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 Manda The Deathcoil

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Manda The Deathcoil

There are many Gods that deserve to be called gods, there are some gods that are just overpowered monsters that barely meet the qualifications of the title. The Gods that haunt the sea are usually as brutal and unforgiving as the element they call home. Manda is one such creature. She is one of the older creatures on the planet. Brutal and single minded is basically all she's ever truly been. In her past, she was once briefly used as a protector of an undersea kingdom, but was seemingly destroyed by a powerful freezing weapon from the ship only known as Atragon. Manda did not die, however. She thawed out slowly and her unique biology allowed her to heal. For years she haunted the sea after that, staying elusive and giving rise to the increased sightings of sea serpents.

If ships were lucky all they would ever get was a slight glimpse of the ship. Sometimes she was in a much less forgiving mood and twisted her snake like body around the ship, crushing it and sending it and everyone on it straight to the bottom with little or no warning, and for seemingly no real reason to do this besides the fact that she could do it. Over the years this earned her the name Deathcoil, to sailors everywhere. There was little anyone could do to predict or stop this massive snake thing from attacking. As the years wore on though, the attacks and sightings began to grow less and less frequent and eventually the monster slowly slipped into the realm of just being another legend of the sea. Most people paying attention could either thank, or blame the appearance of other massive beasts that seemed to live in the sea for scaring off the deadly serpent.

This theory was the truth. As more creatures began to make their home in the sea, the places where Manda lived became invaded and she was outmatched by their powers and chose to flee. The ocean was becoming smaller by the year. Frustrated with such presences, Manda decided to wait it out. She would find and underwater cave to hide in deep in the southern seas and sleep through the ages in hopes the waters would be hers in the future. It was a smart move to make in normal times. These were not normal times. The humans had caused disaster on the world far worse then any monster could ever have. As she slept, the mysterious energy burned through the world and transformed nearly everything it touched. Manda did not escape this transformation.

She awoke, filled with a power she had never known before. She felt invincible and quickly returned to the open sea. It didn't take long though for her to discover that the monsters who had taken her sea from her still existed, and had gained amounts of power that dwarfed her own. She first tried to fight Titanosaurus in combat and was beaten with ease, since then she had remained hidden in the deep waters. Manda quickly found a kind of family in other minor gods of the sea, Ebirah and Dagahra, even though they rarely communicate or work with one another, these are the closest she has to friends in this new realm of the Gods that has been formed. She has since claimed her original name, the Deathcoil and she is now the Goddess of the primal terror the Sea.

Manda's stats

Height: 200 ft

Length: 900 ft

Weight: 30,000 Tons

Manda is the embodiment of the terror of the sea. She is every dark fear of the ocean come to life in her form. She is generally unpredictable as the ocean and just as violent and quick to change. Her powers are as follows.

Quick Swimmer: Manda can just about out swim any other god or living thing in the sea and exist at the bottom of the ocean for as long as she wants

Dark vision: She can see in complete darkness, magically created or natural, also she can see the aura of fear and how intense it is on all living beings.

Fear Eater: The more afraid her enemies or victims are, the stronger she becomes.

Invisibility: In the water, Manda can turn invisible and undetectable by any method, even while attacking her enemy.

Venomous bite: Her toxic bite contains a venom that can stop regeneration and kill most natural living things. Sometimes she sells this in human form, for favors. This attack usually can only be used once a day.

Strangulation: Manda can quickly coil around any target and squeeze the life out of them, the embrace creates a vacuum around her and her victim to increase chances of success to suffocate just about anything in her death coil.

Manda's realm: The deep ocean is her realm, when she can keep it to herself. She is largely nomadic though and her location is usually unknown.

Personality: She has two moods, she can be very agreeable one minute, then trying to kill you the next. Most just try to avoid her if the can help it due to her bipolar nature. Usually though she is always aggressive towards everyone, no matter who they might be. Sometimes common sense does take over and she try to play nice, this is rare though. She likes to sell things on occasion though to people near the ocean, it's not known why exactly she does this in human form

Worshipers: Manda is fairly unknown besides those who live with and by the sea. They have no reason to try to attract her attention as she usually brings nothing good to anyone and tries to kill just about everyone. She has no formal orders, in the deep islands, isolated from normal civilization though there are said to be wild tribes that worship the beast goddess. This is largely a rumor though that few are willing to look into.

Temple: Manda is not permitted to have a temple. She has tried many times to build one under the sea, on islands and other places, but each time a god with a score to settle has seen it and destroyed it. There was little she could do to stop it. She keeps trying to do this though, but at the same time she attacks so many kinds of orders that use the sea that she brings this vengeance on herself most of the time.

Afterlife: Manda claims to be a soul eater. Anything she kills, the souls of the victims are devoured. The other gods will not confirm if this is true, but the truth is anyone who has been killed by the Deathcoil has never been able to be summoned from beyond by any amount of power or magic. She is likely telling the truth about this aspect of herself.

Future: Manda's future is largely unknown. Much about her is unknown and she likes it that way. The less people know the better off she thinks she is. The only detail people seem to know is that someday, somehow she will be responsible for making the sea boil. It is just a story passed around on the ships late at night though.

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Manda The Deathcoil
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