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 Avatars of Terror

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PostSubject: Avatars of Terror   Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:33 am

Is your character a real monster that lurks in the unknown, put em here.
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PostSubject: Re: Avatars of Terror   Fri Nov 06, 2009 5:03 am

The streets of Rhydin are darkly lit but they are seldom ever empty. Various evils lurk throughout the night but there are some legends and stories that refuse to be ignored, or die out. One such legend is the story of Jack. The people will proclaim him to be real though none can ever seem to prove it and nobody wants to go look for him.

The story of Jack goes something like this. Along time ago in the deep part of the West End of Rhydin there was a violent and twisted man known to the locals as Jack. He was a weak individual but fearless and very smart. Nobody dared cross him in anyway because once you got old Jack in your life, it was near impossible to make him leave it. Jack was the king of the streets and even the gangs seemed to not want to mess with him for anything, he was a known killer and ruthless to the core of his being. Jack was at the top of his game when a mysterious figure approached him, and killed him.

It was something completely unexpected, nobody complained though. Jack was a menace to the streets of Rhydin, nobody liked him, or knew who killed him. The terror began exactly three weeks later. People began to disappear, not just anybody though. People who were well known to be involved with Jack in various dealings. People began to report seeing strange glowing eyes in the black of night, a shrill laughter from nowhere and a walking scarecrow vanishing around a corner, with the head of a pumpkin, or what looked like that. Most of these sightings were dismissed as drunken walks home.

But the story was true and Jack had indeed returned to the world of the living as some sort of golem creature, created by somebody. It seemed that the formation was an automation and had faint memories of the original soul. Eventually the people got wise to the monster and accepted it as reality. One night a mob formed and actively hunted the creature through the streets.

The creature was no genius and eventually it was found. The people saw the abomination and destroyed it with torches, the golem turned to ash quickly and scattered to the winds. The terror was supposed to be over but alas nothing evil ever goes away so quickly.

The soul of Jack became awakened fully with hate and revenge towards everybody now that it knew what had happened to him the second time around. With the sheer force of will he recreated the scarecrow body that he had, and with it came special gifts. Jack was destroyed, and the story for the people ends there. But nobody has seemed to catch on yet that the people who have destroyed him, are slowly disappearing one by one.

Jack is just one of those scary stories that float around the inner city streets of Rhydin for people to scare themselves with. But like all legends they all have a grain of truth to them. They say that when the scarecrow comes for you, there is nothing you can do. When he kills you, he takes your eyes and all they find of you is nothing more then a bloody mess covered with straw pieces.

Jack The Scarecrow's stats

Name: Jack

Height: 6'3

Weight: 103

Strength: 500 Pounds

Running speed: 40 MPH

Fighting Styles: Streetfighter

Powers: Fear Aura, Poison Breath, Completely Silent Movement, High Regeneration Rate, Immune to all mortal ailments.

Weapons: Golem body is Indestructible, once destroyed it will reform, razor sharp claws tipped with poison. Anything he can get his hands on.

Intelligence Level: Average Criminal with superpowers, But he knows how to use them to his fullest advantage, knows how to work the criminal system well.

Weaknesses: Fire. Jack is scared of fire and it will destroy his body for much longer then any other method. Attacks that hit the soul, could destroy him forever.

Status: Urban Legend

Sidekicks: None

Personality Type: Rules with the fear of his legend and often lets people live one or two, just to spread rumors of his existence. He is sadistic and cruel, using psychological torture with his fear aura, just staying in an area for an extended length of time can drive people insane with fear that is unexplained. And often plays one faction against another for fun.

Minions: None known.

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PostSubject: Re: Avatars of Terror   Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:14 am

Few things in Rhydin are as terrifying in the night as the vampires. They usually rule the urban streets and the rural villages with an iron fist. Their numbers are steady and the people fear them, and for good reasons. But there is a story, one that people, nobody actually believes in but all the same they can't outright say it doesn't exist. This is the terrible story of the one only known as Emmy.

