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 The Wrathful Sea

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PostSubject: The Wrathful Sea   The Wrathful Sea I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2013 5:27 am

The Wrathful Sea

Far to the north lies a violent and terrible place. Before the destruction and great change of the world, it was called the Bering sea. This was some of the most violent waters on the planet and at any given time it could turn on a dime to destroy anyone who might try to cross it with no warning at all. This place was hell before the disaster, after the world changed it only became worse. Living on the shores of the place is a lonely and cold existence ravaged by storms and what seems to be layer of cold and death. There is little here of interest, but the legends of the Wrathful sea live on. Gods like Ebirah and Gezora like it here and make an already dangerous sea that much worse. The Cryomancers call this place sacred, but even they know it is foolish to try to sail deep into its waters.

There are only a few legends of the sea.

The Legend of the Black Crab.

Back before the disaster there was something of a modern day gold rush going on in the form of Crab Fishing. It was extremely hard work but it had a great pay off if one could handle the rough time. The sea seemed eager to claim lives all the same and it did. Hundreds of people died in the challenge of trying to make a large amount of money in a short amount of time. When the sea took someone, generally their bodies were never found. They just disappeared under the violent seas. Towards the end of this gold rush, when the world began to change there appeared a black crab fishing ship that never came to dock, yet people began to report it all the time. Nobody ever was able to make contact with the thing, all they ever got from it was unsettling radio static in return. It was generally considered bad luck to even see this thing out in the ocean as time went on. The ships that saw it actually did do worse then the ones who managed to avoid it.

The truth of the matter is though that this ship did not fish for crab at all. This ship was fishing the souls of the lost dead. Sometimes, when it would drag the cage back up from the depths one could see the screaming souls could be heard for miles over the wind and the rain. What it did with these souls no one ever knew. Those who saw this process seemed to abandon the sea as soon as they could after that. They were never quite the same.

After the world changed and the industry, like many others were destroyed, people still report seeing a black ship in the distance, it's mournful horn can be heard just before a wave rises and the black thing vanishes. The ship is said to be many things from cursed, to filled with treasure and weapons. Some people think the ship still takes souls from the bottom and does who knows what with them. All that is known is that anyone who as tried to board the ship, has never returned to land no matter how well equipped for the job. The Black Crab is known as an evil ship. To see it is bad luck, some people say so bad that death follows close behind.

Legend of the Ice Fog Island

When the wind blows cold and terrible in the deepest parts of winter, the sea actually begins to freeze, before the water freezes though a fog can come up out of the ocean. Normally it stays close to the sea and vanishes in the wind. Some seasons though, the wind blows so cold and terrible that the ice fog stretches on for miles. On these bleak, deadly days. The fog reveals an island that otherwise does not exist. Few people have ever actually seen the place because it is so rare to actually be in the spot where it shows up. The place is a rocky, mountainous place that seems to be devoid of any life. It almost looks alien in appearance, some have said. Sometimes the island can exist for only a few seconds at a time before the wind changes and the storm breaks. Other times this alien place can last for weeks at a time.

The select few who have been on these shores all tell the same story. It's horror on that beach. The earth is cold, the wind freezes the ocean spray and it turns to ice on your skin. They say you can't really get past the beach. The ground turns bad deeper you go. Razor sharp rocks in all directions. The sound of the ocean is replaced by the horrible sounds of something else that lives deeper into the island. Something that anyone who's heard it can't describe, but can't get the sound out of their heads. All who tell the story do so until they lose their mind and themselves in it.

They say the island is where the dimensions meet. Something out side of our reality breaks through when the conditions are right. Something terrible and better off not seen. The island is more like a prison to keep things from getting out, and to keep things from getting in. Any who are on the island, when the conditions change vanish with it, never to be seen again. People have almost been rescued from this alien rock only disappear when the wind changed. Most people are sure this island doesn't exist and it's just a story to scare people. As if the wrathful sea needed any more reasons to be actually more frightening then it already is. Other people are convinced the island holds some great secret tomb of artifacts made by the Gods themselves and when the island appears, another item of power is being placed here, for reasons unknown. No god has ever confirmed, or denied this though.

Still, others think the Island is just a piece of hell breaking through.

The Legend of the Burning Ice

The Sea is likely the last place you'll find fire, ever. Stories are told though the ice that burns, and never goes out. In the furthest northern, most violent places of the sea. It is said there are massive chunks of ice that are constantly on fire, but never melt. The Cryomancers, the highest order, sometimes venture up here to try and get a piece of the ice. One piece can create powerful weapons known as Death frost, or Hell frost. These blades are insanely rare and only because they exist at all people can believe the stories are real. Only the Cryomancers have actually ever returned from this place and tell a story now and again to others, and not always true stories. People have found it accidentally when they were lost at sea and managed to make it back home. None of them could ever find their way back, most didn't want to try. The sea is so violent that getting out once is considered a miracle in itself.

The burning ice is legendary because it is considered one of the least places to actually kill you. Some say though, that this is the only place the Black Crab actually comes to dock, and offload it's collection of souls. They say the fire is just some kind of underworld breaking though, with the fires.

The people who have passed it by, claimed to have seen hold littering the ice on the ground. Something that reflected the fire light, it was actually the first thing they noticed, sometimes from half a mile out to sea or more. This kind of fortune has lured many would be wealth seekers to their doom trying to find this. The Cryomancers have never mentioned anything of the sort, but the people keep trying to come this way. Nobody knows what it might be that looks like gold on the burning ice fields.

The Wrathful sea is short on mercy and compassion. It wants to kill you any way it can and some people even say this thing is actually alive. It has a violent personality and respects no one. Anyone who makes it across does not do so unchanged, and injuries are not a if they happen, but a matter of when you get hurt. Some people think that you can make an offering to the sea itself and it might let you pass, no promises though.

It is cold, unforgiving and terrible, and almost a million square miles of turbulent ocean, and it is not fit for man or machine to be here. It is not only wrathful, it is the great equalizer. On this sea, everyone is the same, and most of it's territory is guarded, and forgotten. There is no telling what other secrets are here that remain to be uncovered. Maybe though, they are best left that way. It seems nothing good comes out these waters anymore. Maybe there is some great, unknown god that lives in the deep that is responsible for all of this. Only time will tell.
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The Wrathful Sea
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