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 Mechagodzilla, God of Violence and Weapon Building

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Mechagodzilla, God of Violence and Weapon Building Empty
PostSubject: Mechagodzilla, God of Violence and Weapon Building   Mechagodzilla, God of Violence and Weapon Building I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2012 8:42 am

Mechagodzilla, God of Violence and Weapon Building.

There are many Gods out there that would claim to be powerful. Many gods are powerful in their own right but there is only one that can claim to be the god of Violence. This is Mechagodzilla. Mechanical duplicate of the King of the gods, the very first one. There are two others like him but he is the first and contains the most firepower of any of the three. Mechagodzilla was created on an alien world, as a weapon with the sole purpose of destruction and killing Godzilla himself. It was created on a nameless, and doomed world, the last hope of a world. The alien race that created the machine were called the Simians and they were at the end of their existence.

Mechagodzilla came to earth and it didn't take long before the king and the machine fought. The battle was brutal and vicious. Godzilla was beaten the first time they met and there was blood spilled all over the ground and the sea. Godzilla nearly died in the battle. Eventually though, Godzilla overcame the machine clone and tore it to pieces with the unlikely help of a monster called King Caesar, their alliance wasn't very strong but they shared the same enemy at the time and it did not challenge the King at any time. They fought well together. The metal was scattered over the ocean and the threat was over. Earth belongs the monster king and there was no reason he would ever give it up.

He just tolerated the humans living there at this point in his history and left them alone. The pieces of the violent machine were gathered and rebuilt one last time however. A last ditch effort for the brutal alien race to take a new home for themselves. This time they enlisted the help of an earth monster known as Titanosaurus with mind control. Godzilla returned to face this enemy one last time. He marched alone against the two threats and it was almost the last mistake he ever made. The two nearly killed him in combat, and Godzilla was only saved because of human intervention.

As soon as the weakness for Titanosaurus was discovered, Godzilla took the advantage and destroyed the machine again and finished off the mind controlled ally. Because the humans helped him, Godzilla left them in peace. The threat of the machine was over and the terror of Mechagodzilla was at an end and the alien invasion was over. The pieces of the dead machine lay at the bottom of the sea for ages, lost and eventually forgotten due to other threats that would replace it. Many people went looking for the machine but it was never found, once and awhile people would find a piece of it, small shards of space titanium, but nothing more.

Mechagodzilla was lost to history, officially, the humans even attempted to make two more versions of it. Both were powerful but neither could match the sheer power of the alien weapon, not entirely. During the last battle, when the humans lost control of the magic, everything changed. The ancient remains of the terrible machine were lost, but they had never fully lost their power even after all this time. The strange forces changed the remains and brought them back to life.

Mechagodzilla was rebuilt and charged with new energy. He rose from the ocean with all the power of a God inside of him, all of his intense firepower was only increased. The machine was self aware of itself and could think, and live on it's own free will. It was created as a weapon to destroy a world, now it's home world was destroyed and the new one had been forever changed. The monster god would have to find his new place in the world. He would find it quickly among others like him, even if he didn't always fit in.

Mechagodzilla's stats

Height: 360 ft tall

Weight: 90.000 Tons

Mechagodzilla is violent and always likes to take the direct approach. Problem solving through high explosives is his usual way of thinking. He is always ready for a fight against anyone and blow them into next week. He is not stealthy or subtle.

His powers are as follows.

Eye Beams: Mechagodzilla has a multicolored, dual eye beam attack. Many have made fun of it's rainbow colored scheme, but no one laughs when he uses it. It has the power to tear through Godzilla's skin and turn most living things to ashes instantly. They seem to have the limited range up to what he can see.

Drill missiles: From his fingers, he can fire terrible missiles that drill into a target's flesh, then they explode. With what force they explode is up to him. They regenerate constantly and can fire up to ten at a time. They are very accurate, but are usually used as a spread attack to cover entire battlefields.

Chest Beam: From his chest, a panel opens up and fires a deep red electric beam that is very intense. It is said to be able to cut through mountains and Gods the same. He rarely uses it though.

Defense Shield: Mechagodzilla's only defense is a spinning shield that surrounds him entirely and is nearly impossible to break through. But at the same time the shield immobilizes him as long as it is turned on.

Titanium Body: His entire body is immune to most damage any can deal out, this allows him to stand in most of his own destruction with little to no risk at all.

Mechagodzilla is the weapon, the firepower of any battle. He likes a good fight, but rarely likes to fight alone. His body is inflexible and he is weak against close ranged fighting. If an enemy manages to get in too close he is in trouble. Anyone who can get through his impressive weapons though usually earn his respect.

Mechagodzilla's personality: He is violent and quick to anger. But he keeps to himself most of the time. He likes the humans because they are much like he is, but generally stays away from them if he can help it. When not blowing stuff up, he is always working on weapons of all kinds. He is an accomplished inventor of weapons and warlords are always after anything he has created.

Mechagodzilla's realm: He lives with the rest of the Technocracy. But he did create his own pocket dimension workshop where he spends most of his time building weapons, it is very small compared to many other realms of the Gods.

Worshipers: The people who worship this God are people who walk the path of the gun. Anyone who relies on ranged weapons of any kind believe in his power. He has no official following, but he is known the world over as one of the more powerful gods. Warlords seek out his creations, as they are things of legend all over the world. Anyone who worships this god in the open is usually feared by all around them. As Technology is feared the world over this is common for all who believe in any of the Technocracy's order.

Temple: Mechagodzilla has no official temple, but any inventor in the world in the way of weapons can consider themselves a temple of the God. Mechagodzilla did not build a temple on earth, instead he created a vault, hidden away where he keeps all his most precious weapons and the most powerful ones.

Afterlife: Being a machine based God. He has no use for this kind of thinking. All things can be remade into something else. All things breakdown. Death is what happens when something becomes useless. The God strives to make use of all things. Death is unknown to him as it is not something be believes he has ever encountered.

Future: Mechagodzilla's path to anger will eventually be his downfall. Being a living weapon himself and inventor of such things it is said that he will create his own destruction one day with a weapon that will destroy himself, and everything around him.
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Mechagodzilla, God of Violence and Weapon Building
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