Her story is just as weird as it is terrifying. In the age of the demons nearly three hundred years ago before the purge of the Crimson Order against them, demonic possession in humans and other races was an unfortunate affliction. One such attack was upon a young woman named only as Emmy. Usually in these demonic stories. The monster was purged from the body and the soul is allowed to recover, but this time was different, Emmy's demon escaped and took the body running into the night. The battle of will was violent, as the stories go. Demons are usually looking for easy bodies to take and give up at the first sign of a serious fight. In the dark, the girl was stalked by a different monster, the dreaded vampire.

The attack was swift, they say. The darkling beast attacked it's victim and there was no chance. The demonic energies and the vampire's mixed with an unexpected result. Emmy died when her blood was completely drained by the monster, but the demon in her refused to die. Using it's supernatural powers it healed the fallen body in mere hours after the vampire departed.

The former human was now something new, one of a kind actually. She didn't quite know what to make of it, she had the strength and the thirst of the undead, and the rage and powers of the demon with in her. Her mind struggled to maintain itself at first, but she gained control of both of her newly found aspects. A demonic vampire with the soul of a human, a one of a kind.

And that night Emmy turned into a legend. The village she came from searched for her for months on end, but they never found her, but because they never found her body they never claimed her death. Eventually people claimed to see her roaming the black roads at night, others claimed to see her flying through the sky. The only thing that is known is that one night one of the feared roving bands of bandits came to the village to steal everything, kill any who resisted them. Emmy showed up at her home town that night and, according to the legend saved her hometown, but all thirty five of the would be attackers were killed, all of them drained completely of their blood, nobody saw her do these things, but they assumed it was her all the same.

Emmy never returned home after that though, the next three hundred years were spent moving from place to place, being discovered by would be vampire and demon hunters alike both thinking she was one or the other. Most of these hunters would end up as snacks, and bodies would be found on the side of the road, neither hunters fully prepared for the deadly pairing of her powers.

The price on her head eventually reached a point so high she was considered to be a myth, but every once and awhile hunters would turn up dead tainted with a mixed energy of demon and vampire.

She is the Bane of hunters and other monsters of the night, they actually fear her because she can feast on the blood of the undead as easily as demonkind and as long as she keeps her thirst in check she can maintain control. Humans too fear her as she seems to care little for them, but her active aggression against them seems to be rare. Despite her unique physiology, her bite can not create another one of her kind it seems. As none other has ever been found.

Emmy's Stats

Name: Emmy (Unknown last name)

Height: 5'9

Weight: Unknown

Strength: Class 75

Running Speed: Mid Superhuman Levels-600 MPH

Flying Speed: Mach 6

Fighting Styles: Grandmaster Swordswoman, with all blade types. Expert Hand to Hand combat.

Powers: Flight, Hypnotic Seduction, Super Strength, Heightened Reflexes, Weather Manipulation, Telekinesis, Mid level regeneration. Immune to all Mortal Ailments, Summon Hellfire, Dimensional Travel, Shape changing, Electro kinesis, and Telepathy.

Weapons: Vampire's soul. A magically created blade only she can wield. It drinks blood, the more it drinks the stronger it becomes. Weakened by holy auras and sunlight, however.

Intelligence Level: She was taught by harsh experience, but the demon and vampire in her both know the ways of the dark and how to use them to the fullest advantage, she is a brilliant mind.

Weaknesses: Sunlight drains her powers away somewhat, Holy energies cause pain, she has all the weaknesses of her combined races, but none of them alone are enough to stop her completely. Paranoia, and her vampire fangs, she wears a mask to hide them, or is in constantly hiding. She can't seem to retract the fangs with out some form of her powers assisting it. It is a constant reminder of what she is.

Status: Avatar of Terror

Sidekicks: None

Personality Type: Loner, she can have anybody she wants but seldom goes after them. She hates her situation, but makes the best of it. Her enormous powers are more then enough to keep her safe from any threats, she hates vampires and demons alike, but knows she is the best of both worlds. She'll kill anybody though, regret isn't really in her thoughts. Immortality has helped with that. She doesn't like staying in one place for too long, she can get paranoid easily as her enemy stalks her constantly.

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PostSubject: Re: Avatars of Terror   

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Avatars of Terror
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