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 Iris, Goddess of Assassination

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PostSubject: Iris, Goddess of Assassination    Iris, Goddess of Assassination  I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 19, 2012 5:00 am

Iris, Goddess of Assassination

Iris is one of the strangest Goddesses one could ever meet. She is set firmly into the order of darkness and really does not get along with anyone else, but at the same time she is one of the most honorable goddesses you'll ever meet on either side. Her origins are not clear, but some say she has some connection to Gamera, the connection is true and they are bitter enemies. Nobody knows where she really came from though. She tends to like it that way. She is interested only in the mission, the job and the price. She does not, or ever will kill anyone with out a reason, real or not.

She always has a plan in her mind and will stop at nothing to get it done. She will not cause mass destruction, or commit mass murder for one singular target. It's not her style and she hates hurting innocent bystanders. Anyone who takes a first glance at this Goddess can easily see her as not belonging to the order of the dark, but she's with out mercy. Once she has you on her hit list, nothing will change her mind, usually. Sometimes though if she feels like the victim can be useful, or was set up by someone else and is actually innocent she will show mercy. This doesn't happen often though.

Iris will go after the light and the dark the same. This makes her relationships with everyone else very strained. She has had many followers killed, of course proving this is a challenge because when she wants someone dead she usually has her best assassins do it and they leave no trace. So even though they can accuse her, if they can't prove it. It means nothing. Nobody really wants anything to do with the Goddess in terms of friendship, but when they want something done, everyone wants her attention.

Gigan and Legion actively, and openly hate her. Gigan hates her approach, because he sees her methods as frustrating all he wants is war and destruction all the time so one single death to change everything just angers him. Legion hates her because she is into domination of the mind, she has to do it by force most of the time. Iris gets her followers by pure devotion and this makes Legion angry, constantly. Neither one is willing to declare open war on the Goddess though because she has many allies on both sides of the fence.

Gamera is the guardian, Iris is the assassin. The two are natural enemies and their orders clash often, even though the two powerful beings hate one another, neither side is willing to wage open war. Iris knows it's not good for business and likes things the way they are, Gamera is not sure he could win in a straight up fight, and if he did he would not come out of it with out severe amounts of damage. The two of them are only together when they are forced to be together, and no other time. Legion is a mutual enemy that both of them may hate just enough to work together to put down for good if it came to it.

Iris's stats

Height: 490 ft

Weight: 80,000 tons

Iris is cold, silent and very dangerous. She is an expert killer if you see her likely it is because she allows it, or it's already too late.

Her powers are as follows.

Judgement: Iris can tell at once if a target is guilty or not of the thing that got them marked for assassination. This doesn't always promise that some one will live or die.

Darkness: Iris can summon an unnatural darkness over anywhere, any room instantly.

Life Drain: Iris can drain the life out of nearly any living object, not the blood but the actual life force and add it to her own power

Weakness Detection: Iris can find the weakest point of any living thing in seconds and use it to her advantage in a fight.

Silence: Despite her size, she is very quiet on a supernatural level. She can sneak up and disappear on just about anyone.

Seduction: Iris knows how work people. She can read the minds her targets and knows just how to use the information to get what she wants, but she can take many forms and knows how to play many roles nearly perfectly.

Iris works with a plan. She always has a list and an agenda to follow. She hates chaos and meaningless death. She works only when she is paid to do so, but money isn't always the price she asks. She is very selective and rarely keeps anyone close to her she doesn't know. She is very careful and works by her own code.

Iris's personality: Ice cold. She is an amazing actress though and often wanders around the human world with not ever being noticed. She can make friends easily and enemies just as easily, but nobody connected to her is not manipulated into some kind of plan she has. She uses people, but tries her best to not get them hurt, and if she can help it they'll never ever know they were part of anything at all. Iris is never alone. She can handle her self but often she has invisible bodyguards, at least four of them at any given time. They could be anyone. Her true personality though, is ice cold, business orientated and straight to the point.

Iris's Realm: Iris's realm is small compared to most others. It is a dark den of killers made to be like a castle. The queen sits on her throne for audiences. It is clean, dark and no one who visits is allowed anywhere but the main hall, to go anywhere else is to invite death. She is always in human form while in her own realm. No one is allowed in with out an invitation. Her four best assassins are with her at all times.

Worshipers: Assassins and people who want other people dead mainly worship the Goddess. Spies and all kinds of people who need to work with out being seen ask for the favor of Iris. Also, actors. People who are trying to be someone else for entertainment know the skill Iris has of becoming just about anyone at any time. She does have a special, hand picked order of assassins that are simply called Omega. The end. Most people don't even know of they exist and have never seen one. If you want to call Omega, all one has to do is ask the right way.

Temple: The temple of Iris, there is only one. It is hidden in plain sight and operates as a major theater in Xeon city. Nobody knows this besides a handful of people. Iris likes the idea that her main temple can hide in plain sight, she wouldn't have it any other way. This is where Omega can be contacted, and a prayer to Iris can be delivered and the chances that she hears it are much better, she might even be at the place as she likes to be there often. A theater for plays on the outside, but the place, for assassins of Omega, it is a storehouse for all kinds of poisons and weapons to resupply and pick up jobs.

Afterlife: Assassins who are caught in the service of Iris and killed are turned into mindless undead killers who do their job until they are destroyed. Iris has no mercy for those who fail. Those succeed more then they fail and get away with out being killed get the option of becoming undead trainers of others, or rest in peace in Iris's realm for a job well done.

Future: Iris is tangled in a web of lies and secrets. She knows many of the God's darkest secrets and eventually she'll be forced, or tricked into telling some of them and these flaws are destined to start a massive war among the Gods. Iris doesn't believe this to be possible but she is always looking for the weakest link and prepared for anyone who seems to good to be true. Iris isn't big on relationships for this very reason.
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Iris, Goddess of Assassination
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