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 Ebirah The Devourer

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PostSubject: Ebirah The Devourer   Ebirah The Devourer I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 26, 2012 11:10 am

Ebirah, The Devourer

The ocean is a terrible place to be stuck in. It holds many dark secrets and many more things best left unknown. One of these things just happens to be a primitive God. It's name is Ebirah and it has made it's self into a legend of the sea. Not a good one either. Ebirah is known as the Devourer because he loves to attack ships at sea and eat the crew, often in human form as a victim of a wrecked ship on wreckage. It is risky to take any stranger aboard in the middle of the sea, but it is considered inhuman to leave anyone out there to die as well. Ebirah is usually taken aboard the ship and he begins his unholy feast on everyone. He is the reason for many ghost ships that drift into various harbors. Ebirah began life as a genetic experiment. Nothing more then a mindless guard lobster for a group of terrorists that were trying to eventually take over the world. They had the most unfortunate luck of making their island base where Godzilla happened to be sleeping. Once Godzilla woke up he defeated the Red Bamboo Organization with ease, and Ebirah, being the mindless brute that he was challenged the King and was defeated with ease in the process. The monster was not killed but badly injured and sunk to the depths for years in a healing state.

Once the magical disaster happened, The massive beast was not unchanged because of it. He awoke, with an intelligence, and a hunger for humanity, his former favorite snack. He remembered his defeat and remained afraid of the monster who did it. The sea was empty for a long while. He remained in the dark and hidden away from everything that might have done him harm. Ebirah eventually met up with Manda and Dagahra, the three became fast friends with one idea in mind. Rule the seas with absolute power. And the three of them became feared Gods as humanity dared take to the seas once more. They met the Alien Intelligence known as Zigra, the monster wanted nothing to do with these three maniacs, but they included him in the group any ways. Ebirah is the most feared of the Sea triad when on the open water, he can attack at any time and is more then capable of crushing just about any sea going vessel with his claws.

Ebirah's Stats:

Height: 240 ft

Weight: 30,000 tons

Ebirah is always hungry, uncaring and generally insane enough to not know how to hesitate.

His powers are as follows.

Storm Summon: Ebirah can summon a storm to cover his surface from the ocean depths and create a surprise attack, or if he is in the mood just to cause general panic to anyone on a ship.

Voracious: He can easily devour an entire crew in minutes.

Detect Life: He uses this to track life forms at sea to hunt easier

Sea Domination: Ebirah can dominate weaker life forms of the sea to track down potential meals nearly anywhere.

The Devourer never has a plan, he never seems to have a purpose besides to spread terror in the ocean. Him and his two friends seem to excel at this and because of their random attacks they don't fit in with the lords of darkness. They are considered pests by other gods, all of them generally. But the ocean is a big place and they are hard to find, but not worth the effort to hunt down.

Ebirah's Personality: Sociopathic and vicious, Cruel and hate filled. The Devourer is very simple minded, but not stupid.

Ebirah's Realm: The deep dark sea is the only place he could ever call home.

Worshipers: Generally no one. Ebirah is feared, not worshiped. Anyone who goes on the sea hopes to avoid his eyes and hunger. There are rumors of a cult that exists on the remote islands, but no one has ever seen them.

Temple: Ebirah considers the Sea his temple, anyone caught on it is potential food waiting to happen.

Afterlife: Ebirah does not understand such a concept. There is living, then there is being food, this is all there is to him.

Future: Everyone hopes that the Devourer will run into Godzilla and get cooked alive, but generally it is a common belief that the god was a mistake since the first day it was created. Most believe it's future is to die quickly. Ebirah believes he is destined to live forever.
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Ebirah The Devourer
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