were afraid of this thing, of his word. Logic stood little chance against the power of the divine in the early years of the twentieth century. The power of God and the threat of eternal damnation was more then enough to make the people tremble and stop coming to see the Dome. Rev. Hind spent his whole life preaching against the fires of a hell that may, or may not have been real.

One night, after midnight on October 15th, 1915 as the story goes there was a horrible scream that echoed through out the town. Every one rushed out to see what had happened. The Reverend of Covington was dead, it appeared he was shot three times at point blank range. No gun was ever found, nobody ever heard the gunshots either. The murder was a bid deal in the town and had everyone on edge. Everyone suspected Nathan as the killer, but there was never any evidence pointing to him, or for that matter anyone else.

The police never found any one responsible for it and as the years passed on, the memory began to fade. The church seemed to weaken after that but the leader ship was taken over by someone named Reverend Shane Roth, but this man never carried on the grudge match with the dome, but the damage was done. Nathan never could get the thing back to it's glory days and the visitors to it began to slowly slip away.

Nathan, for the first time tried to look into his father's research, there was little of it to be found and it's said that what little information he uncovered actually drove him insane. Well, alright Nathan supposedly was not all normal from the start, he always seemed out of touched with the world and only seemed interested in keeping the Dome safe and keeping people to come see it. They say he was a nice kid, if a bit sheltered from the ways of the world. But he finally looked into the research. He aged much like his father did, he was old, but looked much younger then he really was. It can't really be known what he discovered. I suppose because the old man ran out into the streets just before the dawn of September 13th, 1933 and was screaming something about knowing the truth. He died of a heart attack soon after gaining much attention from the locals.

Nobody ever could discover what this truth was. The police conducted an investigation and cleaned out the Cove's place and carried out six boxes. Nobody could ever know what was in those boxes. The cops locked it up and called it evidence. Nathan Cove was the last of the Cove family that anyone knew about. His mother left him, so the story goes, or perhaps died according to other versions of the tale. The house was locked up and abandoned, the site of the Dome along with it. It was soon after this the second great war broke out and attention turned from the Dome to the war and it was all neatly pushed out of the mind of the public.

Soon after the war was over, everyone was interested more in to the future then ever at this point. Modernization of the roads and the popular interstate passed Covington by. When this happened people started to move away, people stopped coming and everything changed drastically. The once famous town for the mystery was now just forgotten. So many other small towns suffered this same fate. In 1977, some teenagers, either drunk, or on a dare decided to now visit the now condemned site. They broke in under the cover of darkness and became the first people to see it decades. The following morning their car was found some distance away. The owners were never found though.

The site of the dome was investigated, and their things were there, the place was littered with various beer cans, some were opened but still full. Some were half empty. All of their clothes were found around it. Scattered throughout around the dome, but there was no trace of people anywhere. No blood, no evidence as to what had happened to them. It was as if they took their clothes off and simply vanished with out a trace. Three women, two guys if the clothes were to be believed. It seemed an odd pairing but it was what the evidence suggested. They had come from three towns over. The search for them went on for days, but the land is not wooded, nor is it difficult to traverse. If they were going to be found it would have been in a day, two at the most. No bodies were ever found.

The place regained its former reputation of being evil once more, but the police locked it up, this time built a fence around the place and even though the mysterious disappearances were never solved, the place remained sealed off. There were no more vanishings from the place. When the museum was built for the town, it never really mentioned the Dome or the Coves much., just as a foot note in the history of the town. Nobody seemed to call the place on this. It was almost as if people wanted to forget what lay just outside of town, and they did a good job in doing this. The museum was built five years after the break in happened.

The dome sat in silence and neglect for years, and to this day nobody knows what it really means. Nobody knows why it's here or who put it here. The kids, the few of us who are here use this dome as a rite of passage. The dare is to run into the old wooden building and touch the dome. The proof you have done this is easy. You have to run out fast enough for your hand to still be cold. If you are not fast enough, or don't touch it long enough you have to do it again. Nobody has ever dared spend a night here.

We all know the story of what happened back in the seventies. Believe it or not, nobody wants to test it. Very few know of Mystery Dome of Covington. It isn't online, and if it is, there is nothing really to say about it besides the story of the mysterious deaths and disappearances that surround it. Very rarely do we get thrill seekers coming out to see this thing. The police don't want outsiders poking around and arrest most of them. Once and awhile they only tow away the car that was left behind in the middle of the night and say nothing about it to anyone. The only thing anyone knows is that this dome was here long before us, and it will be here long after we are gone.
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Abysmal Tale Number Eighteen: Roadside Attraction
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