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 The Saw Blade Mountains

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The Saw Blade Mountains Empty
PostSubject: The Saw Blade Mountains   The Saw Blade Mountains I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 9:31 am

Saw Blade Mountains.

Beyond the vast and terrible killing fields, they form the natural western border. This is a place of great terror and wonder over all. They used to be called the Rocky mountains before the great disaster. On the eastern side of this great range lies the Killing fields, on the western side lies many different places, deserts. The mountains themselves are desolate and eternally capped with snow as the air is so cold there that winter never truly ends. The gods of the world seldom come here because there is no reason to come here. Humans dominate this place more for the resources they contain then to live here. The mountains have gold inside of them and even though the disaster changed many things, gold was not one of them. Humans risk their lives to come up to this place and mine for this. The mountains have their dangers though unique to them.

The Wendigo

The Mountains is home to a terrible curse that rarely exists anywhere but the frozen Northlands. The curse of something called a Wendigo. The story is always the same. A group of miners gets lost in the mountains. Hopelessly lost and soon they begin to starve in the cold. The choices get worse and soon they start to die. Cannibalism sets in. The miners are forced to eat their own dead and one of them, they never know who it will be, gets taken by the curse. Some people say it is those who eat the most, some think its who ever eats first. Maybe it's both. Nobody truly knows why this happens but when it does the Wendigo kills the rest of the people and eats them.

The Wendigo is doomed to wander the mountains, hunting people and killing them. Most people don't think it is actually real, but this is because there is only four of these monsters active at any one time. They can be killed with great difficulty. Many people have seen these monster but few have lived to tell the story, fewer have actually told anyone how to kill them. They say they are weak against silver and fire. Nobody knows for sure. Wendigo can control the weather, create snowstorms and seemingly teleport due to moving so fast. It is a legend of the Saw Blade anyone who lives in a mountain town knows too well and it makes them afraid of the night more then anything.

Blackstone Mine

The mountains have gold. This people of all kinds coming to the place to strike it rich. Mines are formed and abandoned in months. The place has a legend though. The legend of the Blackstone Mine. It is lost somewhere in the mountains. It wasn't always this way though. Blackstone used to be a great place to make a fortune in the early days just after the disaster. For a while, the story goes, life was good. The Blackstone mine was a source of greed though and attracted all kinds of vicious people. The town that grew around it was solely supplied by the outside world. The town was already pretty hard to find as it was deep in the mountains. Life was hard in Blackstone, but the money was good.

They called it Black Gold, the stuff that came out of there. It was very common to find dead miners off the trails who had gotten lost in the night and attacked by wolves or other terrible things that lived in the dark up there. Nobody knows why but they say the mine started to bleed. People began to report blood coming from the walls and the floor, the miners began to get sick and delirious. They should have quit digging for the gold, but the greed won out. The sickness began to spread into the miners and the town. The place was dying a slow death. They say one night one lone miner came down the trail, every pocket he had was full of gold, but he was nearly insane. He was screaming about how the blood was gushing out the mine and flooding the town. He claimed that everyone died up there.

Blackstone Mine was considered a lost cause after the last miner died a few days later. He didn't even know his own name when he died. Anyone who tried to go back up to the place to see what had happened either came back finding the trails had been closed off or simply went missing. Some people never came back at all. Blackstone was deemed too dangerous to be looked for and abandoned. Abandonment was the beginning, in this ever changing world people found other mines and soon, generations passed and the Mine became a legend that people would talk about in stories as being the greatest gold mine up in the Saw Blades.

It's a real place though. Some say the gold there was so great because it actually was growing out of the walls. Others think it belonged to a God and was destroyed. Nobody really knows for sure the truth of why the place was lost. Every once and a while some crazy miner will come out of the mountains loaded with gold that they claim came from Blackstone.

Dragon's spire

This is the tallest mountain in the Saw Blade Mountain Range. Nobody has ever been to the top of this place because they say this is where the God Rodan lives. Even though it is not known for living anywhere, people generally believe that the God lives here. Nobody attempts to climb this mountain, it is a deadly place to go. It gets it's name from all the Dragons that happen to live here. They came back when the magic went bad and claimed the mountain for themselves. They are intelligent and vicious. One night a year they light the entire mountain on fire, nobody knows why. People can see this for miles around. The dragons protect their land, all of it. Nobody has ever seen a dragon skeleton, this had made people believe that they are truly immortal. They are not. Dragons seldom venture far from their homes, just a few miles at the most to hunt for food, and anything is open season. Human or otherwise.

The Library of Stone

This place resides in the Saw blades. It is a place said to contain all the ancient knowledge of the days before the disaster. Nobody has ever found it but many people try to look for it. Some claim to have found clues to where it might be but the Mountain range is vast. Nobody knows what the library contains but anyone who knows of it firmly believes the place holds powerful weapons of the age that came before. There is a group that live in the mountains that know this place, and they've protected it from the time of the disaster. Anyone who gets close to it gets killed. Sometimes they mislead serious treks into the mountains as guides that get lost. Nobody knows the mountains better then anyone else does. Sometimes they find people who are lost and bring them back to a safe place. They only protect the Library with lethal force, and nothing else.

Dead Rock.

There is a black rock in the mountains that they call the Dead Rock. Nobody knows where it came from but the thing is unlike any other rock in the whole of the mountain range.It is two hundred feet high and pure black, polished rock. Ice cold to the touch. It appeared to simply fall out the sky. No matter how warm it gets, the snow around it never melts. No life is present around this place. Nothing comes here but the people. The place is bleak and it never changes. They call it Dead Rock for this reason only, but the truth of the matter is far darker then most people could imagine. This rock is the origin for the curse of the Wendigo. Only a handful of people know this. When all four of the monsters are active, the place is silent. When one or more is not, the place is active with terrible energies that can kill people if they stay here for too long. When they die, their bodies get dragged into the rock itself and nobody ever sees them again. Some people have seen this but the rock is mostly quiet. Most people never know what that means and see it as a good thing.

Silver Pass

There are many ways through the mountains but none is faster, or more dangerous then Silver Pass. Anyone in a hurry can attempt to take this, it is exactly eighty miles long and has one town on both ends. They profit from the stream of people who are always in a hurry, coming or going. The Silver Pass is always covered with snow and always below freezing. The winds blow through here nearly constantly. It is one of the only confirmed places a Wendigo is known to hunt simply because people like to go here. The smaller the group that attempts to pass through this way the better chance it will have that it will make it through with out being attacked by the monster. Silver pass claims more lives then it allows to go through and making it through is something of a achievement. Most people don't. There are longer, safer passes to take through the Saw Blades, but this one is the fastest. Some people say that exactly half way is a path straight to Blackrock Mine if you're willing to take it

The Saw Blade Mountains are as dangerous are they are filled with the chance to become very rich, lost or dead. People who come here never do it just for a vacation spot. Desperation or greed, running from something or going some place. People live on the edges of this vast place, in the shadow of fear and the unknown because they have no where else to go. The Saw blade mountains are a wondrous place as well. Filled with many unknown locations that only exist in the stories of people who claim to have been there as they were running from a monster or a pack of wolves. Or something far worse people haven't seen yet. This is a place of magic and violence and wonder all mixed into one. Adventure awaits for anyone who wants to seek it out no one is promised to leave who enter.
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The Saw Blade Mountains
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